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  1. As a retired admin... you simply can't have these rules. They rely too much on perception and not basic facts. What looks like baiting to two admins will just look like an over zealous cop to three other admins. Plus, this gives the cops more power to be petty... no cop is really gonna waste a report on someone that baited them but they ended up killing. As soon as you end up dying you get pissed off you fell for the bait and this is how you get back at them...
  2. How about a daily limit on the amount of people you can kill...
  3. You got your FAA drone license and registration right though?
  4. Congrats y'all
  5. Altis Life is a few years old... only so much you can take before being burnt out. Look at runescape haha
  6. Hi Vientiane's ton degree six feomb getting involved with swat?
  7. Yeah I can see it. Put manuevers are really just desync manuevers, where the initator usually comes out unscathed and the pitted vehicle results in dead occupants at best, a blown up vehicle at worst.
  8. What game and server were you on: Arma 3 Altis Life What time/date did the offense occur: 5/9/17 What are the name(s) of the player you are reporting: Divorce Papers Do you have any video evidence? If so, please post it: Describe the offense: Glitching to get gear. You see him get the backpack and the wetsuit.
  9. You're in the air looking down at your buddies in a firefight. You're trying to call out locations to a specific person, but all you can muster out is "hey you on the ground watch your back". So nobody knows what the fuck to do. I know on KOTH you have the option to press windows key and it will show the names of people in your gang so that you can read them and call them out. It is needed in AL.
  10. Still waiting to be presented/find that rule that was broken here.
  11. Sure. They can keep it safe by raiding drug fields and drug dealer. You put in cartels to keep the gangs busy with each other and not the cops because of the last ten years of forum posts of cops vs rebels and all the bitching that goes on. Gangs and rebels finally get something that was promised to them over a year ago, and cops now want to take a crack at it and provoke more cop v gang shit. Cartel area will be the rebel equivalent of HQ's, an area that cops can't take over and as soon as a rebel runs into a cartel he is "safe.". Oh and not to mention these cartels are out in the middle of nowhere. You have to leave the main roads just to get to them, intentionally.
  12. No, TAC was originally going to rob us. But like all great and terrible things in life, tragedy brings people together. Once they shot all the cops to get to us they decided to dip out. I thanked TAC for shooting the cops that decided to get out and shoot at me. I then messaged TAC and asked if they would like to do a fed, since the cops seemed to be itching for a gun fight by their unrelenting willingness to put themselves in stupid situations they know they can't "win.". Also, vehicles do not explode when dropped from a helicopter unless the vehicle is being dropped from a height of more than 1,000 meters AGL. I know because of science. Had my vehicle hit your vehicle and caused death I would have flown to the nearest ATM and gave comp. I also would be here on the forums as my usual self owning up to when I fucked up and broke a rule. But, I didn't fuck up and so that ain't happening and I'm not going to just roll over and take this petty crap.
  13. Cartels were brought in for a gang v gang experience. This isn't the fed. This isn't cop v gang. It needs to be left for gang v gang only. Go camp drug dealer or the drug fields if you want to catch drug runners. Yesterday, the RPD decided to raid two of the cartels, and not only raid - but proceed to pitch a tent and camp in the area for about 20 minutes. That shit needs to go. RPD should be KOS for any rebel inside the cartel zone - as an incentive for the RPD to stay the hell away. No civilians,gangs, or rebels are KOS inside the circle. Only cops. This keeps the balance of power allowing rebels and gangs to fight each other inside and near the cartels, for control of the cartels, without interference from cops.
  14. Well, we can begin here. You didn't die. You didn't get injured. A car was never blown up. Ergo, no rule was broken. The car was simply an unconventional roadblock to either A: Distract you or B: cause you to lose sight of the ifrit and pull off the chase. Well, this worked sort of, because you took my releasing of a car, that did not hit you or hurt you, as lethal initiation, and stepped out of the car to blast me only to get merked by TAC in about .05 seconds. I'd like to counter-report Chlo and gang for not valuing their lives after TAC sent them a message to wave off because TAC originally just wanted to rob us. Chlo and gang saw how many TAC was around, on top of STB, and were way out of their league. Oh, wait, that'd be another pretty petty report wasting time of the administration.

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