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  1. RP wise good idea problem is i dont see this working well on a non-whitlisted server. Nopixel you had to literally take a BAR exam to become a lawyer and it was whitelisted but then again you could be a lawyer and be corrupt. Mafia had their own personal lawyer and he was great :D! I just think more than half the cops who just want to fill their bank account and will get upset at all the criminals they will lose.
  2. yea i can personally say of maybe 20 times ive been wanted for only lockpicking ive managed to rp out of it 1 to 2 times and only other time ive ever been let go is accidental running people over and that still like a 3 out of 10 chance. Never once have i had a cop let me off with any type of murder illegal gear vehicle drugs ect in over 1500 hours of playing. id say i was cooperative 70 to 80 percent of the time.
  3. Nopixel has no rule against baiting cops. They do say you should have a valid RP reason for everything that means anything even as small as have 1 meth on you not even wanted. This guy in nopixel world has class 2 (illegal firearm), Speeding, illegal vest (stolen swat gear/DTU). The way ive seen it is that civilians usually as a general statement dont purposely bait cops bait cops. They run and do 1 of 2 things. A send terror threat then cop decides to not value his life or not and pursue into a obvious trap or B crashes and they get out and defend themselves.
  4. I think its safe to say you wont have to upgrade any parts for well over a decade
  5. tanoa not good for exile AI see through trees and make it nearly impossible without putting AI on full dumb mode chernarus and altis are pretty good for exile
  6. If we decide to do exile i have past experience as a lead admin and got the server to #1 of exile servers. I cant develope but me and @Casual know our exile inside and out vehicle values respect points ect. Willing to help in any way possible with altis exile or whatever you decide to go with.
  7. best part was i was the pilot
  8. I still reserve the right as the dysync pit king
  9. The proper pit manuver
  10. but jays then your nasty 800m one taps wont be impressive anymore
  11. That looks awesome please upload
  12. like i said i understand you want to engage as one group yet still identify yourself with your official group. Just all run the 1 NATO tag and you will be fine. Its been done in the past and I've seen it done multiple times and it usually ends up in confusing coms and reports due to miscommunication
  13. This has occured in the past. Im against it though i do understand it. They want to keep the identity of being their own group but want to engage together. Id personally vote for a rewording in the rules. If they want to engage as one entity they need to just log out and all run 1 temp tag.
  14. What Server were you banned from: altis Who banned you: staff Why were you banned: not welcome here When were you banned: 5 months ago What is your in game name: Sly cooper User/Player ID: 76561198121753567 Please explain why you believe you should be unbanned: First let me apologize for my forum actions as that i believe is most likely my main reason for my ban. Second allow me to apologize for my actions in game. I ask that the staff try to leave any past feelings towards me and listen to the new me. I recently just got out of Coast Guard boot camp. I want to return to playing when i can. I learned allot over the time that i was banned and especially during my team at boot camp. During my time banned i was able to be accepted and play on nopixel. I learned allot about true roleplay and even ran into some rgn members on accident @BeenJamminMon. I learned about sticking to a character across weeks on end. During my time at bootcamp i learned stuff that will help me funcion in this community better. I know i have all ready spoiled any chance at becoming a member again but, i still wish to be apart of the community as a regular every day player. I learned how to follow a chain of command, how to address problems in a more respectful way, and when to just keep my thoughts to myself. Overall my time away from RGN i have learned allot and i wan to go back to being a productive member as i have tried to be in the past but this time i plan to introduce the new me with more roleplay and help the server in a more polite way by posting less often and bring a more respectful approach to my posts.
  15. i had 2 accounts in master while u were stuck in platinum

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