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  1. A Break.

    @Wolfy When you get home, get on TS. I want to talk to you.
  2. Hello, and welcome to RGN...awkward pause
  3. Every rule listed below is subject to change upon community suggestion and guidance, if there is something that you do not like, feel free to speak your mind, and we will discuss it. Server Rules: 1. Have Fun! 2. Be Respectful! 3. No Griefing! (Examples Below) 4. No Killing Passive/Knocked Out! (Exceptions to this are if someone is taking cover behind them, or they are being used to store gear that was gained during the PvP combat.) 5. No holding grudges! If you are in a fight, fight it out, and end it. This is a PvP server and while PvP is fine, constantly arguing and fighting over chat is not going to get anyone anywhere. 6. No Offline Base Raiding! 7. No leveling of bases unless approved by an admin in certain circumstances. 8. No Killing players flagged as PvE! 9. No logging out after a raid has been initiated on you to try and make it an offline raid. (Initiated = Started. If they have already begun damaging your structures and dinosaurs then you are not to log out to try and avoid it, and if you do, you will have your ORP removed by an admin.) 10. If you are raiding another tribe, a surrender option must be offered where they are able to allow you access to their base, however you are not allowed to damage anything that they own at that point, and if you do, administrative action will be taken. A reply to the surrender must be given within 3 minutes of the surrender request, or a raid can commence. If either party betrays the agreement of a surrender and attacks the other, they will have their dinosaurs, and structures removed from the server. PvE Flagging Specifics: If you are wanting to play as a PvE tribe, then your tribe name must have PvE at the end of it. An example of this is Tribe Of The Watchers - PvE. If you perform any act of aggression while you are flagged as PvE, your player, dinosaurs and structures will be wiped, and you will start at square one. This rule is to protect players who don't want to be in PvP, not to provide an advantage for those who do. Examples of Griefing: Killing every last dinosaur that someone has after a successful raid. Leveling someones base after you have already gained access to their materials and resources and taken them. Killing the same person repeatedly after a PvP engagement and preventing them from rebuilding. If you have any questions, feel free to find myself or Touri in the discord or on Teamspeak!
  4. Hey Everyone! With the announcement of the first Reckless Saturday stream, I want to start getting the ball rolling for community ideas and feedback on what they would like to see out of the stream in the future. We're going to kick this off by having user submitted topics for the stream, as well as user submitted questions. We'll also look into allowing some community suggested giveaways where you pick the game(s) to be given away on the stream so that the giveaway's can stay fun and exciting for everyone! So, if you have a suggestion for a segment for the show this is going to be how you can submit it for official review! I would like all of the suggestions PM'd to me and they will be reviewed by leadership for consideration in being added to the stream. The suggestions must be submitted with the following template to be considered as valid attempts at segment suggestion: Segment Name: Approximate Segment Length: Why do you think this segment will benefit Reckless Saturday and the viewers?: How often would you like to see the segment?(Biweekly, Monthly, etc.): Just keeping it short and simple on this, as we have a general idea for a few segments and we don't want to lock the entire stream up with pre-determined topics of discussion as most of the fun comes from the free-form atmosphere we have going on. Also, we're going to be accepting questions for the stream ahead of time so that it's not so chaotic when questions are being presented. The stream will have a Q&A segment for addressing community-submitted questions and some questions from chat/live viewers as well. Feel free to submit your questions to me as well, just try to keep them concise, and not incredibly open ended, also if you have multiple, send them in one message. For now, we'll keep the giveaway suggestions to a minimum as I'm brainstorming ideas for maybe having a poll system set up for those long term with some flexibility on the games given away on each stream. Thank you again everyone I look forward to seeing you all on the upcoming streams! [RGN] Yami
  5. Reckless Saturday! Hello Everyone! I want to first start by thanking you for your continued, and unwavering support that we as a community have gotten from all of you. The purpose of this post is to address some questions, and provide some information regarding our beloved "Reckless Friday" streams. As most of you know, Reckless Friday just recently had a comeback stream and it was well received, and we all had a great time with it. We want to carry on this success and bring even more to the table in the future so we've made some changes as leadership to get this rolling. First and foremost, due to availability, scheduling, and attendance, Reckless Friday will now be known as Reckless Saturday! This change will allow us to bring to the table some individuals who have never been on the stream, and would have had some