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  1. If this were a thing I would be wanted for millions... I like the idea, but I fear it'll break the economy, and cops would be super rich. Knocking out happens so often... maybe it could still add a robery charge even if they don't have any money? Just my thoughts
  2. Smh David lol
  3. Could maybe even have it like you can rob people of their id's and then you would have to buy a new one or something.
  4. As a cop, I can say I am much more easy going with people who are cooperative than those who just scream hatred in my face...
  5. Scope for the zubr on RPD and maybe on civ. We need a scope for the zubr.
  6. Why must we fight ;-;
  7. Would be cool to implement an id system so like you could have your own card, and could choose to throw it away or something, or even have it where you could buy to make a new ID as someone else's for rp lmao. Would be fun.
  8. I think what he means is just random civs who did something petty, maybe just didn't have lights on for example, and then evade for no reason and cause a big mess over something small.
  9. Can't go home when I'm at the top #number1 #studentathelete #grind
  10. Maybe... but first, guess what
  11. Guess what
  12. Eggman, this is actually sweet. If you continue to do these, it'll make everything so much better!
  13. Happy birthday @jamesshuler!! My heli was just an early birthday present for you 😉
  14. I have read and understood, and I should be able to attend unless something comes up.
  15. Nothing specific for leadership, but as a whole from RPD, not sure if it's because I'm just PO, but lots of times I feel like I'm just in a shadow or something... I'll give perfect callouts and people just won't listen to me lol... I have suggestions for normal officers and I'm still ignored. Not sure if it's a personal thing, or others experience this too... Just what I had to say

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