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  1. Looking for Exile Players

    militarized or not? im assuming you run infistar? what kind of safe cracking do u use? (grinder screwdriver etc) also i was a head admin for a top 3 exile server around a year ago. Ribbon gaming if u knew of it.
  2. What's next for Reckless?

    There is a market currently for arma 3 exile non-militarzed servers especially for chernarus. it also can pull in massive amounts of donations for base kits etc. if you do use base kits etc your battleeye will get disabled and i recommend infistar. It also helps to go international but we would need admins who speak the languages. mainly english french german russian and possibly chinese
  3. I need a dedicated fucking 5 man

    id play but im garbo. and would only further your ranked decline.
  4. ACE for the win

    no no no yasuo is #2 hated riven #1. yi is definately top 5 though
  5. ACE for the win

    i didn't go in immediately cause i was waiting for my ult and my Guardian Angel. if u watch in the fight when i jump on zilean at 0:18 the white ring is my GA coming back up. follow by my ult sometimes u have to carry these fools.
  6. To All RGN Leader ship

    Edit their sound clip to z4kpl sayings " handz up buddy" as they rush you
  7. Headsets?

    i also recommend the HYPERx like crush said THEY ARE DURABLE AS HELL!!!! and good sound quality
  8. We Need your ArmA Funny Fails!

    i dont fail... i have however ran into arma freaking the fuck out right infront of me and sometime deciding to involve me.
  9. Arma 3 Zeus Operation Event

    ill try to make it. if someone takes me pilot slot imma cry
  10. completed PUBG Game Giveaway

    bbq makes july great
  11. Where Are My Zombie Brothers At?

    did not even have to click video. 115 great song

    OH GOD laughed so hard. fucking goat cheese
  13. Gunner unban appeal

    What Server were you banned from: altis Who banned you: staff Why were you banned: not welcome here When were you banned: 5 months ago What is your in game name: Sly cooper User/Player ID: 76561198121753567 Please explain why you believe you should be unbanned: First let me apologize for my forum actions as that i believe is most likely my main reason for my ban. Second allow me to apologize for my actions in game. I ask that the staff try to leave any past feelings towards me and listen to the new me. I recently just got out of Coast Guard boot camp. I want to return to playing when i can. I learned allot over the time that i was banned and especially during my team at boot camp. During my time banned i was able to be accepted and play on nopixel. I learned allot about true roleplay and even ran into some rgn members on accident @BeenJamminMon. I learned about sticking to a character across weeks on end. During my time at bootcamp i learned stuff that will help me funcion in this community better. I know i have all ready spoiled any chance at becoming a member again but, i still wish to be apart of the community as a regular every day player. I learned how to follow a chain of command, how to address problems in a more respectful way, and when to just keep my thoughts to myself. Overall my time away from RGN i have learned allot and i wan to go back to being a productive member as i have tried to be in the past but this time i plan to introduce the new me with more roleplay and help the server in a more polite way by posting less often and bring a more respectful approach to my posts.
  14. completed Steam gift card x2 giveaway!

    PUBG or gta 5
  15. 'Merica

  16. My New Rig

    I think its safe to say you wont have to upgrade any parts for well over a decade
  17. Exile thoughts/comments

    tanoa not good for exile AI see through trees and make it nearly impossible without putting AI on full dumb mode chernarus and altis are pretty good for exile
  18. Ronduth's Thoughts, Prayer's to all.

    If we decide to do exile i have past experience as a lead admin and got the server to #1 of exile servers. I cant develope but me and @Casual know our exile inside and out vehicle values respect points ect. Willing to help in any way possible with altis exile or whatever you decide to go with.
  19. Teamspeak 3 Dark/night theme

    That looks awesome please upload
  20. Another COD Video...

    i had 2 accounts in master while u were stuck in platinum
  21. Another COD Video...

    @Eagles Second best
  22. Skadoodle 2.0?

    technically still 5 kills so ACE!
  23. Gunner ban dispute

    What Server were you banned from: altis Who banned you: noms Why were you banned: Not welcome on this server When were you banned: December 27 What is your in game name: Sly cooper User/Player ID: 76561198121753567 Please explain why you believe you should be unbanned: So let me begin by saying im sorry for what i said the last day that i was on altis life. I still do not remember what was exactly said out of my mouth. I would like to return to play altis life. I have recently been playing on nopixel and have enjoyed the serious roleplay and have found a increased amount of fun by talking at the casino. I would like however to return to RGN altis life the place i have called home and the server i supported since day 1 and been playing on for almost 2 years since gsn. I would like to return and continue to roleplay. On my last dispute i was denied for being toxic. I can agree especially on forums i can be pretty aggrevating to deal with. I do love the game and have a huge passion for playing on this server. I've had a chance to take a step back and really think. I realize that having a passion for a game the way i did was unhealthy. It also caused me to come off as extremely offensive to people. I want to come back and enjoy the server i supported for so long. I still have fond memories of the server, Such as rgn first christmas i gave 500k away to multiple civilians after our first ever launch. I remember beta testing for the first altis server and tanoa but, more than anything i want to come back to the community i had friends with. My cousin @Eagles, My cop buddies @Blackjack @connor @draxt @Deathview_games @TheMindDoctor, my rebel brothers @Alien8r. If i am allowed back i do my best to limit my forum flame. If i am allowed back I will also commit some extra time and attention into helping the server by spending time on medic. I have had allot of time to think about how i played and typed on the forums. I want to come back and play on the server i supported for the longest time. I will have even more time to think about it as i am going to boot camp for the coast guard in april 4th. This has especially made me think about more than just past mistakes on this server. I hope to be back soon and be at @Deathview_games wedding.
  24. Hi I'm dv wife

    Yea cant get a much better teacher roleplay wise than deathview. As for being new to gaming welcome and have fun. If arma is your first game, you are starting with a decently hard game so if u can play arma you can play anything pretty much
  25. Becoming an Actor

    So allow me to give you some background info. We were all chilling at the casino early morning when this guy in a directors outfit comes up and asks us if we would be actors in his movie. We are all bored so of course we agree to it. It was a fun RP experience and he posted the video i thought it was really good editing and though i would share it. all credit goes to luca brains