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  1. Picture Thread!

    Selfie Friday #
  2. Spartan9

    No bullshit, this dude is the best cop that I have had the pleasure of RP'ing with. We aren't buddies and when I first came into contact with him tonight, I was blown away. The rest of you cops could learn a thing or two from him. Don't be butt hurt, but this dude knows how to RP.
  3. ~

    Going to Malden fucked us. Point blank.
  4. Hello!

    Hello, I am still waiting for my return on my initial $50,000 investment...
  5. SAPD Inactive Cops

    Not sure if I have been removed, let me know if that is he case. If so, I will reapply.
  6. Introduction

    Welcome man. Army Infantry here. Let's link up on TS or Discord sometime.
  7. for sale Items for Sale (computer)

    Might be willing to buy that SSD off of you. PM price @Ronduth
  8. Introduction

    Welcome! Enjoy your stay!
  9. The best ramen

    Yeah, I won't ever be making this "recipe." Don't ever disrespect me again.
  10. Need PC help...again

    One of my fans died but I have no idea what size they are. Could someone with a good eye for this maybe estimate what size my fans are and what are some decent fans on the market?
  11. American only server?

    Nominate @Peanut to be our EU ambassador!
  12. Need music

    I do @Bob Hoss, don't worry.
  13. Need music

    Thanks for the suggestions, homies.
  14. Need music

    Actually listening to Notorious Thugs right now lol All kinds @John Falcon
  15. Need music

    Need more music to add to my playlists. I listen to just about everything so give me your suggestions.