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  1. I'm trying to straighten the curve. It's not a choice of whether or not I give you proof. Who records Team Speak when they've just booted up their PC. No one. However I am very happy to see that you are turning right back around on what you were saying before and doudging the situation. If that's how it is going to be than do me one favour, talk to him about how he is doing things. Refresh his memory about the admin procedures so he doesn't do it again. Lock this shit up and be done with it if you want. I'm out.
  2. @EaglesIssues with that, Hard to ask someone for the rules when I got banned. I know right, my long history of donating even when I didn't play here. Why you might ask? Because even though I didn't think it was for me here, I respected what WAS happening behind the scenes. Obviously your operations have changed. Yea I'm laughing right now. Stop using your opinion as a fact. Also who are you quoting with the "unfair", and "unjust". I don't recall using those words so they don't belong in quotations. It's funny when you criticize me of saying things based on what I believe, when that is the entirety of your third point. You tell me to come to you with a problem, but this is what I get when I do. If you want me to be a little nicer to Setha, then I will, but don't jump in here and start defending him with a bias opinion, when you obviously haven't read the situation thoroughly.
  3. @Eagles I know right cause ban without even giving a warning right? That's in no way at all acting like a disrespectful child. The link doesn't work and he is acting like there were ways to see these "rules". I had a look around and they are nowhere. Can't find them anywhere. My advice to you, stop acting like a child who just got the permission to stay home without a baby sitter, and back off. Maybe work at building bridges instead of doing what you're good at, and burning them. I came here to appeal a ban that I was wrongfully given, not have the king of silencing the public tell me to watch my tongue. Fix what ever you this thing you call a hierarchy and implement something that is fair and just. The rules that @Setha is referring too, don't exist, and if they do then they are next to impossible to find. You can't expect to be treated with respect if you are operating off of rules you create on the fly. Stop hiding behind your keyboard and deal with the issue of administration running through zero procedures, and just doing what ever they want. FIX IT. Real officers don't sit back and watch when the law is being broken, nor do they lie on trial.
  4. Also @Setha, your TS rule link is broken so stfu https://gyazo.com/141626d4b08eae75b2ce9a769af648c0
  5. What Server were you banned from: TeamspeakWho banned you: SethaWhy were you banned: "Trolling"When were you banned: 5 minutes agoWhat is your in game name: Neil HansonUser/Player ID: 76561197963160062Please explain why you believe you should be unbanned: I was trying to say whats up to my old friends from RGN in the Teamspeak and I was moving from channel to channel trying to say whats up to all the people there. I moved between 2 channels several times cause my friend was trying to find where I was so I told him to look for the guy moving. Nobody was in any of these channels so I wasn't disturbing anyone. Setha pulled me into his channel to ask what was happening. I told him that I was just looking around. He got all big balls and tough guy saying "Well Im telling you to sit in one channel" like he runs the burger joint. I then left and moved back up to the channels I was at before so my friend could find me. Setha then banned me without warning.
  6. @Ronduth Anytime, I'm loving the server!
  7. Welcome @Romeo Cotex! Hope to see you around!

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