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  1. Apparently it's actually coming friday... rip... At least my graphics card is coming tomorrow...


    1. SomeoneYouLike


      Which also means "VIRTUAL PORN COMING TOMORROW!"

  3. Items Disappearing When Car Gets Impounded

    we should put evidence locker behind a locked door like it used to be... #BringBackOldHQ

    Dang... the bigger the number the better right? I'm jealous of you D;
  5. Every time I pull Someone over......

    Same exact physics as in arma. But I thought you had a 7.62 and a four-five ;D
  6. Console

    Cross platform?
  7. 1v2v2

    @SomeoneYouLike you're a half a meatball Technical difficulties... You Hoe Ty
  8. 1v2v2

    When your whole team dies, and you lose hope, but you still get lucky.... (Excuse my bad aim) @BUSH WOOKIE @Alien8r @sauce daddy
  9. RPD Civ Ratio

    From personal experience, like @J. Garnet said, many officers will move to civ if everyone else has stuff under control. Lots of times it's just pubbies that make the cop force seem so big, when lots of times it'll be few WL with many pubs.
  10. *[BKB]* wipes out the RPD

    Almost as good as when @Casual tried to finess me at cache drop broke me lil heart
  11. Group chat

    Lmao. @David Crenshaw see ya on the forums kid
  12. Group chat

    I don't either. We just have a texting group chat with our phones and Crenshaw decided to make a post about it I guess.
  13. Items Disappearing When Car Gets Impounded

    @Paronity @mav2003 Make illegal go to evidence locker, and legal stay. Makes sense cause lots of people get their stuff impounded basically 24/7 so instead of losing it completely, theres still a chance that they can get it back.
  14. Altis life Dead

    Quality over quantity... that's all I got to say.
  15. Items Disappearing When Car Gets Impounded

    Only problem is people would still do the thing where they buy gear at rebel, respawn, then spawn at whereever and then take said gear out there. Idk how they could fix that but yeah I agree with butch that the impounding shouldn't be lost. Maybe put it in evidence locker? So then it could still get taken out at some point?