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  1. This is awesome and best of luck @Paronity!
  2. What got you into YouTube? Did you expect the success you’ve had with YouTube? Ever been recognized IRL? Is it weird having a demographic with such a huge age difference? What’s your favorite sport to watch? What’s your favorite sport to play? Do you drink or smoke? If weed was federally legal and you could smoke wherever you could drink - would you drink still? Favorite childhood game? Have you ever followed a vegetarian diet?
  3. How many snakes have tried to kill you in TX?
  4. Congratulations and well done @Ryan
  5. Hit me up on discord whenever you wanna play siege!
  6. Best luck on your endeavors and stay safe! edit: I fully expect some good old boyism if I get caught speeding through Arkansas... I mean come on it’s Arkansas
  7. Amazon sells replacement caps but for the entire keyboard and I just need one key.
  8. For my Logitech G710+ keyboard. The fitting cracked so now it pops out when typing and really annoying. I’d like to not buy the entire set for $37 as I just need one single key. If you have an extra let me know please.
  9. Maybe in a year or so, if I get my commercial pilots license by the end of the school year I’ll be flying in Afghanistan over the summer so I’ll be rolling in tax free money. If if I go SLI I’d upgrade my monitor to 4K and yeah my PSU id switch out to a platinum series just to stay safe.
  10. "Don't be sad that it's over, be happy that it happened." It's a perspective that's helped me get through the loss of family pets, amazing animals I've loved and have been thankful they were in my life. my condolences for your loss and I applaud you for taking the well being of the animal into account, I know it's a difficult decision to make.
  11. Im gonna space the upgrades out over the next three months or so because I've got a stipend from the parents for college... I guess I'll label this as educational spending lol. I think I'll go with choice 1. Honestly I'm just going to be doing flight simulators so I'll take the better CPU. I saw a really cool case on tech of tomorrow that's $200 so I'll get that as well I think. This case https://www.amazon.com/EVGA-K-Boost-Software-Controller-100-E1-1014-K0/dp/B01K1JK44G/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&qid=1504746020&sr=8-1&keywords=evga+dg86&linkCode=sl1&tag=techoftomo-20&linkId=f3c02ea139cbe75fa947f57ce0b92f42
  12. So... my FX-8350 has seen better days over the last idk four or five years. Its behind the the power curve and while I originally didn't know shit about building computers so I had iBuyPower build my PC, Ive done other upgrades myself. My GPU went toast like two years ago so I upgraded to a GTX 970 and I thought my hard drive died and I lost everything so I bought an SSD only to realize that the hard drive which I had thrown away was fine, but that the cable between the hard drive and the mobo was fucked. That was an expensive fix and I'm sure some dude in Nigeria has gone through my porn folders by now /s. Lastly the power supply shit the bed and I had to get a new power supply. So I've replaced all those. Now I'd love to upgrade to the Ryzen chipset, but my mobo doesn't support really any of the latest CPUs. So I've gotta get a new mobo and from what I've seen it looks like it's gonna be a pain in the ass to do because I essentially have to take everything out and put it back in. And then the software I'm guessing has to be dealt with. Anyone have any tips or places online where they learned more about building computers? I'm considering just buying a new case and mobo and just transferring my graphics card, SSD, and PSU to the new case and I'll get new RAM (well maybe later because there seems to be a price gouge going on) and a CPU. Also, is liquid cooling novice friendly? I don't like the idea of me having liquids around electrical components... I'm pretty fucking clumsy sometimes. I also remember reading you had to change the water out like every six months so algae doesn't grow in the pipes or something?

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