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  1. @Ronduth fresh bud, enjoy!
  2. @Ronduth I’ll come carry you bud, #squads
  3. YaBoyRAMPAGE420 @Dominic @RisingRonin did you have macros set up for the building aspect of the game?! Gun skill is one thing, but the building skill is the biggest part of the game, and without comfortable macros it becomes an even harder game. ive been playing for just under 70 hours and I’m at 111 wins now, so once you got the game sense and the building down, you can just about beat anyone with a little smarts.
  4. Sup buds, if anyone on Fortnite is looking for someone that destroys like myself, PM ME. I have over 75+ wins and ive only been playing for just shy of 2 months. Willing to teach to get you on your feet. If you want to see how good I am, check out my twitch, at rampage42000. See yeah around!
  5. DO YOU just do third person!? Im right into the first person, as I feel it’s more fair in all combat scenarios of the game.
  6. @Ryan congrats bbud, on a wicked achievement! Keep on flyin’!!!
  7. I'd use it for the "18+ 101 adult games collection" thanks for being you!

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