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  1. August | Recruitment and Promotions

    Congrats guys!... I have a question if i already made an application for this month do i need to make a new one?

    I have a feeling this is aimed at me haha
  3. Looking For Testers (New Theme!)

    Ok @Al Hoff
  4. Looking For Testers (New Theme!)

    Have the people who were accepted got the new theme? @Al Hoff
  5. Looking For Testers (New Theme!)

    Will Happily Test This!
  6. Harrison-Introduction

  7. Harrison-Introduction

    Thank you, Will do! @Matthew
  8. Harrison-Introduction

    @John Falcon You too!
  9. Harrison-Introduction

    Hey my name is Harrison I've been here for a couple months now, a lot of you may already know me from EMS and RPD. I am currently 14 and at the time of posting this i am moving houses. I am originally from England (Newcastle) I don't really know what else to say but I hope to see you all soon in game!
  10. Just a message to let you guys know I will be moving out of my house on Tuesday therefor I will not be active for 2 weeks or so, just wanted to let you know! Thanks @Steve @Jack Reacher
  11. Donation - Harrison $12.00

    No Problem!
  12. Harrison