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  1. What game and server were you on: Arma 3 Altis Life What time/date did the offense occur: June 24, 2016, 9:45 AM CST What are the name(s) of the player you are reporting: Plapdoka Do you have any video evidence? If so, please post it: Describe the offense: After killing me and being downed, the player in question immediately disconnected. Everyone else involved in the situation disconnected as well, but he is the only one who I got a screenshot of.
  2. It was on a different topic, I just quoted it here so it would all be in the same place. When I play civ, I hate the fact that I have to fucking type out a terror threat while being pursued by the cops to be able to shoot. As a cop, I wish that people were able to jump out and shoot at me on a traffic stop if they have a reason to because it makes it more realistic. I think it's very soft to make it so that you have to be told and given a chance to leave before getting shot in EVERY situation, when you are a police officer. I agree that roleplay is good, but I think that getting out of your car and shooting at the police is included within roleplay because you are roleplaying as a criminal trying to get away from the cops. That being said, cop baiting should still be against the rules. People should NOT decide that they want to kill cops and commit violations in order to be able to, people should commit violations for money or whatever benefit it brings and then fight or run from the police to avoid jail. That's why we should have rules about cop baiting that allow admins to deal with people who become wanted just so they can shoot cops, aka every single gas station robbery that we had on Altis. Also, people shouldn't be able to liberally decide when they want to shoot. As stated in my original post, So, I think it would be more roleplay to allow people to get out and shoot if it goes along with their roleplay at the time, but we should add in rules about cop baiting. People make their goal be to roleplay and fight cops as a means to continue their roleplay, instead of making their goal be to fight cops and ruleplaying as a means to do that. I think that this suggestion would allow that, especially making strict rules regarding cop baiting. I don't think you read my post in its entirety. I am advocating relaxing the initiation rules and making strict cop baiting rules. It would still be difficult to shoot cops, you wouldn't need to initiate in the same ways. Both of these suggestions would make things more realistic.
  3. Is that what the popular kids are doing these days?
  4. I'll make this short for once... I feel as though the sirens are a LOT quieter on Malden. When playing cop I noticed that people didn't tend to pull over when I tried to stop them, apparently oblivious to me. Playing civ, I literally have no idea if police are trying to pull me over or not unless I manage to see the lights. I got pulled over and only stopped because I reached my destination, oblivious to the officer. I got pursued from Trinite to Saint Louis completely oblivious of the police behind me with their sirens on. I can't hear the sirens of officers responding to calls until they are practically beside me passing me, which is extremely dangerous because not pulling over can lead to getting rammed. I play with my effects up all the way and my earplugs off, and I still can't hear the sirens. It's absurd. If the sirens were made quieter, PLEASE make them every bit as loud as they were on Altis. If they weren't made more quiet and it is just a bug, please make them a lot louder. Sirens are supposed to be quiet deafening and we have earplugs for those that don't want to hear them that loudly, but I don't like that people evade from me without trying to because they genuinely don't know that I'm there, or that I have no idea if I need to pull over to get out of the way for police/EMS and I have no idea if I'm being stopped. Thanks
  5. I captured a cartel and the dude spent the whole arrest screaming about how I was meta-gaming by going to capture it and camping the cartel and etcetera. Pulled over another car and they evaded, searched it and found drugs. They were all pissed about how they had no money and I guess it was somehow my fault they took the risk to do it and I found their drugs. Only one person really RP'd with me rather than just getting pissed that I interrupted their money making when they chose the risky route; he had an illegal truck, and I let him go because he roleplayed with me. Everyone else, all of whom were active RGN players, just got mad and wouldn't even talk to me. "Just send me to jail" "Alright sir well I just wanted to as-" "No, just send me to jail. I'm done". I still cut those people some small breaks, because I wanted to be nice and maybe help their experience, but then even afterwards they were still pissed off. It was just tiresome. I'll try again tomorrow with more RPing, but if people are like that, I'll probably be less sympathetic.
