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  1. Garage...

    Maybe have it where it a car despawns and goes back into a garage after a certain amount of time, as long as it is untouched
  2. A quick guide on how to start out -

    Or just live of welfare like me ;D
  3. Prison

    I'm not saying decrease time... I'm saying put something in to do while in jail, rather than just sitting there...
  4. Prison

    Yeah, bigger things to do lol. However, even a sentence of like 10-15 minutes is draining and can make someone really unmotivated to stay and keep playing. Would be happy to try and help with ideas whenever
  5. Prison

    I just would like to bring up the topic of prison... So I was told the maximum time that one could be sent to jail is 1 hour... What motivation is someone going to have to sit in jail, where there is literally nothing to do for that whole time. So what I am suggesting is adding some type of job, that as you complete tasks, reduces your time after every time it is done. (Ex. pressing license plates) Another idea might be to add something for people to do, rather than just sit there. Try to make as many aspects of the server fun... So when someone sits in there for an hour, it makes them want no motivation what so ever to even go back into the game, since they know, sooner or later they'll get thrown in jail for another wasted hour of their life. I am bringing this topic up to spark ideas and thoughts that anyone may have on the subject - cause heck, I am typing this up in jail right now... and I only had a 16 minute sentence...
  6. Dat Ace Tho

    that 4 hp lol. nice man
  7. run

    "No one has to know about this... If somebody finds out, I'll know exactly who snitched.... No one has to know..."
  8. Happy Birthday Bushwookie

  9. Shitty 3v1 on Inferno

    hey, that's me! gg eagles
  10. Official RGN Arma 3 Mil-Sim (Trailer)

    When Robbie got to be a Russian pilot for a day ;D
  11. Apparently it's actually coming friday... rip... At least my graphics card is coming tomorrow...


    1. SomeoneYouLike


      Which also means "VIRTUAL PORN COMING TOMORROW!"

  13. Items Disappearing When Car Gets Impounded

    we should put evidence locker behind a locked door like it used to be... #BringBackOldHQ

    Dang... the bigger the number the better right? I'm jealous of you D;
  15. Console

    Cross platform?