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  1. Lumberjack Job missing Blips

    This is now fixed
  2. October Recruitment and Promotions

    Congrats Everyone! Thanks for the promotion!
  3. Rule Suggestions

    Good job on this post. Those are some real solid rules. Definitely going to add some of these
  4. We have rebounded it to k to turn on/off the car
  5. 1 Hair style

    This is the intro screen. Go to the barbershop / clothing store for detailed customizations
  6. We are not going to make rules banning unique ideas promoting good quality RP. GTA Online is 100% all about money/guns/drugs/cars but GTA RP is completely different. An 80+ Public Altis Life server is much harder to enforce good and fair RP. That is why there were rules to prevent different actions. With a 32 person server there is going to be regulars that like to RP and groups will form encouraging RP and will create insanely complex stories. With majority of players RPing, others are expected to do the same and if they refuse then the majority will not want them on the server. If someone is shooting everyone all the time, the law abiding civilians will alert the police and you will get lengthy jail sentencing. Remember there are consequences for doing illegal actions (Jail time doesn't stop at 15 minutes). Everyone who has played or seen streamers play have a different mentality and like to RP. There will still be drugs, guns, and illegal activities but there will be so much more legal activities that will be fun to do. THE BACKBONE OF THE GTA RP SERVER WILL BE RP AND *NOT* GANG VIOLENCE AND CRIME!
  7. We are not going to tolerate a heavy shoot 'em up mentality on the server. This is meant for RP and is going to be completely different than what Altis Life was in terms of gangs and violence. We added some of the vehicles we saw from everyone's post and we appreciate your input. Unfortunately many of the vehicle's tires disappear at a certain distance or have issues with the lights so could not be implemented. Of course as time goes on we will add different vehicles for police, ems, fisherman, taxi drivers, etc.
  8. completed PUBG Game Giveaway

    I like that July is all about enjoying time and chilling on the lake with family and friends.
  9. Reckless GTA-V RP Server

    I agree with @SkyGuy32and @ChowI think we should implement the 10 codes for added realism and it would make our police force look more professional rather than a bunch of kids pretending using false jargon even though this is all pretend.
  10. Post Bugs and Glitches Here

    @Combatvetgaming The last login IP display comes up as soon as a player logs in. If this stays in then it ruins the chance of any streamer joining the server.
  11. GTAV RP Food and water.

    I think the current state decreases too fast but making thirst take longer to deplete will improve game play. We don't want to remove it completely because the convenience stores will become unimportant. That means if convenience stores are only rob-able in the RP server then those stores will be a place of only bad/evil RP and not good RP. They need to be either only good RP places or a mix of both. When I was playing on it we were knocked out within the first ten minutes which is way too quick. I think a good time to go without water is one hour. That way it is not an inconvenience but is still necessary.
  12. Post Bugs and Glitches Here

    M-Vehicle menu Can’t toggle engine on/off AI cops pursue and kill players
  13. Post Bugs and Glitches Here

    Bugs by daffy and chow New Citizen name has “Enter first name” & “Enter your name” (City Hall) (Confusing for new players) Getting paychecks is in a different language Needs controls at the start menu or a /help When car is stolen wanted stars appear Remove last login IP display /me does not work /id does not work /911 does not work Missions do not work ie: Emergency, Taxi, repair (City Hall) Make hair color key change known Make a forum post with car images Can’t change car color (Car Shops/garages) Medical kits not working
  14. Reckless GTA-V RP Server

    I think the cops whitelisted for the GTA V RP Server should be people with the best RP skills that way others will want to join the server and be encouraged to RP.