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  1. Steve Combat log

    I will be on in the evening as well to moderate this discussion if an admin is unavailable.
  2. RDM by Draxt (CCC)

    I did a UID cross-check and confirmed that it is not Draxt.
  3. under review Ban Appeal

    Unfortunately, you will not be un-banned from the server for the severity of your money exploiting efforts. Thank you and have a nice day.
  4. under review Ban Appeal

    Il take a look at it when I have a chance tomorrow
  5. Social Experiment

    I refuse to read the above title.
  6. July | Recruitment and Promotions

    Congratz on Promotions and New Recklessssnersss!!!
  7. Donation - Boomsticks - 20.01!

    Ahhh Yesss. The year was 2001, when Boomsticks became a bad ass. Thanks for the donation!
  8. Malden Life Rules

    ****SERVER RULES**** ****June 21, 2017**** #1 Rule for all players: Do not be a dick understand that although it is roleplay, this is a game. #2 Rule: Use common sense Accidents happen. Desync happens. Trolls exist. People misinterpret rules or don't know them and make mistakes. In addition to these rules all members will be held to RGN's code of conduct, including the strict policies on racism and bigotry. General Rules Roleplay (RP) Roleplay (RP) is defined as assuming a Role and communicating that Role to other players in voice or text that do not violate server rules. (Ex: Being a serial killer is not valid RP as it violates RDM.) example: you want to save your friend who is being held at gunpoint; tell the robber to stop or he will be killed and give him a chance to comply; if he does you must let him go. Note: The initiation of RP with one person in a vehicle is sufficient for all occupants with the vehicle. It is up to the one player to communicate with all other occupants. Lights & Sirens from cops (RPD) does NOT initiate lethal RP. In order to use lethal you must be threaten from officer (Text, Voice, Verbal siren(Shift-3) OR you initiate a demand to the officer. Cops may use their shift-1, 2 , or 3, but only the third shift message indicating the final warning is considered to be lethal engagement. Any sort of vehicular maneuvers (eg: Pit maneuver) can only be performed if engaged. Engagement Timer Initiation timer = 5:00 minutes (MUST USE SERVER UPTIME TIMER). This means you can re-engage without initiating any type of message or verbal threat. Random Deathmatch (RDM) Random Deathmatch (RDM) is defined as killing any player without roleplay, and will get you banned. A player must know there is a threat to their life or if they are being robbed/kidnapped, and for a reason that fits to RP. Use in-game chat or the cell phone text message to alert them. This includes bounties put on other players. Civilians must be given the opportunity to comply with demands if being robbed, kidnapped, or arrested; otherwise it is RDM. Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM) Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM) is defined as intentionally killing any player with any type of vehicle unless it's self (not entity) defense from another civilian or rebel using a weapon (not a police officer). VDM will get you banned. If you intentionally run someone over in La Trinite it is considered VDM regardless if death occurred You cannot run someone over with an armored vehicle (Ifrits, Striders, Hunters) Vehicle Bombing Ramming your vehicle into another vehicle with the intention of blowing a vehicle up falls under VDM. Accidents, self defense, desync, and suicides are NOT VDM; however, you must immediately report the incident to the police so they can investigate and potentially pardon you (if they deem you are being truthful). This is YOUR responsibility. If the cops find you and you did not report the incident prior, they can charge you for manslaughter. For example: if a car is speeding through town and you run on the street, they may not be able to stop in time and run you over - this would be an accident. Desync happens a lot in Arma 3. Be aware that vehicles desync regularly and can kill you in the process. Meta Gaming Using any knowledge acquired outside of game to acquire an unfair advantage. (i.e., TS, Twitch, Admin Tools, including maintaining separate identities (i.e., cop rebel IDs)) Breaking RP There is to be no breaking RP during scenarios. Eg: Quoting rules, talking about FPS drops, etc. Robbery You MUST make a reasonable demand using in-game chat or text and allow the other player to comply before proceeding to knock out or take any kind of lethal action. Otherwise it will be considered RDM. Example: an unreasonable demand would be demanding 10 million dollars, and killing them because they do not have it. A robber must allow time for the driver/pilot to lock their vehicle when exiting it. If the vehicle is abandoned or if the owner runs away, it is fair game. As an owner, if someone approaches, you should make sure your vehicle is locked. They do not have to tell you they are going to take it. In order for RP to begin, the robber MUST be brandishing a firearm. Demanding players to give money from ATM is not allowed Civilians nor Rebels shall not pick up items off player's bodies (inventory) with the exception of y-items. You cannot kill a complying civilian because they don't have money on them Kidnapping If you kidnap a Civilian, Rebel, or Cop, the hostage must allow a 1-word call for help (police dispatch) every 10 minutes until help arrives or a ransom is paid. The captor may keep the victim until the conditions are met unless however the kidnapping spans over 30 minutes the kidnapper must give