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  1. Ok so hers the deal I like this game alot n like y'all slot but if anyone has any prob with my hubby n he's not on so taking it out on me for some unknown reason is kinda how can I word this in say that don't upset anyone just coz he has a higher powerbomb just a reg player if anyone upset because she has to Donnie job on game and anyone thinks will there's miss dethview let taking it out on her lol I don't mind some things but in the last 45 mins I'd been robbed maybe 2 or 3 times and also repeatedly hit by a car tell I died then re gather everything I worked hard to get just like y'all have to come to my home not saying we're at to be robbed again I know it's called game but come on being robbed over n over n over kinda sucks the injoyment out of it and if only been on since March now unknown a Rob here n there or a death will happen that all good it's called rolmplay witch I'm learning but how do you except to injoy things and other if your getting attacked so much in so little time be mad at me all anyone wants for speaking my mind but let play to have fun not make it to were nebis just wanna say hell with it this is there first game if ever seen nor even here of or exsited I'm used to fb slots n silly things y'all are cool but what ever the deal is I'll be glad to complie and help out I'm not a bad person just coz I'm dethview soon to be acting real wife don't mean I have any powers of what he does not don't do and no to clear it up we didn't meet in this game we have been to gether in to for almost 2 years he just been begging me to try this with him! Thanks God bless hope imposed n right spot sorry if I didn't idk how work this love yall
  2. Love u to baby to infinity and beyond and we need like a them live that goes with us idk tho ask someone k Thank you so much for what u did mean lot Thank you same to you
  3. Thanks every one watinging on my PC or laptop o get in game would be grateful to get to know y'all game on
  4. Hi may name is Shauna soon to be prazak I'm not sure really what to say but any ways I'm new to the gaming world but we all have to start some were right? Any way rand or aka death few games is the love of my life we meet on a dating app but um he talks very highly of y'all you guys mean the world to him and yes I'm a shy person not to sure how to role play so a little scared lol I would like to learn how to be come medic I also want to learn the ends and out so I know how to role play I'm the new kid on the block that you all for the kindness

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