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  1. What Server were you banned from: GTA 5 RP Who banned you: Unknown Why were you banned: Not taking RP Seriously. When were you banned: 10/7/2017 What is your in game name: Tyrone Biggums User/Player ID: 76561198081707481 Please explain why you believe you should be unbanned: Due to my lack in immaturity in the GTA 5 role play server,I will Immediately correct my mistakes that i have committed and re arrange my behavior in different situations that i am proposed to . More Further, I will correct my Failure in the role play situation . Also, After i have obtained this information that i was banned, i have discussed this with high ranking staff member the mistakes i have done and will rearrange upon them in the rule section. Next, I have re read the rules many times and i am certain that i can accomplish playing on the RGN GTA 5 server for much longer than this.Finley, My self will always role play and never obtain this mistake / immaturity again.
  2. lol this games a peace of cake what a joke
  3. Your buddy did not escape he traded with @Laurence Richmond so that how that ended your buddy did in fact die at the Kavala airport.
  4. During this video we negotiate with the officer we have demanded $100,000. One of the officer said " that we do not have the money i was helping pubs pay for the load out'.From my perspective we have negotiated prices down to $50,000 then to $30,000 then the officer did not reply.So, we have gave them 3 last warning then decided to drop them in the water by pd bay to drown.Also, in the beginning of the when we have caught both of them we have parked in front of their vehicles and told them to step out with their hands up they did.Next, we have tied them up drove them to airport and went to pick up the public officers car with the orca. when we have return one of them broke out of cuffs and killed Laurence Richmond but they traded.