up and release the captive at their current location. If you kidnap a Civilian, Rebel, or Cop, an initiation attempt must be completed in 15 minutes from capture time (SERVER UPTIME) or such person must be released and engagement is considered over. Group(civilians) vs Gang Gangs shall wear tags at all times and thus are one entity. Eg: [STB] Simon or Simon [STARS] Groups do not have to wear tags: individual identity and thus just RP with individuals Groups do not fall under one entity and thus each member must RP individually. Cop vs. Gang Initiation Gangs are treated as one entity during one or more of the following: Terror Threat Bank Reserve Robbery Police Raids on illegal areas/ cartels If the above conditions are not met, gang members must individually initiate RP with the police. Any cop reporting for backup is considered lethally engaged with all prior initiated civilians. Gangs cannot terror threat the RPD to assist in defending other gangs from the RPD. Failure to follow the rules will be result in failed terror threat and considered RDM Role Play with gangs Gangs are to be treated as one entity by both police, civilian and rebel factions. (i.e. If a terror threat is produced by one member of the gang, all gang members currently online are to be considered under the terror threat; if one member of a gang begins RP with another member of gang, all online gang members of both gangs have entered into RP. New Life Rule (NLR) Upon death, all prior knowledge, plans, keys on keychains, engagements, etc... are lost and cannot be perused again after dying (ONLY after you are revived, can you use info from previous life). You cannot return to the scene of your death. The New Life rule does NOT apply if you are RDM'ed or VDM'ed. Civilian/Rebel Once a player dies & respawns, that life of the player is left behind the player cannot continue what they were doing before they died. They cannot seek revenge nor report players or locations of the players that killed them They cannot go back to the scene of their death nor collect their dropped items or recover their vehicle. Players cannot return to scene of death within 3km for any reason for 10 minutes AFTER the engagement is over. If a player dies during roleplay, past crimes are forgotten, but the player cannot seek revenge. Cop (RPD) Once a RPD Officer dies they cannot report locations or any other information on the situation and must assume themselves a new person (They are now backup). Any information such as enemy locations, bearings, or weaponry are no longer available to the group. If revived, any previous knowledge can be used. Cops can return to same engagement if backup is requested by another officer still currently initiated, and alive. Cops must respawn one hq away from the nearest hq to their previous death (Unless death occurs within La Trinite, in which case respawning in La Trinite is permitted. Knocking out or using Zip ties any civilian or cop is automatic lethal engagement for any officer or officers who WITNESS the crime. If an officer witnesses a robbery where a civilian is being held with hands in air, an officer can engage robber with lethal force if: Gun is pointed directly at civilian (not holstered) Civilian has been knocked out Cop Related Rules Police Headquarters You cannot currently take over a police HQ. You cannot shoot into (from inside or outside) HQs unless you get shot at first (from inside) You cannot (as a civilian) shoot while inside La Trinite HQ. Prison Any Air/ground/civilian within 250m of the prison marker are considered KOS to any RPD officer that resides in this zone, at their discretion. Civilians must engage RPD under normal engagement rules. A RPD PSA is not necessary under this rule. Cache Drops These zones are considered KOS by any and all parties within the zone. Terror Threats (Raids) Players who fail to do so will be treated as if they are RDMing. At the onset of a raid, both sides must have a negotiator. Rebels must make reasonable demands; if demands are met, the rebels must stop their attack; if demands are not met, rebels have a reasonable cause to commence raid; cops must declare the raid over via PSA once all rebels on wanted list (via the terror button) are killed or arrested. Civilians or rebels may not shoot into or within police HQ unless police initiate gunfire from HQ Under no circumstance can civs fall under KOS (kill on sight), even if the town they are in has been threatened. This is RDM. Normal RP must be conducted to each civilian at all times, including terror threats. There must be at least FIVE (5) RPD whitelist ingame for a terror threat to commence within a major city Each Gang participating must use the Terror Threat button to announce their intent (gangs are not permitted to initiate terror threats for other gangs). If a rebel is arrested or killed while participating in the terror threat, they cannot return to the city of the terror threat until it is declared over by RPD. Notes: RPD can choose to restrain suspicious individuals during a terror threat ATM Robberies Cops cannot respawn at the nearest HQ closest to the bank being robbed. Civilians trespassing within bank buildings (inside office building) will be escorted off the property and/or fined/arrested. - Also gives probable cause if witnessed. During a bank robbery, those robbing may call for "backup" or help of their own gang members at any time who have not been killed during the current robbery. (If you have been killed during the Bank robbery, you may not return to the scene, nor re-engage with cops nearby; this would be breaking NLR) Gas Station Robberies Six (6) whitelisted cops must be present on the server to rob gas stations. Whitelisted cops are identified by having [RPD] tags after their name. RPD-CDTs do not count towards the required number (They have CDT in front of name - EG: CDT Simon [RPD] Hunting Reserve The hunting reserve is a non-combat zone, no combat is to occur within zone. If you bring an engagement into the hunting reserve, the non-combat rule does not apply. Cartels - Illegal area The Police can raid cartels, but raid rules still apply. If a cartels are left unattended, it may be searched by the police without any further interaction required. Cartels are NOT KOS. The Federal Reserve Six (6) whitelisted cops must be present on the server for the Federal Reserve to be robbed. Whitelisted cops are identified by having [RPD] tags after their name. RPD-CDTs do not count towards the required number (They have CDT in front of name - EG: CDT Simon [RPD] The Federal Reserve is private property. Trespassers will be escorted off the property and/or fined/arrested. Once the federal reserve doors are being broken into any civilian/rebel is kill on sight (to cops) within the walls of the compound or within the surrounding vicinity of the federal reserve. If you are taking part during active federal reserve you must send a terror threat to engage COPS (RPD) Once a COP (RPD) PSA is sent that Federal Reserve is being robbed any civilian/rebel will be considered a threat and killed on sight from in and around Federal reserve, at the officer's discretion. If the Federal Reserve is being robbed, respawning cops cannot hover above or return to the closest HQ while the bomb is active (Timer ticking) or be within 1km of the dome (During Timer). During a robbery, those (gangs) robbing may call for "backup" or help of gang members at any time who have not been killed during the current robbery. (If you have been killed during the Reserve robbery, you may not return to the scene, nor re-engage with cops nearby; this would be breaking NLR) A successful robbery is defined as when the bomb on the safe detonates. Gold Hunting (Sunken Ship) - Legal The ship that spawns that has gold in it is not an illegal area. The underwater blasting charge is not an illegal item. (The regular blasting charge, used in the reserve robbery, is an illegal item.) Two parties getting to the ship at the same time is not a reason to shoot on site. Roleplay must still be initiated. Communication and TeamSpeak Rules Spamming any channel with unnecessary chatter, music, etc. is considered spam and will result in your removal from the server. Voice chat in Side channel is prohibited. Voice chat is permitted in Group channel, Vehicle channel, and Direct communication. Players are not to use the message admin function to ask questions about the general gameplay. Instead use Side channel Do not use Malden Life Team-speak channels to discuss bugs or incidents with admins. They are in there to play. Contact them on the forum through a private message or by posting bugs, incident reports, or feature requests in the appropriate thread. Cops must be in a police Team-speak channel if they are playing as a cop in our server. This includes both white-listed and public cops. Failure to do so will result in a kick from the server. Civilians cannot move to cop channels for ANY REASON. Use in-game chat to communicate. All RPD have the ability to kick out of channel after warning. If you need to discuss an incident with another player, move to an empty TeamSpeak channel. Do NOT include players that were not involved in the incident. If you are a police officer, please use the same name in TeamSpeak, on the server, and on the forum, so we can easily identify you. Kickable/Bannable Offenses Administrative Action is a the Sole Discretion The use and/or distribution/sale of any grenades is prohibited and has been added to the kickable/bannable offence at an admin's discretion. Duplicating items or money. Being kicked three (3) or more times for any reason may result in a ban at the admin's discretion. Switching to a cop to reveal cop activities to civilians/rebels. (metagaming) Random death match (RDM) and intentional Vehicle death match (VDM). Respawning, disconnecting, or committing suicide to get a better location, equipment, use as a form of travel, or get re-equipped easier/faster Committing suicide by jumping out of a vehicle while in police custody to avoid RP or jail, this includes drowning yourself. Any type of racial comments No player may buy houses that contain shops Exploits Getting out of jail via any method other than posting bail or escaping with a helicopter. E.g., finding a glitch (report immediately to an admin if you find one). E.g., getting out of being tazed, robbed, arrested, jumping out of a vehicle when restrained, etc. Killing yourself to get out of role-play Receiving and possessing duplicated money/items without immediately reporting it to an admin. If someone sends you a large amount of money it is most likely duplicated or hacked Using hacked items. If a hacker comes in and spawns items or vehicles, you could be banned for using them. Report the incident or suspicious activity to the admins immediately and stay away Abusing bugs or glitches. Report anyone doing this to the admins Obtaining any items of bodies of players Civilians using cop weapons or police-specific attachments (suppressors, scopes) Civilians wearing cop gear. Civilians using cop weapons/throwables or police-specific attachments (suppressors, scopes, etc) Civilians who repeatedly look in or access other player's backpacks or vehicles without permission. Trolling/harassing