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  1. HELD HOSTAGE | Arma 3 RP

    @Ryan love it bro
  2. Logged into Arma today spawned into my house and i didn't have my crates with all the gear i had collected over the past few weeks, now i messaged @Paronity about this without a response i'm sure hes just busy doing other shit. So just wondering what exactly i'm supposed to do about this? Was it wiped by admins on accident? This has never happened to me before so i have no idea, i have waited 2 restarts to say anything figured maybe it was just a bug, or maybe some BS Arma glitch but i still do not have any crates in my house. I have video footage of everything in the crates. Should i put in a comp request for it all or what? because that's a lot of money worth of gear in there
  3. Katiba for cops?

    @David Crenshaw Completely agree +1 give cops katiba and civs 115
  4. Reckless Game Competition Idea

    Arma 3v3 for ingame altis life money
  5. invalid Weird noises

    OMG SHIT LIKE THAT WAS HAPPENING TO US THE OTHER NIGHT CREEPY ASS NOISES DUDE!!!!!!! We were hearing ghost noises and shit at diamond processing, and footsteps scary AF
  6. So i told myself i wouldn't post another blog tonight, just had so much fun taking over Kavala PD tonight that i had to share it enjoy:
  7. Be sure to check out my new blog link below
  8. being in *[BKB]* can be tough sometimes, especially when most people consider *[BKB]* to be major assholes, and don't get me wrong we are major assholes, but their is so much more to us if you really dig deep, and for some of us @Casual you have to dig REALLY REALLY REALLY deep to realize we are good people at heart . This will be a short posting tonight, but more to come in the future!! This video clearly depicts not all *[BKB]* are soulless bastards from hell, we too can stop randomly in a middle of a run whilst listening to the Mamma Mia soundtrack and gaze at the stars for a couple minutes.
  9. *[BKB]* wipes out the RPD

    Would u like me to post the clip that shows that when we said we were doing a parade in kavala, the cops said we would be arrested if we went in. but for the people of kavala we did it anyway? @SpecialKillerJ
  10. *[BKB]* wipes out the RPD

    I killed the man i love the most in that engagment @David Crenshaw and idk if we will ever work that out in our relationship........ </3 my life is now ruined. thank you RPD... Tearing us apart
  11. RDM by a few officers.

    After talking it out in team speak we realized that the RPD were in a shitty and terrible engagement in the first place and had we known that we wouldn't have been their in the first place. We worked it out and realized they didn't know we were not involved in all the kav gangs shooting cops while they were in HQ. After reviewing this video and talking to deathview and jamesshuler i understand what happened and quiet honestly should've came into teamspeak first and talked it out but too be honest was pissed we got shot at but i did not understand. Please disregard this report and dont deal out any punishments both parties were in the wrong @jamesshuler
  12. Deputy Tubesock RDM

    @Ronduth Im not saying what we did was smart, but at the end of the day we were RDM'd by RPD officers.
  13. Deputy Tubesock RDM

    ^^^ not a single time did we shoot, we were just messing around and had you sent us any form of engagement or actually followed RPD protocol and done what a good RPD officer should always do (actually initiate) we wouldve stopped the ifrit and RP'd our way (hopefully) out of going to jail probably paying some tickets. We were looking to RP and get shot at without engagement @Tristan
  14. RDM by a few officers.

    Sorry my fault had it as private instead of unlisted should be fixed @SomeoneYouLike
  15. RDM by a few officers.

    What game and server were you on: Arma 3 Altis Life What time/date did the offense occur: 7/29/2017 10:15 What are the name(s) of the player you are reporting: Hiroshi [RPD], TubeSock[RPD], Lamier [RPD] Do you have any video evidence? If so, please post it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzvCLriXp70&feature=youtu.be Describe the offense: Driving into kavala to handout weed to the poor civilians that live there lighten the air in these dark times, make everyone chill out a bit. Heard shots coming from atop the hill on Kav castle went up there to see what was going on and where fired upon instantly without initiation. None of my members fired a single shot at all the entire time in kavala we all stayed inside the ifrit never left it. Noone got a message to start initiation and were never told to exit to vehicle or be fired upon anything like that this is blatant disregard of RPD protocol