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    LOL on the second one.

    This picture was during a VDMer decided to VDM and blow up many people and we still kept playing. I am not lieing, but some people miss ARMA 3 Altis Life. Also, thanks for stopping the bad RP. EVERYONE. Post a picture of you when you were in the server as a fun memory. Thanks for participating. Have a good day.
  3. Introduction

    Welcome to the forums and community.
  4. Introduction

    Welcome to the community.
  5. Introduction

    Welcome to the community man.
  6. October Recruitment and Promotions

    Congrats guys.
  7. Late Introduction

    Hello, I am Donald. I have played the ARMA 3 Altis/Malden Life server. I also play the GTA V RP server now, because my Arma 3 will not run and the Altis life was shut down. I am from Anchorage, AK. I am Alaskan Native (3/16). I am in the Army JROTC in my high school and go to the Alaska Native Heritage Center, to work and go to the after school program there. Some of you guys know me, and some don't. I just turned 17 in Sept. I normally play at night beacuse of all my school work I have to do. Hope to be part of this community very well and talk to you guys later. From, Donald (donbrandoniii3)
  8. October Recruitment and Promotions

    Congrats guys.
  9. Introduction

    Welcome to reckless gaming dude. Hope you stay.
  10. American Truck Sim and Europe Truck Sim

    American Truck Simulator would be a fun game to have everyone play! I learned that TurckersMP ( is the ATS and ETS2 Multiplayers stuff. We can also make our own company at Someone with premium can make the company and then anyone with ATS or ETS2 can book all their runs. The company can be called the Reckless Trucking Network (RTN). Please notify me if you think this is a good idea.
  11. Pistol Flashlights

    +1 Garnet. I'm the one who told ya about it tho. xD Lets get it in game. We have flashlights for our rifles and we want them on our pistols!
  12. trist Combat Logging x8

  13. CDT D. Brandon

    Do you have video. If so let me see it. Other wise stop saying that I'm a bad cop. I would love to see you try to be a police officer that has to deal with you. Everyone of us Cadets are still undergoing some training. I have rarely broken any rule. Everything in that video was for a reason. Please stop being rude to people. Admins: If you feel this is a broken rule please message me on Teamspeak. I will not reply to this report anymore. Thanks -Donald Brandon.
  14. CDT D. Brandon

    If any admin wants to talk with me, come to Teamspeak and we will talk.
  15. CDT D. Brandon

    I sent you strait to jail because you and your damn friends are always cop baiting and you were doing it earlier.