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  1. 1) It's Satire. 2) MW2 Remastered isn't out yet There will be an intervention in the future though
  2. Dear RGN, I've become quite annoyed with randos bringing up their CoD bolt action skills so I made a video to show them my supremacy* *wasting their time
  3. Your Character Name: isocuda Your Age: 29 Your Steam UID: 76561198020035831 Your Timezone: EST (Boston, MA) Have you previously been white-listed for the RPD? No. -------------------------- Have you previously applied for the RPD? No. -------------------------- Have you received a note, kick, or ban within the last 30 days? No. Additional notes - Submitted trooper application - First whitelist on TRG circa early 2013.
  4. Why was I not informed of this place after TRG??


    I want my kidney back.

    1. BangbusDriver


      TRG? Was that 2 years ago? Maybe more?

    2. isocuda


      I would say 13 to late 14/early 15 maybe?

      SugarTits and SirShakes, etc.



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