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  1. The same. Lol Ault for everything
  2. Welcome! From Another former STS
  3. Welcome on in! Do any iracing?
  4. Finally an intro? Welcome bro!
  5. I'd say I'd give ya a warm welcome but is Canada ever warm? (From down here in Texas)
  6. Well well welcome back then!
  7. Welcome on in!! Same pyro as STS?
  8. Honestly I don't think I'd buy anything. I'd just let my son pick out something that he'd want to play
  9. Soo I got pulled over.. For supposedly going 77-80 even tho soon as those lights lit up I looked down and was at 73 in a 70. So cop pulls me over bla bla ok he goes with my license and 2 other cops pull up behind him. Then he comes asking why there is a pot smell coming from the car. I'm confused at this point since I don't smoke, Nothing wrong with those that do I just don't. So of course I get the step out alright whatever then the pat down, Whats that in this pocket, umm A fidget spinner, and just some junk, Of course the officer standing with me goes with the yeah I could smell it from here, I'd also add cop 1 said it was when I rolled my window down which it had been down the whole time I was driving, You had anyone in your car that smokes, No as the car is a loner and it says NO SMOKING everywhere, Hence the Ecig and the Tuti Fruity, Long story guess that was my first experience with a cop trying to fish for something that wasn't there. Warning and on the way home as also the cops story to where I was speeding kept changing.... Even when I asked so where was I speeding again? the ramp or when you went by I'm lost and theres a half mile difference there...Well goodnight
  10. @Ronduth might I suggest we make a steam group so on everyone stream it says part of reckless group. I'm far from new to the twitch game. So anyone needs any help with anything feel free to message me
  11. I have done streaming before and was looking to start back up. I stopped when my old channel died. The best part for anyone here is there is already community support which is a great way to get viewers in and put our channels higher on the list to be more likely seen by others. Also tho its not for everyone. I did 6 month and at that point I was on a 3-4 day schedule just cause it takes a lot when you really get into everything. I will be doing a stream in a little while to get back into the game!

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