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  1. If you want any debates like that one to get spicy. me and my brother do debates in our house often
  2. i'd recommend no zombies. it lowers server performance and adds nothing.
  3. no no someone has a like one man can save the world thing with z4kpl i think it was barddy but idk who has it
  4. you shall never take away my chicken dinner crown
  5. Whats your favorite part about me? how do u feel about your nickname eggles? Game your most excited about 2018?
  6. militarized or not? im assuming you run infistar? what kind of safe cracking do u use? (grinder screwdriver etc) also i was a head admin for a top 3 exile server around a year ago. Ribbon gaming if u knew of it.
  7. There is a market currently for arma 3 exile non-militarzed servers especially for chernarus. it also can pull in massive amounts of donations for base kits etc. if you do use base kits etc your battleeye will get disabled and i recommend infistar. It also helps to go international but we would need admins who speak the languages. mainly english french german russian and possibly chinese
  8. no no no yasuo is #2 hated riven #1. yi is definately top 5 though
  9. i didn't go in immediately cause i was waiting for my ult and my Guardian Angel. if u watch in the fight when i jump on zilean at 0:18 the white ring is my GA coming back up. follow by my ult sometimes u have to carry these fools.
  10. Edit their sound clip to z4kpl sayings " handz up buddy" as they rush you
  11. i also recommend the HYPERx like crush said THEY ARE DURABLE AS HELL!!!! and good sound quality
  12. i dont fail... i have however ran into arma freaking the fuck out right infront of me and sometime deciding to involve me.
  13. ill try to make it. if someone takes me pilot slot imma cry
  14. did not even have to click video. 115 great song
  15. OH GOD laughed so hard. fucking goat cheese
  16. gunner


    I think its safe to say you wont have to upgrade any parts for well over a decade
  17. tanoa not good for exile AI see through trees and make it nearly impossible without putting AI on full dumb mode chernarus and altis are pretty good for exile
  18. If we decide to do exile i have past experience as a lead admin and got the server to #1 of exile servers. I cant develope but me and @Casual know our exile inside and out vehicle values respect points ect. Willing to help in any way possible with altis exile or whatever you decide to go with.
  19. That looks awesome please upload
  20. i had 2 accounts in master while u were stuck in platinum
  21. technically still 5 kills so ACE!

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