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  1. I look forward to seeing a "Razzle Dazzle" channel. Thanks for your support!
  2. October Recruitment and Promotions

    Congratz to all the new recruits and good job on the promotions!
  3. New Website, Who Dis?

    Welcome to the website! I love the title. Probably my favorite in the site
  4. Introduction

    Welcome man!
  5. Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday and have an awesome muffin cake!
  6. I charge $20 per revive @SomeoneYouLike
  7. Hope to be back :(

    Safe travels.
  8. Worms WMD and Killing Floor 2 Giveaway

    Game: Worms WMD Reason: Ever since I was a kid, I loved eating apples. That is until I discovered not a worm in it, but half of one. Since that day, and when Worms Split Screen came out in 2001, I vowed to destroy all worms, digital and alive alike.

    Ive heard some bad things about the first one. Il try the beta, and if it seems any good, may even invest some of that old WoW gold into this.
  10. Happy birthday Bob!

    Happy Birthday Man!
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    Damn this looks amazing
  12. Steve Combat log

    I will be on in the evening as well to moderate this discussion if an admin is unavailable.
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    I did a UID cross-check and confirmed that it is not Draxt.