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  1. GTA V RP

    @SkyGuy32 Rockstar has announced since the launch of the game that you are allowed to mod the Single Player of the game, which is what GT-MP runs its software through with a private server. They are not allowed to use current updates of GTAO in their multiplayer files, you must always be behind the current updae to stay legal however.
  2. GTA V RP

    GTA V RP Alright guys, so as we know it seems that some people are losing interest in Altis Life lately so I figured I would write this real quick and give some thoughts and information. 1) This is a yearly cycle with Altis Life, and no need for a big scare or need to start rumors of RGN dying. Summer starts, people start to try and work a lot to save money, go on vacation, take summer school/classes. 2) RGN is so much more than Altis Life. Now we all know this and have heard it a million times, but I don't think many people believe it. Yes RGN emphasizes Altis Life a lot, but that is because that is where the majority of traffic stems from. If you take an extra 3 seconds to scroll down on the TeamSpeak you will see there are tons of other channels, with people in them! So if you see something that interests you pop in the channel and ask if you can play too. 3) Now something that has just recently been discussed and has seen traffic is GTA V RP. For all the guys that preach RP in Altis, I highly encourage you to jump in a GTA Server and try it out. The installation of the mod is SUPER simple and the .EXE file takes care of just about everything. The hardest part about FiveM (GTA RP) was learning the key combos/commands, but once you have that down you are set. I am confident in saying that there will be RGN members and gamers in the TS playing this regularly, so hop down into the channel and get into the action with them. I know Ronduth and other RGN members are also in the process of making Reckless its' own server. So like I said, for all the guys sounding like broken records about how they just want to RP, this is your time to shine. Almost everybody has GTA and if you don't search G2A or other sights for deals, and the game usually is offered at a good discount during the steam summer sale as well. Now I don't ever write posts, but I had a lot that I wanted to share, and haven't been on enough to catch some of you guys in TS, so I figured I would write this. Stay Reckless.
  3. Nice kills, love the ghillie lol.
  4. for sale PS3 w/ Games For Sale

    Kind of hoping you meant to say *PS4 with a price tag of $500...
  5. I don't watch very much TV but if I do it is either: A) Live PD B) The Office C) Entourage Now for movies, I could watch those all day: A) End of Watch B) Red Dawn (OG one) C) Lone Survivor
  6. What Server were you banned from: Arma 3 Altis Life Who banned you: Lewis Parker Why were you banned: Combat Logging When were you banned:4/1/17 aprox. 3:10 PM PST. What is your in game name: Zero [RPD] User/Player ID: 76561198175323267 Please explain why you believe you should be unbanned: First thing's first, I understand what I did was wrong, I am in no way shape or form disagreeing with that. Although, prior to my log I was on a patrol with a public officer, going over traffic stops and showing him how I typically handled mine. I let him know that I would only be able to do one more stop then I had to run to work for the day, and asked any available units to give him a ride. We continued with our stop when a vehicle approached us, stopped, and then floored the gas killing me and the suspect I had detained. Since this was my last stop for the day I said my good-byes to the officers in the Kavala channel, and shut down my computer. I in no way tried to log then rejoin to save gear or anything, just simply took the VDM as a good stopping point. I was then contacted by Lewis asking me to explain, which I did. Because this was my "3rd Strike" I was handed a week long ban. I had no idea I had any reports on my record, one of which being "glitching out of prison". I have been on this server a very long time and have almost never run into any problems with administration/members. Due to my long term membership, I may have simply forgot the year long incidents. As directed my Lewis I re-read the rules, refreshing my memory. One of which being "You must respawn before logging off the server" I understand as a long term member and a whitelisted officer I must provide an example to others, and I can tell you this will not happen again. I apologize to RGN Staff, its' players, and @Lewis Parker in particular.
  7. March 2017 Donators

    @G. Crooks @Ronduth anymore ideas for the cop side of things? Love to see the RPD divisions get some more custom stuff to encourage the role play side of things!
  8. So You Wanna Be A Cop Huh?

    This channel is the bomb, been watching him a while now. This video brings a great light to the life of the force, and is very well said.
  9. Zero