players for long periods of time will be considered grieving/spamming. Constant suiciding to avoid role-play or annoy other players. Players can/will be asked to change their name. Failure will result in being removed. Based on Admins Discretion. Vehicular Infractions You can only tow 1 vehicle at a time. Players cannot chop/store vehicles (air/ground/boat) while in an active situation. If a transponder is taken off from a vehicle, as indicated through RP, cops losing the vehicle cannot track the vehicle using keys. Boats Repeatedly pushing boats without permission. Pushing a boat with the intention of hurting or killing someone. Purposefully running over swimmers/divers. (VDM) Aviation Purposefully ramming a helicopter into any buildings, kiosks, other vehicles, labeled areas on the map, or around other players. Do not use vehicles as a ramming device for any reason. Only vehicles owned by the pilot or through explicit request from the owner may be hooked by a helicopter pilot The only reason for shooting at a vehicle would be to disable it and/or fire warning shots in a role-play scenario. You are not to deliberately destroy enemies vehicles. Illegal Vehicles All vehicles purchased at rebel shops are considered illegal inside spawn cities with the exception of : ifrit & 50cal offroad are illegal everywhere Rebel clothing Rebel and/or Cartel Vests, Helmets, Weapons are considered illegal. Rebel and/or Cartel uniforms (clothing) are still illegal in spawn cities, but outside of them(spawn cities), officers can use their discretion to charge for rebel clothing. Houses You can only have 2 properties (Houses/garages) in total on Malden. The original homeowner (One that bought the house) is allowed to defend his home (KOS) against any player who is actively breaking into their house (the special action), and/or is inside their house without permission. This DOES NOT include players who are lured into a house and locked inside for the purposes of killing without RP. This does not apply to gang-mates of the house owner - They will have to initiate normally. Combat logging (disconnecting) From the server to avoid robbery, jail time, arrest, or any other legitimate role-play. It is never acceptable. If you feel the incident was unjust or unfair come to the forums and file an incident report here. You MUST respawn before logging off/Aborting (unless bugged, or hacker attack. MUST BE RECORDING FOR PROOF) Alt-F4 while in any active engagement is considered combat logging Soft Logging (Kickable/Bannable offense) Aborting out of game to the selection screen is consider soft logging if used to gain an advantage, fast traveling. Ticketable/Arrestable Offences include anything listed under the Police Fines and Codes - here are some clarifications: Misdemeanor and Vehicle Violations are ticketable offenses, but you DO NOT go to jail over them. However, refusal to pay the ticket and Felony violations will result in jail time. You DO NOT need a driver's license to drive an ATV. Lower a weapon by pressing CTRLx2, raised weapons warrant arrest. When landing a helicopter near a city, land only in marked zones [VF108]. Possessing a legal gun without a gun license is a felony [FC309]. Zip Ties are considered illegal items. Illegal Guns Any weapon purchased from the rebel/cartel shop. Any weapon that does not have a gun license The following is a list of illegal items: (List may be incomplete) Cocaine Heroin Marijuana Moonshine Uranium Blood Diamonds Crystals Spike Strips (Civilians) Lockpicks Gold Bars Zipties Cop-Specific RULES Public cops Must remain within La Trinite city limits unless escorted by a whitelisted officer; whitelisted officers are designated with [RPD] tags. You may pursue criminals outside the city limits if the crime occurred inside La Trinite. Can only use the tazer pistol and tazer rifle. Pub Cops do not have NLR Public Cops are required to follow lawful orders given by the highest ranking RPD Officer(s) online. Must be in Teamspeak ( Address : Impounding Vehicles Police cannot impound vehicles within 500m of an active situation. Impound vehicles that appears damaged and if the owner is not nearby. Vehicles which belong to citizens being arrested (not restrained). That have been abandoned for a long period of time, or the owner is no longer in the server. Vehicles that are blocking pathways, main roads, or spawn locations (e.g., garages). Civilians who switch to cop slots to impound their own vehicles WILL BE blacklisted from the police force. Restraining & Searching Civilians cannot be searched against their will unless there is probable cause You MUST ask a civilian if you can search them, and you cannot if they refuse unless you have probable cause. Searching houses: The RPD may raid houses only if the player's house is involved in the current RP scenario. When searching houses, Y items and police items may be taken. All other items are to remain. Cops have to restrain civilians in order to search, check licenses, or give a ticket (game mechanic) Ticketing and Arresting Tickets must be reasonable and follow the Police Fines listed on the forum. If you give unreasonable tickets it will result in your removal from the police force. Civilians may be ticketed, but cannot be sent to jail for Vehicle Fines (VF) or Misdemeanor (MC) offenses as written in Police Fines and Codes. However, refusal to pay a ticket will result in arrest (sent to jail). Any Felonies (FC) will result in jail time Use of Lethal Force and Non-Lethal Force Lethal Force is defined as using a weapon or means that will result in the criminal's death. RPD should attempt