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  1. @Agony told me to submit a question so here is it: How are you doing today?
  2. Hello everyone! Just a quick introduction: -Real Name: Pedro César -Age: 26 -Occupation: Naval Engineer Student -Location: Brazil -IGN: Dytox So yeah, I've first met Ronduth through Conan Exiles and from there started to play a lot with Agony and Setha mainly, I've also played with Texas, Alien8r, Miatch, Ray, Shuler and most recently Valshe. I've been playing video games ever since a little kid, and mostly computer games since Diablo 2 came out. The games I usually play are MMORPGs, I don't like FPS that much and MOBAs tend to get me stressed (which I avoid, since gaming is supposed to be fun). Some of the MMORPGs I've played are: -Ragnarok 1 and 2 -Diablo 2 and 3 and both expantions (not really an MMO but....) -Flyff -Wildstar -WoW -Blade and Soul -Tibia (dark past, don't judge mkay?) -Tera Online -Guild Wars 2 -Star Wars: The Old Republic -Lineage 2 -Final Fantasy 14 -Maple Story Other games I've played include: -Overwatch -Starcraft -Dota 2 -Heroes of the Storm And others I can't remember. I love South Park to death and can quote pretty much any episode from it....lmao Other things I like watching are animes and some TV series. Well, this is a long post so I'm not including every single information about me but feel free to ask away. Cya around!

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