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  1. hello every one my name is DrunkRedneck

    welcome father
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    Congrats to everyone!
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    Whatever you want me to be
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    Hey, my names Spoons but usually have my name as spoon in ts or arma., my real name's Alex and I'm from Canada. I spend most of my time outside of school with friends and on the computer. I used to be really into Xbox games and played a lot of battlefield, COD, and NHL. After watching videos of Gmod on youtube I wanted to try it out and got a laptop and when finding better games on steam I knew I wouldn't be able to run, I ordered a PC. I saw more videos on youtube of Arma and decided to try it too. I eventually joined RGN and loved it, I played on there about everyday until the big restart with Tanoa and everything happened and I never really came back. About 6 months or so later I came back (early March) and I've been playing it ever since. That's about it, if anyone wants to play some CS or Arma I'm usually on ts so message me on there.
  6. Finish the Story

    And then pooped directly on Baxter's forehead