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  1. Reckless Life Overhaul thoughts

    +1 A faction battle with ever so changing borders would be cool. Perhaps have different turfs and camps throughout the map (much like gang hideouts) that can be captured and provide some bonus boosts for the faction that owns it. Maybe we could also have a main base for each faction that holds a vault for all their stored money and weapons that can be broken into by another faction.
  2. Exile thoughts/comments

    If RGN can host the server with active people on there is no problem with this idea. Exile servers don't usually require allot of admin activity anyways to ban/kick people because pretty much anything other than racist slurs, hacking, duping and etc is allowed.
  3. How to Get Away With Robbery

    Edit: Sorry. Just had to, good work!
  4. NLR,New Guns,And NATO HQ

    I am not with the RPD and everything is fine as it is.
  5. Malden Life Poll

    Had that on STS and ultimately I believe it started a downfall, mostly because it was forced upon the players but still...
  6. NLR,New Guns,And NATO HQ

    I can't wait to shoot some high valued roleplay 1km out
  7. I'm a security monitor

  8. Donation - Draxt $10.00

    @DraxtThank you for supporting the community!

    Worst game of American Football I have ever seen. EMS won though.
  10. Why no weather effects?

    Rain+Night time+Nightvision=Who needs to have the ability to see?
  11. Teamspeak 3 Dark/night theme

    I am interested.
  12. Malden Life Poll

    If stalled on the production of the mission file the server is going to be a flop and won't be worth it at all. You can already bet that most life servers are already thinking and discussing what we are currently, perhaps even started creating the file for a well-balanced map then more people will be over on their server and by the time we move it will be too late. Honestly, it is a good map, Tanoa was made for life serves mainly but Bohemia realized how many reverted back to Altis or their modded maps. Malden is basically a little combination of Stratis and Altis, the complexity and flow of Altis with the map size of Stratis, it will be very rewarding as long as we are careful as to what we do and when.
  13. The Downward Spiral of some AL players

    This post is: 57.1% Deathlist
  14. Population of RGN

    With your name, I automatically believe you main Zilean..
  15. Population of RGN

    Exams. Some people have not finished them yet, with that said as a community we should all strive to improve the server, can't use exams as an excuse.