to use non-lethal force whenever possible. However, lethal force can be used at the at the officer's discretion whenever the assailant is using lethal force. Using a lethal weapon to shoot out a vehicle's tires is not a form of lethal force (spike strips are a recommended alternative). Tasers should be used only if the civilian is non-complying. You MUST FIRST give them directions and a chance to comply, unless it is a life and death scenario - EG: Civ is holding a gun to another civ and threatening another civ's life. Spike strips may be used during an active chase where the civilians know that they are being chased by the police. The civilians inside will have the right to shoot at cops ONLY IF if you disable their vehicle with the spike strip. The police are not to shoot at the civilians until they are lethally engaged - whether through voice or text or upon receiving gunshots towards their direction. Martial Law (5 minute warning needs to be given prior to start of martial law) Any civilian brandishing or non-holstering a legal or illegal weapon can be considered KOS by RPD, Civilians must still initiate during Martial Law. Cop have jurisdiction to restrain and search a civ/rebel for interfering with police activities, running around an active scene, or seen in the vicinity with a weapon. Vehicle access into an area may be restricted by the RPD. Air vehicles may not fly or hover around the active scene/area during martial law. Non-compliance can result in being fired upon by RPD. Illegal Areas & Truck Missions (Marked by red text on the map) Illegal areas are those in which civilians can purchase, collect, refine, or sell illegal substances or gear. Cops may question the drug dealer but must leave afterwards unless raid conditions apply. It is a raid where 4 or more officers are present. If they know a criminal is inside an illegal area and has probable cause to pursue them. (Probable Cause) The officer may only go after the person you are pursuing. They may not arrest/ticket/search any other bystander in the illegal area, even if that player is collecting/refining illegal substances. Under no circumstances are officers allowed to camp within 1km of an illegal area. If a civilian doing an illegal truck mission is being pursued by police, but still manages to deliver the truck, he can still be pursued and charged for trafficking/possession of stolen goods. Unless the cops lose the civilian for more than 5 minutes, then the chase must be called off. Cartels are illegal areas Once a gang captures a cartel notifications are sent to cops. The Police can raid cartels; raid rules apply. If a cartel is left unattended, it may be searched by the police without any further interaction required. Checkpoints A checkpoint must be set up on a road and consist of 3 or more officers, utilizing 2 or more vehicles. A checkpoint cannot be set up within 1 km of illegal area boundaries. Basically, you cannot set one up on top of an illegal area. Recommended Checkpoint Procedure Have 3-4 officers ahead (on either side) with spike strips. Make sure they also have repair kits. When a vehicle approaches, the officer(s) on the opposite side should deploy the spike strip. Ask the vehicle to stop, and turn off their engine. If the vehicle does not stop you may treat the civilians as non-complying. Ask the driver and any passengers to exit the vehicle and tell them to put their hands on their head [shift+G]. If they comply, the officer should pick up the spike strip so it can be reused. Ask them where they are headed to and coming from. Ask if they will submit to a search. If they allow a search, you may restrain them and search them. TELL THEM you have to restrain them to perform the search action. If they do not submit to a search, you must let them go, unless there is probable cause. After the search is done, you may allow them to re-enter their vehicle and drive away, unless anything illegal is found, then proceed with ticket and/or arrest. Probable Cause Seeing a player leave an illegal area Player has been reported by another officer or civilian. Player is driving an Ifrit / Armed Technical (50 cal off-road) anywhere. Player is driving an illegal camo vehicle inside spawn city limits. On the wanted list Player has committed a violation that falls under any felony or misdemeanor. Any player seen wearing rebel clothing. EMS SERVER RULES and EMS POLICY Medics cannot be taken hostage, murdered, or robbed. Medic vehicles may be taken if left unlocked. Medics cannot work in cohesion with civilians Medics cannot carry any form of weapon Medics cannot "smuggle" civilians or RPD in their vehicle in order to disguise them from the opposing force Medics may offer rides to stranded civilians, as long as they are not brandishing rebel weapons or gear (Medic’s discretion) No lockpicks may be used on any EMS vehicles Medics cannot receive or accept bribes for any reason All KOS zones are no revive zones for EMS. EMS may not revive someone within or around these zones. Only Exception of KOS zones is the Prison in which only RPD can request Medics to revive RPD and civs/rebels There shall be no camping bodies of the enemy for more than ten (10) minutes No Harassing medics --- This includes poking on teamspeak and sending messages of slow response time. If you die and request a medic and Alt+F4 due to a medic being to slow this will count as combat logging. Only cases where the medic game client crashes or unseen forces. EMS policy (policies are issues that are dealt with in-house and are NOT kickable/bannable offences but blacklisting could be placed by leaders)
  9. GTA V RP

