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  1. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  2. What is everyone playing

    Destiny 2, World of Warships
  3. Squad

    i bought it but never ended up playing it much, id give it another go.
  4. Hello!

    Welcome to the forums Pigeon!
  5. Introduction

    Welcome to the forums Mini!
  6. Late Introduction

    Better late than never, welcome to the forums officially.
  7. October Recruitment and Promotions

    Congrats on the promotions guys! and welcome to the fold recruits.
  8. New Website, Who Dis?

    Thought i recognized the name, welcome to the forums DarkerBlitz!
  9. Yoo Hazard

    Welcome to the forums Hazard!
  10. Happy birthday Erik Fishmen!

    Happy birthday Bud
  11. August | Recruitment and Promotions

    Congrats on the promotions everyone, and welcome to the new blood.
  12. Happy Birthday!

    Thanks guys, appreciate the birthday wishes and maple syrup rain
  13. What games do you guys mainly play?

    World of Warships almost exclusively
  14. June | Recruitment and Promotions

    Welcome to the new blood and congrats to those promoted!
  15. completed Emad - DISPUTE BAN

    After going over the evidence again the initial decision that i made, that it was in fact RDM will remain, however after looking over the players previous offenses again i realized i made an error in judgement in banning the individual permanently, so i will be unbanning you, please make sure to follow our rules in the future. @Emad