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  1. What Server were you banned from: GTA 5 RP Who banned you: Unknown Why were you banned: Not taking RP Seriously. When were you banned: 10/7/2017 What is your in game name: Tyrone Biggums User/Player ID: 76561198081707481 Please explain why you believe you should be unbanned: Due to my lack in immaturity in the GTA 5 role play server,I will Immediately correct my mistakes that i have committed and re arrange my behavior in different situations that i am proposed to . More Further, I will correct my Failure in the role play situation . Also, After i have obtained this information that i was banned, i have discussed this with high ranking staff member the mistakes i have done and will rearrange upon them in the rule section. Next, I have re read the rules many times and i am certain that i can accomplish playing on the RGN GTA 5 server for much longer than this.Finley, My self will always role play and never obtain this mistake / immaturity again.
  2. lol this games a peace of cake what a joke