    I dont often comment on posts, but this is just pure Gold. AL is a cycle and the prospect of the new Arma map, as well as summer coming along introduces a whole new avenue we can pursue. During the summer, free time tends to be high and I think this is the perfect time to get people to try something fun and different. There are already so many different game channels in the teamspeak, and people tend to be playing them, so hop on in, get to know everyone better and have fun!
  10. OP4 ban dispute

    Thank you for putting in a report and your patience for waiting for our meeting to take place to discuss your ban. After talking over the issue with RGN leadership and a leadership vote, we have decided to not unban you. We do understand that you have a deep prior history with RGN, however we have decided that the return of OP4 members will be handled on a case-by-case basis. In your case, due to your history relating to your previous position in RGN and being a "head" of OP4, We have made a group decision as RGN leadership to not unban you. You have to understand that the actions of a select few in OP4 did set an overall example to the server in a negative manner. OP4 has had a general negative contribution to our vision of an Altis Life Server, as well as our vision of a "Community-oriented gaming community" You are still welcome on our teamspeak and our forums, as well as our other servers. Thank you for waiting for our resolution on this issue.
  11. [OP4 Sergeant] Brisingr34 Ban Dispute

    Thank you for putting in a report and your patience for waiting for our meeting to take place to discuss your ban. After talking over the issue with RGN leadership and a leadership vote, we have decided to not unban you. This decision was not made in haste. Your past history in RGN, the Altis Life server, and your general reasoning attitude of: "RGN needs rebels that aren't 12 years old and suck." Shows us that you are not ready to be unbanned. You are still welcome on our teamspeak and our forums, as well as our other servers. Thank you for waiting for our resolution on this issue.
  12. Hello again. Its been a while XD

    Welcome back man! I do remember you back from the GSN days. Hope to see you around! Come play some PUBG or HOTS with me sometimes!
  13. Donation - Lashing Gordon $35.00

    Thanks for the support. Keep Reckless!
  14. Donation - Trax4n $15.00

    Thanks for the support. Keep Reckless!