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  1. am i not also a good friend? alright fuck you too thanks bye good riddance see you tomorrow edit: dad
  2. Thanks for always being a chill and level-headed dude!
  3. You might have seen me once or twice...
  4. Hello, I've been on RGN since about January but I never decided to make an intro! My roleplay name is John Garnet, which I tend to use for any of my cop (or medic) accounts, but I go by SkyGuy32 as a civilian. I've been on countless other Arma servers, but I definitely think I enjoy this one the most because it is the first server I have played which rightfully puts cops in control of the map by having a functional NLR for police and a good number of police slots. I have played on DeltaForceGaming, PhantomGaming, PurgatoryGaming, Vulcan, Legion, InD3pth, and SealTeamSloth. The most serious roleplay servers of these were PurgatoryGaming on which I was a sergeant, and Legion, on which I was a captain. In real life I am the captain of my police explorer post, doing real life training and getting experience with ride-alongs and events. I am also a senior/varsity letterman member of my high school's speech and debate team. In addition to Arma, I enjoy sailing. I am seventeen years old, and I live in Texas. In the past I have been employed as a sailing instructor and a grocery bagger. I will be a senior in high school at the beginning of next year and will be taking all dual credit college classes except for engineering and AP Spanish 5. I will also be taking EMT, attempting to get my EMT-B1. I intend to go to Texas A&M University and major in business administration with a minor in Spanish, studying abroad to become fluent. I will then join either active duty military or go into the reserves, depending on how long I would need to conscript if I were to go into active duty. I then intend to begin a career in law enforcement, hopefully no older than the age of 26 but preferably as young as possible. I would like to try to own a business at the same time and become a commander within the department. After retiring from law enforcement, I plan to either pursue business or politics, but that is subject to change due to being 50 years down the line. For those who don't know me, I am as of right now a sergeant in the Reckless Police Department on the Altis life server. I am also looking at getting into Grand Theft Auto V with RGN members, as well as other games that are popular in this community. Eventually I would like to apply for member status within this community. Within the RPD, I devote a lot of time to managing most of the operations of the training department with @John Ruggiero, including a mostly unilateral complete redesign of all of the training documents that is underway. I am hoping to, within the RPD, try to work my way up to a leadership position in which I can take full control over the training department and gain influence in the RPD that I can use to affect positive change. I look forward to playing with and getting to know you all further; thanks for reading!
  5. https://forum.fiverp.net/threads/rockstar-cease-and-desist-on-openiv.11804/#post-123352 RIP

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