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  1. Yea. you're definitely correct there. Time to do .25% gathering/taming/leveling experience!
  2. Hello everyone and welcome, Being that the server is starting to gain popularity, both within RGN and outside of RGN, I have begun to think quite a bit about some PvE/RP things that could be implemented! Now, the majority of these are rough around the edges and could definitely use some refinement and adjusting with the help of the Dark and Light community within RGN so I'm posting them publicly for criticism and feedback. PvE/RP Oriented Guilds/Groups inside of the game: Constables/Knights of the Realm: Defend NPC's/Players from Wildlife and Malicious intent from other players Wear heavy armor, and wield Lionguard shields and swords Uniform and code of conduct strictly enforced Potential Rank structure/Hierarchy Rangers/Striders: Potential scouting group for players Hire/Contract to find certain creatures for taming with level requirements Hire/Contract to locate bases of other players for intelligence gathering purposes. Huntsman: Fur and Hide trading Leather armor crafting and selling to new players Potentially roaming/traveling traders Farmers: Sales of crafting food, farming supplies and farmed items Stands located in cities with preset player prices for in game bartering/currency At the moment, those are just a few ideas I've come up with to maybe enhance the server slightly. If anyone has any questions/suggestions/feedback, please feel free to post it and we can iron out details and add to the list. @[email protected]@jamesshuler @Gewchie
  3. Worth buying?

    Damn, that's awesome! Haha. Nah, they didn't abandon Ark, I know I worded that strangely, Ark is being looked at to be launched into full release shortly and has had a great early access run of 2 years now, so they're finally rolling it out.
  4. Worth buying?

    I would absolutely say so. There is a few hundred hours worth of gameplay just to max out everything and view the amp and discover the game in it's current state. I'm 80 hours in and I'm still 7 levels off of max on my 3x server and still can't really fight/kill some of the stuff on the map and am afraid to as well. We haven't even gotten into the high tier tames yet and aren't really able to yet. It's got a lot going for it and there's only more to come, it's being run by the same company that ran Ark so I'm expecting frequent/consistent updates with a large developmental focus on community feedback.
  5. August | Recruitment and Promotions

    Welcome and congratulations, everyone!
  6. Light and dark

    I've been streaming it pretty regularly, I believe I've seen you in my stream as well, Mav. I will try to get a post up explaining the game/the purpose of it in a bit, working on getting the subforum together now.
  7. Server Rules:1. Have Fun! 2. Build anywhere you like, as long as it doesn't block resource spawns of rare materials. (Mithril, Darkstone.. etc.) 3. Be Respectful and Roleplay! This is an RP server and everyone should be interacting with each other within character inside of voice/local communication! Global chat is for OOC(Out of Character) or IC(In Character) announcements by individuals who are recruiting for events/their houses! 4. Please clean up after yourself! This means campfires, taming equipment, rogue foundations/sleeping bags, all of those items can generate a lot of memory drain on the server. If it becomes a chronic reported issue regarding a certain individual, they will be talked to about it. 5. No Griefing! (Examples Below)6. No Killing Passive/Knocked Out! (Exceptions to this are if someone is taking cover behind them, or they are being used to store gear that was gained during the PvP combat.)7. No holding grudges! If you are in a fight, fight it out, and end it. This is a PvP server and while PvP is fine, constantly arguing and fighting over chat is not going to get anyone anywhere.8. No Offline Base Raiding! 9. In the cases of raiding, create an entrance, access to resources, and that is it. Do not destroy excess walls/structures intentionally. 10. No Killing players flagged as PvE!11. No logging out after a raid has been initiated on you to try and make it an offline raid. (Initiated = If they have already announced the raid, or are damaging your structures and tames then you are not to log out to try and avoid it, and if you do, you will surrender your offline raid protection status for the length of the raid.)12. If you are raiding another house, a surrender option must be offered where they are able to allow you access to their base, however you are not allowed to damage anything that they own at that point, and if you do, administrative action will be taken. A reply to the surrender must be given within 3 minutes of the surrender request, or a raid can commence. If either party betrays the agreement of a surrender and attacks the other, they will have their creatures killed, and structures removed from the server.PvE Flagging Specifics: If you are wanting to play as a PvE tribe, then your tribe name must have PvE at the end of it. An example of this is House Of The Watchers - PvE. As long as you keep this PvE tag, you are protected from raiding by the rules, however, if you perform an act of aggression, you will lose your PvE status, and you cannot regain it. This means if you attack any other tribes, or their dinos, you will lose your PvE status for good. Secondly, if you are PvE and you attack someone or start a fight, you will be surrendering your resources/tames/buildings to the individual that you attacked at their mercy, with admin permission. Being PvE is not to be used to build resources and a base and then initiate raids once you are established. Property Disputes of building too close to one another are to be settled by the owners of the property, there is no rule against taking land in your name, as long as you can hold it. Examples of Griefing: Killing every last creature that someone has after a successful raid.Leveling someones base after you have already gained access to their materials and resources and taken them.Killing the same person repeatedly after a PvP engagement and preventing them from rebuilding. Leading wild mobs to players bases to break their property.
  8. completed FatVortex Ban appeal (TS)

