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  1. Happy Birthday to our Resident Goat!
  2. @Neffiizz Welcome to the forums, what open-worlds you planning on playing this summer?

  3. I wholeheartedly accept my official role as the Guild Finacne Minister! How many millions will I rack up this expansion!? Elect Simon for Guild Finance Minister and I will allow unlimited guild repairs!
  4. Some play Sea of Thieves for their loot, some play World of Warships... In the end its all about RAMMING SPEED!
  5. What are your goals and vision as the first newly appointed founder of RGN? What would be your perfect dinner?
  6. Thanks guys! and happy birthday to you too @SargeXL!
  7. Happy birthday man!
  8. Welcome and here is my official "Hello There"
  9. Congratulations to our first new wave of members of 2018!. Permissions are being updated as we speak, so check your forum, Discord, TS permissions and if there are any discrepancy, let me know. Community: @byby @Lstolte @SargeXL @Riipaa @ber10five Again congratulations and the whole of RGN looks forward to seeing you around, adopting that green and staying Reckless! If you have any questions, issues, or concerns, about why you weren't recruited or promoted - please don't hesitate to reach out and I will talk with you one on one. If you are confused about our ranking structure, please check our information thread here: https://recklessnetwork.com/about-rgn/ Link to our make an application: https://recklessnetwork.com/forum/345-reckless-network-member-application/
  10. Simon

    Hello again!

    Welcome back, what games are you looking to get into? @Shiek
  11. What is your spirit animal? Where do you see yourself 15 years from now?

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