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  1. GTA RP Server Feedback

    i dont play gta RP but i can tell you from experience on altis and regular gta there are players who like to have cash. No matter what u do to the economy players will grind out to hit that happy point. when i played gta i grinded for MONTHS! to get 20 fully geared up cars i wanted and houses with a additional 10 mil in the bank. why? so when i got on i could say i want to do (insert stupid thing here) with my friends and just do it. without fear of my bank. altis same thing, i grinded my bank up so i could say. Hey lets do a checkpoint hey lets do a fed hey lets do..... whatever. That way i could do what i felt would be fun without fear of my bank dying. Best way for any server is to not appeal to me preacher or anyone. its to appeal to the majority which right now from what ive seen forum wise is the car issue. i agree with someoneyoulike and tryzhd
  2. The Motorcycle conundrum

    same as altis if the cops dont get their interaction or win. its automatically the civs fault. if we want to get irl the cops would pull out a chopper and just follow him in that until he thinks he is safe and then catch him wherever he ends up.
  3. The Motorcycle conundrum

    someone all ready said it but most departments will not chase bikes and if they do id say close to 90 percent are not allowed to pit ram or anything to a bike. if they do it can be called attempted murder on the officer
  4. I need a dedicated fucking 5 man

    id play but im garbo. and would only further your ranked decline.
  5. literally my dad's car down to the year
  6. ACE for the win

    no no no yasuo is #2 hated riven #1. yi is definately top 5 though
  7. ACE for the win

    i didn't go in immediately cause i was waiting for my ult and my Guardian Angel. if u watch in the fight when i jump on zilean at 0:18 the white ring is my GA coming back up. follow by my ult sometimes u have to carry these fools.
  8. To All RGN Leader ship

    Edit their sound clip to z4kpl sayings " handz up buddy" as they rush you
  9. Headsets?

    i also recommend the HYPERx like crush said THEY ARE DURABLE AS HELL!!!! and good sound quality
  10. We Need your ArmA Funny Fails!

    i dont fail... i have however ran into arma freaking the fuck out right infront of me and sometime deciding to involve me.
  11. age 19 experience 1.4.7 minecraft modpacks played ftb unleashed , infinity evolved, attack of the b team , crazy craft name gunnerdoor
  12. air garage molos airfield

    there is no air garage at molos airfield. only airfield besides north rebel without air garage
  13. researching Casinos?

    way nopixel did it was slots and horse race. blackjack was done by actual players. dealer had a deck irl everyone passed him the money and he would tell u what u had and would just ask standard stand or hit.