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    Also know as ExoticAdam! Hello if you are reading this you somehow came about my profile. Well their is some bad news I'm no longer part of this community and have
    move on to other communities. I would like to thank everyone that I have became friends on this community and wish you luck on your goals in life and the community.

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  1. When you rage so hard you blue screen

    Good Job, steve...
  2. Monitor

    Am I the only one that doesn't like it when they have the black borders. It makes it clean when you add more on. But they are some good cheap monitors.
  3. $1,000,000 Prize

    Should we send out a PSA to make it a little event?
  4. Roleplay...

    Shit I didn't know when a hostage is going on the whole RPD Force shows up unarmed. Remember 3-4 months ago that happen at the prison and you and a few other officer were taking hostage for being a num nut for bring a few officer. Which cause us to deal with this for over 1 in a half hours.. How is that disrespectful comment about 9/11 he is trying to roleplay. Shit so if I say one thing about a plane in a negative way it means its a 9/11 comment. Even tho he said back in the 2000's are we ever going to get over about that attack like their were way more attacks than just 9/11... Also, don't fucking try to go on the defense side and try to protect yourself by stating your a member I already heard that excuse way to much. Yup the ECO is very high you just start out poor into you do a few runs and your worth over 10M.
  5. August | Recruitment and Promotions

  6. Rust Pro Sniper

    ^ True
  7. Donation - flimp3x - 3.0!

    Thank You for supporting this EPIC COMMUNITY! @flimp3x
  8. Thank You for supporting this EPIC COMMUNITY! @John Falcon
  9. Thank You for supporting this EPIC COMMUNITY!
  10. Donation - bossatron16 - 5.0!

    Thank You for supporting this EPIC COMMUNITY!
  11. Rebel Training

    Its a little hard not to get arrested when a pubby at square sees you do one thing bad (speed) takes you jail for speeding. Yes they do send you to jail if you speed it happen to me plenty of times.
  12. completed PUBG Game Giveaway

    I love July because of the FIREWORKS and MY BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP!
  13. Happy birthday Burka!

    Happy Birthday!