    All right, listen. I just unbanned you. I was not wrong about the Sancho situation, any admin or knowledgeable person with Teamspeak would have had the same thought process. I'm not going to tell you how to rejoin a server you're banned from, because if you don't know, that's for the best. Your ban is lifted, but know that if you do anything like this again in the future, this will heavily influence ban length, and permanence. Thank you Yami
  9. completed FatVortex Ban appeal (TS)

    What I would like, is an explanation of why you then rejoined the channel, under the Alias "Sancho" and the proceeded to do the exact same thing that you were doing previously while under the name "Fat Vortex." I would appreciate it if you don't go the route of denial here, because it was verbatum, the exact statement that you were saying while you were under your main alias prior to being banned.
  10. Reckless WoW v2.0?

    I really would say that in my opinion, Blizzard should drop WoW and make a new MMO from the bottom up and release and just retire that tired engine and poorly textured dinosaur that is WoW. It'd be much more attractive to new and returning players.
  11. Reckless WoW v2.0?

    It's a free game, that was developed and brought to market with all of the resources of a paid title. It also has a thriving marketplace with items that are fashion or quality of life based. Can you explain how the game having "cosmetic items" is concerning? It's the best way to allow for a cash shop without the game being pay to win where you can literally buy gear. Does it negatively impact your opinion of a game if they have cosmetic items available for purchase?
  12. Wars?

    I also would like you to keep in mind that I was one of the leaders of one of the most well known, and accepted gangs in GSN/RGN. Before I was ever a cop. So I have a pretty even view of both sides of the spectrum.
  13. Wars?

    The point that you're not getting, is that context is the key to rules, and interactions. You are not understanding that it is different for rebels than it is for cops, and that is okay, that is fine, they are polar opposites. You shouldn't be expecting them to each have the same exact set of rules because they operate with entirely different codes of conduct and mindsets. There doesn't need to be some uniform blanket rule to manage the two entities. They are separate, and should be separate.
  14. Wars?

    Those police officer PSAs are so that the RPD are able to conduct themselves in a consistent and professional manner. It's not so that they can put minimum effort in to robbing someone and not having to address the situation specifically. That is much different than a gang engagement with the police/other players.
  15. Wars?

    Here's the thing that you, and the majority of other individuals that seem to play Altis/Malden Life don't understand, they are roleplaying as Police Officers. If you get pulled over by a Police Officer, he's not there to talk to you about your day, or be your friend, he's issuing you a citation because you're breaking the law, and he is doing his job and has to move on to the next person after you. If someone wants their roleplay to be the hard ass, by the books, no leniency police officer, then that is the role that they have decided to play. They don't need to act like your best friend, or treat you like a buddy because you are trying to tell them a lie about why you have a 2mil bounty for 50 murders/car jackings/robberies. That is not the role of a police officer. They are there to effectively and efficiently dispatch threats to the civilian population, whether that be in the form of traffic violations, or armed rebels who are trying to take the property and lives of others.