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  1. Was it already moved or is it being moved? I just tried to play and its completely unplayable
  2. +1 Played a bit with this guy yesterday, Fairly good player
  3. +1 Like this guy, Think he'd make a great cop with a little training
  4. Age: 30 Experience: I had to actually look its been since 2012 and Countless hours and mods. I've tried or used most anything. Have played some FTB single player and a few pokemon servers and minigame servers. Username: Eternal_Heretic
  5. What game and server were you on: Arma 3 Altis Life What time/date did the offense occur: August 12, 2017 9pm Central What are the name(s) of the player you are reporting: [S.W] Lucky Luciano [S.W] Carlo Gambino Do you have any video evidence? If so, please post it: (Eg: Screenshots, video recording) Describe the offense: I watched from my drone as their hatchback swerved into the EMS heli and then they DC right after.
  6. I remember playing some with this kid. Not to bad +1
  7. I've seen this guy around and he seems like he would make a good fit in RPD +1
  8. training Xrellik - RPD Application

    Your name: Ault,D. Officers name: Xrellik PASS/FAIL: Pass Situation 1: The first arrest was with a troll who refused to get out of the vehicle. He was being taken to HQ for failing to cooperate. Once we got to HQ he was told he could get out and walk out. The Civ jumped out of the car and ran into an open pubby truck. The tires were quickly shot out by several officers. The man jumped out and ran into the water while being tased. Xrellik jumped into the water and restrained the civ to take in to arrest. During the processing the Civ Repeatedly broke RP and kept trolling. Xrellik kept his cool the entire time and never broke RP. This stop showed he can handle the trolls and continue to provide good RP. Situation 2: Conducting a traffic stop on a speeding Taxi. The taxi took off and then crashed shortly after. We got the man to the side of the road and started talking to him as to why he was speeding. We then found he did not have a license and was wanted for manslaughter. We put him in the car after a bit more RPing and went to process where he did a good job with RP during the processing. Xrellik showed he could handle a scene and continue to provide good RP. Overall conclusion: I rode with Xrellik for a good 2 hours if not more. We had many situations and interactions with civs. His RP is good. His processing is good. He showed good response to calls and I would say he would be a good fit for RPD.
  9. Your name: Officers name: Situation 1: What you learned: Situation 2: What you learned: Overall conclusion: NOTE: The job of the public officer applicant is to learn from the officer that they are riding along with. The public officer is not being graded at this point.
  10. I use my words as a taser.... Then run after them yelling Stop fucking running!
  11. Hey. I sometimes carry a taser....
  12. Where are the admins?

    Some of us have apps in, But I don't know whats been up either. Really agree on the lack of actives. I have some I go to when I need something quick but we do need more dedicated admins.
  13. Altis Life Game Managers

    I think they will do a good job! Congrats!