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  1. GTA RP Server Feedback

    Takeout the economy. People only focused on grinding, not having fun and interacting with other people. Let them join the server and make cool cars. Show them off in a minecraft like way. Let people just have fun...
  2. Forums white-list access

    Need access
  3. Yeah well I’d like the timer to work correctly then... the 3 minutes or whatever it says takes me 8-9 minutes because it doesn’t count down correctly.
  4. Cop cars spawn with a red pearlescent [NON URGENT]

    What are we, the fashion police? /s
  5. Crashes injure you

    Ride a motorcycle / make a system to put on seatbelt or you get ejected.
  6. Bittersweet Thank You

    Best luck on your endeavors and stay safe! edit: I fully expect some good old boyism if I get caught speeding through Arkansas... I mean come on it’s Arkansas
  7. Game Dev Tycoon Going flying!
  8. Shotgun for civs/ option to buy ammo

    I just want a separate option to buy ammo...
  9. American only server?

    I’d love to have more players from across the pond, but it’s never really worked out for our server. It needs to be advertised over there. @Peanuthow did you come across RGN, I’m interested in knowing how our EU friends came into the RGN circle.
  10. Ronin... I just said that which is why I suggested the AI stop spawning super cars and maybe give the police an opportunity to buy a sports car for highway pursuits.
  11. Idk man i love police chases because it’s a show of skill (which mean its boring for everyone when you have a sultan RS and can outrun anyone and it isn’t about skill anymore) and fun to do.
  12. GTA is something that does require active admining, but I think it’s best for the server if policies were set in place such as - not banning someone in the middle of a RP situation - even if they killed someone or something. - Unless the player continues to break rules after being warned in game and is detrimental to the RP aspect of other users (non admins) experience evidence should be uploaded to the forums first that the player actually broke a rule. - Trolls and harassers can be kicked and banned on the spot, if they have no intentions of being involved with this game or community. Usually refer to new players only, players who are RGN members or around here often enough would need a player report.
  13. Donations?

    I’m thinking maybe perks instead of items I guess? In GTA V online you can just deposit your cash on your phone so maybe donators could have a phone app that’s would let them bank anywhere. Donators could get cooler features like having the ability to see where their friends are on the map if they share mutual contact information and agree to share the location. Maybe even a service feature where if they request a taxi or a mechanic they can see if someone is en route and where they are (like uber).
  14. So I saw a little bit of commotion about this in Discord and figured it'd be easier to track here on the forums. Basically cops can't catch up to some of the civilian cars, so civilians get away. My thoughts are We do have vehicle damage, so you can be fast but if you wreck you're fucked. Cops are supposed to use teamwork and the old "You can outrun the cop car but you can't outrun the radio." Not enough cops on the server to be effective. Way too many exotic and fast cars in game. We only are letting people have pistols but they can own a 3 million sports car because realism If cops demand that everyone pulls over for them, its not "fun" for both parties in the long run. Vehicle pursuits are a test of skill and nobody wants to pull over with 20 kilos of meth in the car. Stuff like making GTA V RP like Dubai where they have exotic cars for police vehicles seemed to be shot down. I think it makes a good argument that if there were that many people driving with very fast cars LA would also have more corvettes and other sports cars for the police. In dubai they drive like fucking madmen. Might as well be the same in game, but maybe make it highway patrol specific for the fast cars. My solutions for this problem is Remove the exotic cars from spawning in the free world. People should have to earn their fast cars. Give some highway units fast cars/motorcycles. Cops need to work on teamwork. Civilians shouldn't be needless dicks like they were in Altis.