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    7, duh.
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  1. Congratz and welcome to all the new applicants!
  2. Simon

    Tabletop Simulator Event

    Ever wanted to simulate a table but had no friends to do so? Well now's your chance! Tabletop Simulator event is on sale now and has EVERY BOARD GAME IMAGINABLE!!! Bankrupt @InfernalRage at Poker and Blackjack - Check Watch @Barddy become an ethical family man in "The Game of Life" - Check Take over @Ronduth's world in Risk - Check Out-Business @Simon and steal @just_a_turkey's turkeys in Catan - Check Watch @Touri's kittens explode in "Exploding Kittens" Destroy @Dark's tacos with "Epic Spell Wars" Come share laughs with RGN at 7pm EST with "Cards Against Humanity" and don't forget to flip the table at the end! Want your name added to the list? Reply with your favourite game below!
  3. Happy Birthday to our Resident Goat!
  4. @Neffiizz Welcome to the forums, what open-worlds you planning on playing this summer?

  5. I wholeheartedly accept my official role as the Guild Finacne Minister! How many millions will I rack up this expansion!? Elect Simon for Guild Finance Minister and I will allow unlimited guild repairs!
  6. Some play Sea of Thieves for their loot, some play World of Warships... In the end its all about RAMMING SPEED!
  7. What are your goals and vision as the first newly appointed founder of RGN? What would be your perfect dinner?
  8. Thanks guys! and happy birthday to you too @SargeXL!

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