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  1. completed PUBG Game Giveaway

    @Al Hoff
  2. completed PUBG Game Giveaway

    It's hot out in July, so I ain't freezing... but I also can't fly as much due to thunderstorms and the air is less dense, and it's like sitting in an oven when the plane ain't moving. id also say 4th of July, but I missed it this year because I was bar backing that night.
  3. Happy birthday GooNie!

    Happy birthday man!
  4. Should Cops Have Hunter HMG's

    Great alternative.
  5. Should Cops Have Hunter HMG's

    I don't think you understand how much of a force multiplier the HMG is... Its going to be a one shot kill to anywhere from over 1 KM. It is pretty much unstoppable due to the fact that it has superior armor and can shoot back at anything shooting at it. This is just EZ win. One driver and one gunner could for sure protect fed from 20+ rebels. One guy could very likely protect it himself if he just drives and shoots. Road chase - well it will puncture tires and shoot straight through any civilian vehicle. Helicopter escaping? Just point and aim. Might as well be a Tigris. Maybe, if you gave rebels an RPG-7, where they can fight back - but then the server is on a downward slope to a ridiculous insurgency simulator and not a life simulator. Whats next, @Ronduth? Should cops get an armed falcon drone, and then as soon as they shift - 3 someone the falcon can just send a DAGR missile straight up their ass? It's okay right because they were warned right? They chose not to comply, and we were gonna kill them anyways so might as well save the RPD sometime and just blow up the car.
  6. Donation - Preacher - 0.02!

    Glad to give y'all my 2 cents on the issues at hand.
  7. Altis life ban list

    Punishment and negative reinforcement only works when it is applied... yeah, not letting people break rules to only blankety cut their punishment up and sow the seeds in their head that actions don't have consequences. I dont give a flying fuck if we unbanned enough people to keep the server populated, we have rules and if you get caught breaking them it's on you to deal with it.
  8. Reckless Life Overhaul thoughts

    You uh... ever seem to think that maybe the reason the life server has a hard time staying full... might be because people are tired and burnout from life? You really think switching back to Altis is going to magically fix things? I seriously doubt the changes proposed here is anything radical enough to attract and keep the attention focused on RGN. I don't really follow other life servers, but I'm guessing they are following a similar decline. I know it would probably be community suicide to turn off the life server completely.. we've seen how that played out in the past. You can't say we're not a life community when we primarily exist only because of Altis life. I say @ronduth just keep plugging at new avenues to explore that makes us a gaming community. GTA RP, maybe. Exile, maybe. I'd try one of the military co-op servers - there ain't too many of them and the well known ones stay full throughout the day. There are other games out there, and other people who've never heard about RGN - we should be going out and meeting new people. Oh and discord - is that switch ever going to happen. TBH all I use it for is a IM chat program.
  9. Happy birthday Muuvie!

    Get this man a turtle!
  10. July | Recruitment and Promotions

    Congratulations guys.
  11. As a retired admin... you simply can't have these rules. They rely too much on perception and not basic facts. What looks like baiting to two admins will just look like an over zealous cop to three other admins. Plus, this gives the cops more power to be petty... no cop is really gonna waste a report on someone that baited them but they ended up killing. As soon as you end up dying you get pissed off you fell for the bait and this is how you get back at them...
  12. How about a daily limit on the amount of people you can kill...
  13. MiAtCh's Hobby Hole

    You got your FAA drone license and registration right though?
  14. June | Recruitment and Promotions

    Congrats y'all