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  1. Exile thoughts/comments

    If RGN can host the server with active people on there is no problem with this idea. Exile servers don't usually require allot of admin activity anyways to ban/kick people because pretty much anything other than racist slurs, hacking, duping and etc is allowed.
  2. NLR,New Guns,And NATO HQ

    I am not with the RPD and everything is fine as it is.
  3. NLR,New Guns,And NATO HQ

    I can't wait to shoot some high valued roleplay 1km out
  4. I'm a security monitor

  5. Donation - Draxt $10.00

    @DraxtThank you for supporting the community!

    Worst game of American Football I have ever seen. EMS won though.
  7. Teamspeak 3 Dark/night theme

    I am interested.
  8. Population of RGN

    With your name, I automatically believe you main Zilean..
  9. Population of RGN

    Exams. Some people have not finished them yet, with that said as a community we should all strive to improve the server, can't use exams as an excuse.
  10. Twitch Streaming

    I don't know about you, but I make pretty dank meme videos Edit: I am not the best editor, clearly, however, I am still working on it. The main problem I have with editing is actually getting footage of a larger range of play styles, so far I only made videos with lockpicking, I would enjoy to reach out further into the rebel side, EMS side, etc. I edit videos over the weekend, I enjoy editing as I find it fun (I don't even run ads on the videos, this is more or less a little hobby for me). Maybe I could edit stream highlights? With that being said, I don't think I will have the ability to edit every single stream and would need someone to help me to even out the work, or simply just not add them to a video...
  11. Donation - Jerome Carter $5.00

    @Jerome Carter
  12. Donation - CookieMonster $5.00

  13. Donation - Dantonomus $5.35

  14. Donation - korax $5.01

  15. Donation - Officer Puhlman $6.00

    @Officer Puhlman