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  1. good luck Miatch, I have struggled with a bad back on and off for years, I know the pain! Hope it all works out for you.
  2. Thanks again ...finished my Christmas off perfectly!
  3. Van

    Sayin Hello

    welcome death been fun playing ark with you
  4. Hi all, I like a lot of the building mods glass walls looks pretty cool new lights etc... I agree with the taming boost Agony suggested and maybe a boost on resource gathering. I think the pvp has to be done right for it to work. I like helping people out most of the time but every know and then i feel the need to kill somebody! We could do pvp weekends twice a month or something along those lines. I don't want people to not want to come to the server because as soon as they spawn they get killed or start a base and it gets destroyed. I also think base raiding should either be not allowed or ONLY when players who own the base are on. I work a lot and can for the most part only play on weekends and maybe a couple hours once a week in the evening, getting on to no base or everything i own gone would get old quick. i will be on most of tonight and tomorrow so if we want to get together and talk this out on TS that works for me. There are a ton of mods in the steam work shop that people may be interested in. One question, will we be able to bring our characters over from the GSN server? I hate losing my levels!
  5. Van

    Hello RGN

    My name is Scott i play as either Van or Vanquish. i am probably one of the older people on here which Gewchie will never let me forget , i'm 45 and have been gaming since atari (you younger guys can look that up later) i live just south of Boston and have been married 25 years and have 3 daughters. i just bought an older home that was originally my great grandparents which I am in the process of renovating so with work and reno's i don't have as much time to game as i would like. i am currently addicted to ARK but also enjoy a variety of other games. i look forward to getting to know you all.

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