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  1. @BUSH WOOKIEYou want me to go get sauce? He’s got everything I ever need
  2. @BUSH WOOKIEI hope you know that once I get your IP, your ass is grass like deadass. Jk love you plz no ban
  3. @wioperatoriw @MasterFight me big man @HardwellYes it’s true
  4. Well it’s been awhile...Some if you may remember me from the times before the Altis life server was shut down and during all the drama when it was many people left, including myself. For the people who either weren’t around or don’t remember me, let me tell you a few things about myself. My name is David Crenshaw, most people just call me Crenshaw though, I’m 18 and am now just your basic video game player. I usually play Arma or R6S but I play a few other games sometimes. I am also a former RGN member but left I was pulled away by another Arma community. I am returning as a new person, a more laidback and responsible kind of guy. A few real life things about me...I am an 18, almost 19, year old working a decent job living in an decent sized apart with my GF. I am also to be a father within the next 6 months, which was something unplanned for. Roast me in comments below if you want, won’t change my mind on it Thanks for reading and have a nice day! Crenshaw
  5. @J. Garnetyoull always be my best friend xd
  6. Well, for almost a month now I have been apart of another Arma community and have reached a significant position in the community over that time. At this point, I am basically dead weight to RGN as a member and I don't want to just sit around and seem lazy, so now I am gone. Shoutouts to @J. Garnet and @Draxtfor giving me the chance to be a RPD trainer and @Wolfy @BUSH WOOKIE @Ranger Robbie and @Preacher for being good friends. I have left here with no hard feelings and I want no drama in this post please, thank you and good luck to you all in the future!
  7. Have fun on break @Wolfy don't worry about deving. This is YOUR break that this time to relax and get away from the work. Unless you really want to dev, then if so go ahead and do are you please.
  8. What bangbus just said is basically just reckless scenarios but just a few mods, but i would be happy to go back to altis
  9. I'm fine with Altis or Tanoa tbh, I just want to some Arma RP back xd
  10. I love y... I mean thanks for the donation!
  11. Congrats @Crush I plan to join the force as well in a few years once I finish college, Maryland State Police, maybe I'll see you one day with some luck. Good luck my friend and stay safe!
  12. Congrats everyone! Guess I'll try for vet next month xddd

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