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  1. Congrats Everyone! Thanks for the promotion!
  2. I like that July is all about enjoying time and chilling on the lake with family and friends.
  3. Thanks for the giveaway! I would be using it towards PUBG.
  4. bright yellow eyes appeared in the forest behind me
  5. WOW! You got me. I didn't believe it at first but glad it was a joke.
  6. Congrats to everyone for their promotions and welcome new members!
  7. Happy Birthday daffy!

  8. Thanks! Congrats to everyone else too!
  9. Did well this semester in college Got accepted into RGN Got two friends into PC gaming Moving to a new house
  10. My favorite Call of Duty game was World at War. I bought it with my own money when I was a kid and played it all the time. I loved the multiplayer and zombies mode. I may not comment on every post but I like to stay up to date with everything RGN related so I try to browse the forums daily. I think RGN is doing a good job. I would like to see the population grow and bring RGN to the next level.
  11. Thanks everyone! Congrats to the others too.
  12. Ubisoft has given away 7 free games. You can pick and choose which one you like best. Better hurry too because it ends the 18th of December. https://club.ubisoft.com/en-us/ubi30
  13. daffy

    Hello RGN!

    My name is daffy but it used to be da59fifty. Over on GSN a lot of people had a hard time pronouncing it or reading it in game so some of my friends started calling me daffy. Looks really close I guess. Since that was what everyone started calling me, I changed it to daffy. I joined GSN in the summer of 2015 and been with RGN pretty much since the beginning. I am currently a Computer Engineer student who loves to play video games and chill with friends. I enjoy to RP and tend to play games where RP is encouraged. I'm open to play pretty much any kind of game so if you have any recommendations or want to game together, let me know.

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