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  1. Do multi tools with integrated knives count?
  2. I like that kinda stuff. Mythology and magic'n'stuff. I know what dungeons and dragons is, and might consider joining up with this pathfinder stuff.
  3. #SassiestEMSAround Be seeing you Commander Crawfish.
  4. What a fucking badass setup for your PC and monitors.
  5. Very good Falcon. Now to besiege Constantinople for the Holy Roman Empire.
  6. In the first, we have the bored RPD at Kavala square. In the second we have a bored EMT bending the laws of physics with civilian go-kart assistance. I will miss going to fed and wondering how many people would get shit on.
  7. @Turtles Why not try the new mil sim we have? (Pls join)
  8. Golf with your friends. I like fall becuase I get to start warming up by the fire.
  9. Good luck with wherever your life takes you, and keep making good food!
  10. Get Rekt guys. I played the beta on console for the PS4 before anyone else! It's pretty awesome btw.
  11. Congratulations to everyone recruited and promoted!

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