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  1. Yeah the rebels may be out numbered, but the cop could be used as a bargaining chip and get the out alive and free
  2. Scotty states about a cop knowing his last known and coming back Moreno prepared than ever and that is true, it puts us at such a disadvantage and then the rebels have to gear up and are only allowed to do anything after 10 minutes, maybe the rule should be the same on both sides, the police can't return to that same situation for 10 minutes. Just to balance things out, it gives the rebels a chance to move position if the police are dead and then both sides have an element of surprise.
  3. I think for the federal reserve, if you die you die, multiple times I've seen the same cop come back as backup and it doesn't give the rebels that much of an advantage, especially for small groups. I think if the officer dies, he dies and can't come back, unless it's code 4, I don't think they should be able to respond as back up. It just unbalances it, as police can rush us with hunters that are cheap, and ghost hawks that are cheap and both heavily armoured, and make it a life or death situation to the rebel as they're most of the time used as bait. Also if this was brought into effect, cops would value their lives much more than what they are now and will force them to make strategies instead of just rushing, and knowing they can come back at any given moment
  4. Megan holy shit, never knew you had money, you can hmu with the mchicken this weekend.
  5. RIP, we had some good memory's in the party bus, but sadly she's gone. GBNF
  6. My real name is Simon and I live in a little place called East Belfast in Northern Ireland, I'm British by birth and live in a country that is part of the UK, not many people know that. Im 18 years old and was born on the 11th of the 11th 1998 so in he U.K. I'm old enough to do anything. I enjoy games, having played on console for many years now, PlayStation being my favourite, I do own a WII U and an Xbox, but they hardly ever see the light of day. Add me on PS4 WEESIMY i once trained to be a chef but I hated it so gave up after just over a year. I play PC with my Day who goes by the name of Ferret and my little sister Megan and my friends Jordan and Brian. I have a pet dog called prince Rollie, he's a Yorkshire terrier, and a little demon at times, always annoying me to get on the chair and bighting me when I wake up. some on my favourite games are, GTA San Andreas and most of the other GTAs I love the borderlands series and am a fan of terraria, skyrim, fallout, Mafia, siege, the last guardian, the uncharted series is bae and many many more games. My favourite type of music is RAP, but I listen to loads of older songs and classics. I really like Johnny cash My whole room is dedicated to games, I have a big rack full of them, and many collectables from editions of my games. I got my name SIMY from when I was young, as me and my dad are both called Simon, and to stop confusion, I got called wee simy/Simon and my dad got called big Simon, the name stuck and I've had it for years now. My favourite movies are: Star Wars, gremlins straight outa Compton, alien, the nightmare before Christmas and I enjoy series like breaking bad, sons of anarchy and the walking dead. i also love western films about cowboys and such, like true grit. I really enjoy reckless as I've had a good experience here and have met loads of friendly people, and I hope to make really good memory's here. Thank you for making me feel welcome for the first 2 months I've been here and I'm looking forward to hopefully many more. ~ SIMY / Simon
  7. enzo i seen the video of that guy who retrained you and sent you to jail. i also get that low frame thing, and its annoying asf. it crashes my PC all the time

    1. BangbusDriver


      that low fps thing sucks.


      -the car theif

    2. SIMY


      Yeah dude, it gets me all the time and the frames don't even go back up the majority of the time so I alt tab and when I do that 80% of the time it just black screens and I have to hard restart 

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