major scheduling issues if we continued on Friday. Leadership will be in greater attendance, and we'll be able to do a more consistent and healthy stream on Saturday. The next big change that I want to address is the time frame between streams; With these changes, we will have a set schedule of a bi-weekly stream on every other Saturday. This will allow us to keep the stream fresh, consistent, but also not run out of things to talk about or fall idle and feel like we're pushing streams without any real significant content to discuss because streams are too frequent. Finally, we're looking at adding some structure to the stream! We'll be streaming with 1 consistent host from RGN Leadership who will be present, barring any unforeseen or announced schedule conflicts. This will allow the stream to have one individual who is consistent and able to carry over discussion and topics more fluidly than if we changed out every individual each stream. Next, we are going to be dropping the stream from 6 individuals to 4, this is due to a host of logistical speed-bumps resulting in major difficulties with setting up the stream. We're also going to be looking to add some stable topics to the stream itself. We will be discussing game news, community changes, RGN sponsored events, and other topics that will encourage community involvement and input towards the content of the stream! This could include giveaways, gameplay footage, bringing back fails of the week, and other awesome multimedia content that can be created by the community, and commentated on by streamers. Our first stream will be on 09/09/2017 at 9:00PM EST! If you have any questions or concerns, you can leave feedback below for answers, or PM me and I will do my best to answer any questions that you have. Thank you again for your continued support and dedication, Your RGN Leadership TL;DR: RECKLESS SATURDAY 09/09/2017 9:00PM EST BE THERE OR BE SAD!
  6. Welcome and congratulations, everyone!
  7. All right, listen. I just unbanned you. I was not wrong about the Sancho situation, any admin or knowledgeable person with Teamspeak would have had the same thought process. I'm not going to tell you how to rejoin a server you're banned from, because if you don't know, that's for the best. Your ban is lifted, but know that if you do anything like this again in the future, this will heavily influence ban length, and permanence. Thank you Yami
  8. What I would like, is an explanation of why you then rejoined the channel, under the Alias "Sancho" and the proceeded to do the exact same thing that you were doing previously while under the name "Fat Vortex." I would appreciate it if you don't go the route of denial here, because it was verbatum, the exact statement that you were saying while you were under your main alias prior to being banned.
  9. I really would say that in my opinion, Blizzard should drop WoW and make a new MMO from the bottom up and release and just retire that tired engine and poorly textured dinosaur that is WoW. It'd be much more attractive to new and returning players.
  10. It's a free game, that was developed and brought to market with all of the resources of a paid title. It also has a thriving marketplace with items that are fashion or quality of life based. Can you explain how the game having "cosmetic items" is concerning? It's the best way to allow for a cash shop without the game being pay to win where you can literally buy gear. Does it negatively impact your opinion of a game if they have cosmetic items available for purchase?
  11. In light of the rest of the evidence that has been presented, and your attitude throughout this entire endeavor, also the disrespect that you have displayed throughout these circumstances, I am moving your Teamspeak ban to a permanent ban and denying your ban dispute. We absolutely will not in any circumstances tolerate personal attacks or threats against any member of RGN or any individual who is playing on our servers. I greatly recommend that you reevaluate your stance and behavior in future situations and handle things in a way that presents you as a mature, and level-headed individual.
  12. Ban Extension to Permanent User was warned and kicked prior to the mic spamming about joining other individuals channels and spamming without permission. Upon confronting him, he asked me if I was "talking out of my ass." After that conversation, he proceeded to enter TS and continue the same behavior. Below evidence, and behavior presented by a video of the Teamspeak situation resulting in his ban from Teamspeak will cause this ban to be extended to a permanent ban from our Teamspeak server.
  13. Welcome and Congratulations, everyone!
  14. The reason that you were banned is because leading up to your ban, you connected with "Luke" as your name, then changed your name to "Mike Hawk." While under the alias of "Luke" you proceeded to inform one of the members of RGN that you had their personal information and that you knew where they lived and provided them with evidence to make that claim substantiated. After you changed your name to "Mike Hawk" you disconnected from the Welcome Lobby and reconnected moments later under the name "Bacon." The IP address matches the connections for "Luke" and "Mike Hawk" and it was verified by the member of RGN that it was in fact the "Bacon" who is banned from RGN for multiple code of conduct violations.

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