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  1. [CDT] Nikolai - RDM/Ignoring Messages etc.

  2. Combat Storing during active engagement.

    I see lack of evidence, please provide evidence.
  3. invalid Fishcake- Combat log

    Thank you @Preacherthat was very kind of you and probably very unwanted by a select party.
  4. invalid Fishcake- Combat log

    Why was David Chlo's comment removed or hidden? @Lewis Parker
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    I legit got disconnected, didn't pull my cable or alt-f4 straight up disconnected because of my bad internet.
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    You are all very welcome!
  7. FISHCAKE007

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    @Chozzi I sent you 160k while I was on cop
  9. completed CDT Fishcake007 VDM

    I didn't see him in the smoke, I apologize for running him over but I did not see him, complete accident.