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  1. Reckless GTA-V RP Server

    A professional and quick EMS force is necessary, so yes there will be. Some EMS also dress as firefighters and rock the fire trucks to help block road traffic and respond to vehicle fires and such. Sometimes the Police Force will commandeer the water hose on top for crowd control if things really get out of hand.
  2. Trying something different

    You cannot really play an altis life server full of RDM. Becomes more of a Wasteland server at that point, don't ya think?
  3. So the last couple days seem to be have the Malden Life section of the forums filled with people throwing in ideas, others disagreeing with them, and then a sort of flame war. Going to preach for a second, but hear me out. First off, take a look at most of the people putting in these recommendations. Most of them are RGN members, and have been with the server quite some time. Meaning, these people have the seen the multiple life cycles of Altis Life, and all the different player types that come with it. These aren't some people who created an account this month and just start throwing ideas out for their own benefit. Second, if you do not agree with it then offer something instead. Try not to be so quick in shooting something down, if the idea is terrible, make a suggestion. People make these recommendations because they believe they are good ideas, and when someone it quick to tell them how awful of an idea it is, or how it will "kill" the server, that can hurt. At the end of the day, we are a community, unity is what makes. Conversation breeds ideas, ideas can spark something really great. Lastly, in the end these are just suggestions, people's ideas. This isn't @Ronduth saying this is what is going to happen, just something interesting someone thought of. Put yourself in other's shoes, and think before you let the fingers unleash the fury all over the keyboard. -Stay Reckless.
  4. Trying something different

    All I am going to say to this issue and the people preaching for server population is... QUALITY over QUANTITY
  5. Teaser

    All the people saying it is cut off, as if TMD didn't know lol, smdh. GET TEASED BOYS.
  6. GTA V RP

    @SkyGuy32 Rockstar has announced since the launch of the game that you are allowed to mod the Single Player of the game, which is what GT-MP runs its software through with a private server. They are not allowed to use current updates of GTAO in their multiplayer files, you must always be behind the current updae to stay legal however.
  7. I personally think we should try the jump to a whitelisted server. I know what everyone's concern is, "Oh no it will tank the population!" Let's be real the Altis Life population is already tanked, and the people who do play will be the ones who transfer over to Malden. So in all honesty we don't have much to lose by risking the player population. To me I think having a open Malden Life server, is going to feed us so many trolls and RDM fests for the first week, none of the RGN community will enjoy it, and put the blame on the map itself, and beg for Altis back. RGN as a community is fairly large right now, some don't just realize it because they only play AL. If we get this right from the start, we will build a population of players who love and enjoy RP. Players also will not get burned out as quickly because they will enjoy themselves more.
  8. Make 6.5 for cops of a certain rank, that way civs don't hoard a bunch of 6.5's then launch a fed and just tear through police cruisers. Make a certain ranking officer on the force have the ability to have one, but not every cop.
  9. GTA V RP

    GTA V RP Alright guys, so as we know it seems that some people are losing interest in Altis Life lately so I figured I would write this real quick and give some thoughts and information. 1) This is a yearly cycle with Altis Life, and no need for a big scare or need to start rumors of RGN dying. Summer starts, people start to try and work a lot to save money, go on vacation, take summer school/classes. 2) RGN is so much more than Altis Life. Now we all know this and have heard it a million times, but I don't think many people believe it. Yes RGN emphasizes Altis Life a lot, but that is because that is where the majority of traffic stems from. If you take an extra 3 seconds to scroll down on the TeamSpeak you will see there are tons of other channels, with people in them! So if you see something that interests you pop in the channel and ask if you can play too. 3) Now something that has just recently been discussed and has seen traffic is GTA V RP. For all the guys that preach RP in Altis, I highly encourage you to jump in a GTA Server and try it out. The installation of the mod is SUPER simple and the .EXE file takes care of just about everything. The hardest part about FiveM (GTA RP) was learning the key combos/commands, but once you have that down you are set. I am confident in saying that there will be RGN members and gamers in the TS playing this regularly, so hop down into the channel and get into the action with them. I know Ronduth and other RGN members are also in the process of making Reckless its' own server. So like I said, for all the guys sounding like broken records about how they just want to RP, this is your time to shine. Almost everybody has GTA and if you don't search G2A or other sights for deals, and the game usually is offered at a good discount during the steam summer sale as well. Now I don't ever write posts, but I had a lot that I wanted to share, and haven't been on enough to catch some of you guys in TS, so I figured I would write this. Stay Reckless.
  10. Malden Life Poll

    I say we go to Malden, a change could be nice for RGN
  11. Nice kills, love the ghillie lol.
  12. for sale PS3 w/ Games For Sale

    Kind of hoping you meant to say *PS4 with a price tag of $500...
  13. Vehicle skin ideas

    SWAT will need skins, won't they?