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  1. I feel for you Falcon, my family had to put down our dog because of lymphomic cancer. It's a hard thing to deal with I know. Stay strong buddy
  2. I think I just jizzed in my pants.. I just watch the Trailer for it on their website and wow. This game looks like it has so much potential and can't wait for the final product.
  3. I sadly lost the footage for this.. :'(
  4. Will do TheMindDoctor, I have been very active as a Public Cop and have a few fellow RPD Police Officers to vouch for me in being good at what I do and being very professional. I am looking forward to my interview and can't wait.
  5. Hello all, I just want to to say I think this server for Altis life is much better than the Asylum servers. From what it looks like its ranked 2nd next to them. But I really love playing the Public Cop slots and hopefully today become whitelisted. I really only enjoy being a police officer on the server. Never got into playing as a civ much. But love it very much and love upholding the law and roleplaying as a cop.

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