  6. I wish people committed crimes to make money rather than making money to commit crimes
  7. Can second; just joined in, did an illegal truck from Trinite to Airport which blew up. Respawned, did one from LePort to Trinite, no problems. I bought another illegal truck, but there was an officer on scene at the time. The truck also spawned in LePort rather than Trinite. Just trying to give more info, maybe some of this is similar.
  8. Or just do what STS did and allow cops to check ID and issue tickets to people without restraining them as long as the person is stationary and doesn't have a weapon out
  9. But as a cop I get killed very frequently :c I disagree for a number of reasons. Firstly, because the police ought to be generally in control of the island, otherwise it's not a legitimate government because it doesn't control its own territory. Police currently have WORSE weapons than the rebels, and the only gear they have that rebels don't is the level four vest (rebels get level 3). I do not think that civilians should get higher level vests because in every situation, the cop has to shoot second and still play offense whereas the rebel gets to decide when and where to engage with the goal being to get away. Thus, I think cops need a higher tier vest than rebels so that they can compensate for that disadvantage. I also don't want cops regularly patrolling with 6.5mm. Personally; I would prefer for the weapons to be lower tier. I appreciate the idea of pistols being the only legal weapons, but I think it would be nice to have better armed civilians than that so they can still defend themselves. One thing that might be interesting (@Ronduth) could be adding a class 3 weapons store like they had on SealTeamSloth, where for a more expensive license, civilians could buy stings, vermins, PDWs, protectors, a TRG-20, and a black tactical vest. This license would be unable to be bought after being arrested, until the next server restart. Additionally, though, I think the firearms license should remain after killing someone, because if it was self-defense you still have to buy a new license. It should be removed upon arrest, but not upon receiving manslaughter charges. About limiting cop slots, I would first like to ask a couple questions. Firstly, when did we have more than 15 cops on the Malden map? Second, do you not agree that the police should be maintaining general control over the island, like they are a real police department? Lastly, how do you think the police can do their job if we have a limit of 15 cops, compared to at maximum 5 EMS and thus the rest of the server being populated with at least forty civilians. It was fairly tame today, because people were out making money. This is Altis life though. As much as I hate it, people make money so that they can do robberies and kill cops, rather than doing robberies and shooting cops to make money. It's a backwards system and it's flawed, but it means that once people finish doing their initial runs, we are going to have a lot more terror and a lot more fighting because it is people's goal to fight the police. I think we should have a good number of police slots because the number of cops online is pretty self-moderating (if there are too many cops, I get bored and go play civ because there isn't enough to do) and because rebels are guerrilla fighters, and they are not in control of the territory. The goal of the rebel side is to fight and get away, not to fight and win. Thanks for reading EDIT: I haven't seen much about the economy by the way, but about economic tweaks, from what I have seen, I would recommend lowering the price of pumpwedges and backpacks. I would recommend raising the prices for NVGs, but Arma 3's "dynamic" lighting is extraordinarily bad so that would just be cruel. A shitty backpack shouldn't realistically cost $800, and a big backpack shouldn't cost nearly $7,000 with the new economy; these are huge investments for new players and every single person I've arrested as cop for running drugs has complained that they don't have any money (and of course drugs are the only option, and that's my fault that they took the risk. Sigh). I'll tell you if there's anything else I see that I would recommend changing
  10. You might have seen me once or twice...
  11. I wouldn't like that because you can't really see inside realistically, and the whole point is to be more immersive and realistic such that officers always have to be on their toes and criminals can resist without having to type a terror threat out if it fits their roleplay
  12. we are so much cooler thanyour LAN party though What's your RPD name? We only accept members of the training department to assist with trainings. You can apply by messaging a letter of intent on the forums to myself (J. Garnet), John Ruggiero, and Jack Reacher (Thaddeus). However, if you are a member of the RPD and not the training division, you are welcome to participate in or observe the training.
  13. Well thank you david that's just extremely helpful, I appreciate your contribution to the discussion and your constructive criticisms. Do you have anything more you could say about this so I might be able to defend this, discuss it, or modify it?
  14. Thanks for the input; since this suggestion was big enough to warrant it's own topic I'll quote you and respond to this here so that all of the discussion is in the same place.

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