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  1. If RGN can host the server with active people on there is no problem with this idea. Exile servers don't usually require allot of admin activity anyways to ban/kick people because pretty much anything other than racist slurs, hacking, duping and etc is allowed.
  2. I am not with the RPD and everything is fine as it is.
  3. I can't wait to shoot some high valued roleplay 1km out
  4. @DraxtThank you for supporting the community!
  5. Worst game of American Football I have ever seen. EMS won though.
  6. I am interested.
  7. 1) Freedom of speech. 2) People choose to get offended from certain language. 3) Allot of people use a real life argument, so... In real life if you swear at a cop they can't fine you or charge you because of you saying that, instead, the cop may act less forgiving. 4) Racist remarks should be punishable inside of RP, helps officers to stay in RP in these scenarios and then you can report after.
  8. With your name, I automatically believe you main Zilean..
  9. Exams. Some people have not finished them yet, with that said as a community we should all strive to improve the server, can't use exams as an excuse.
  10. I don't know about you, but I make pretty dank meme videos Edit: I am not the best editor, clearly, however, I am still working on it. The main problem I have with editing is actually getting footage of a larger range of play styles, so far I only made videos with lockpicking, I would enjoy to reach out further into the rebel side, EMS side, etc. I edit videos over the weekend, I enjoy editing as I find it fun (I don't even run ads on the videos, this is more or less a little hobby for me). Maybe I could edit stream highlights? With that being said, I don't think I will have the ability to edit every single stream and would need someone to help me to even out the work, or simply just not add them to a video...
  11. @Jerome Carter
  12. @CookieMonster
  13. @Dantonomus
  14. @korax

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