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  1. I bet £1000 I don't get banned
  2. New RPD intelligence rule

    You said that cops aren't money hungry, that really cracked me up.
  3. New RPD intelligence rule

    Tell me another joke, never knew we had comedians on RGN
  4. New RPD intelligence rule

    I know they can get your face, but they're not gonna remember every criminals face they've looked at that day, and if you know the Altis life server you know the cops are money hungry and will do anything to earn a buck, if it was real role play they would ignore criminals and not run their plates as much as they do, because a cop in real life doesn't run everyone's plate.
  5. Either way the only inconvenience is we have to log and change tags to do the fed, either way we will still be able to do it as a group, I think the rule needs to be revisited.
  6. Artur Kuznetsov combat log

    I have a video of the guy with a changed name, rolling around kavala with the best on, once caught by a cop he combat logged, I have recording if needed.
  7. caden VDM X3

    What game and server were you on: Arma 3 Altis Life What time/date did the offense occur: 1:20 PM, Thursday 6th April What are the name(s) of the player you are reporting: Caden Do you have any video evidence? If so, please post it: below Describe the offense: im playing on the altis life server as I do, and caden VDMs me and a few off my friends every chance he got. he done this multiple times and to multiple other civilains. in one of the videos i was repairing a go kart, i ripped that video but caden also VDMd me and i got killed, i didnt get this on record as i had to save the previous clip, but i have recording off me dead and you can use time and stuff from the scene to verrify the event v CADEN THE KAV TROLL
  8. New RPD intelligence rule

    I dont like the rule, it is not focusing around RP one bit, a cop in real life does not know if im a murderer or theif. id have to get busted in the act.
  9. RPD NLR is complete and utter B.S, thoughts?

    Yeah the rebels may be out numbered, but the cop could be used as a bargaining chip and get the out alive and free
  10. {COL} SIMY [ST6] T threat Gang assist

    i can talk on TS if needed, about the situation, i remember it and can tell what happened.
  11. I understand we where not wannted to be parked in this area, but we where currently waiting on our other crew members and friends as shortly after this clip we did do a federal reserve, this was a group up point and i was also talking to a few cops before this, so i understand he was pissed, but he was gunning it for my crew and anyone in it, if you know megan like i do, she doesnt kill anyone, is all about good fun and being friendly, she does piss anyone off and doesnt create enemies and multiple people can be witness to this. i dont think she has been put in jail oncce for a reason, she has been in jail for crimes of my own fault. like i drag her to the reserve and stuff. but in the audio you can hear her talkinng about getting sent to jail with a 100 hundred thousand ticket or somthing around that. she refuesd and did ask for a higher up as i did when i was sent to hq for no reason, the cop couldnt give a reason for megan and just ran her to HQ and sent her to jail, megan is fairly new to PC gaming ive played a whole lot on PS4 with her, but to get her a recordng device and for her to upload it and report would confuse he brain as shes still young, but i have a lot of evidence on this guy and am hoping that i will be beilieved and the audio will help. ill try pin point when it all went down. if anything needs clearing message me on TS
  12. RPD NLR is complete and utter B.S, thoughts?

    Scotty states about a cop knowing his last known and coming back Moreno prepared than ever and that is true, it puts us at such a disadvantage and then the rebels have to gear up and are only allowed to do anything after 10 minutes, maybe the rule should be the same on both sides, the police can't return to that same situation for 10 minutes. Just to balance things out, it gives the rebels a chance to move position if the police are dead and then both sides have an element of surprise.
  13. RPD NLR is complete and utter B.S, thoughts?

    I think for the federal reserve, if you die you die, multiple times I've seen the same cop come back as backup and it doesn't give the rebels that much of an advantage, especially for small groups. I think if the officer dies, he dies and can't come back, unless it's code 4, I don't think they should be able to respond as back up. It just unbalances it, as police can rush us with hunters that are cheap, and ghost hawks that are cheap and both heavily armoured, and make it a life or death situation to the rebel as they're most of the time used as bait. Also if this was brought into effect, cops would value their lives much more than what they are now and will force them to make strategies instead of just rushing, and knowing they can come back at any given moment
  14. What game and server were you on: Arma 3 Altis Life What time/date did the offense occur: saturday 1st Apri,throughout the day these offences occurd What are the name(s) of the player you are reporting: Natnanny Do you have any video evidence? If so, please post it: will be included below Describe the offense: I first came into Kavala running down a street and natnanny pulls his car over and jumps out with sirens on onfront off me and tazes me, he took me down to HQ and i requested a higher up officer several times before i was given one, while he went out to get the higher up for me, he left me with a message as, i have this on record you better not combat log, several times, before he got an officer. second offence we where all sitting outside kavala HQ and he was talking to us, then he decied to pull us out of my car and started tazing us, this is an offence on its own as he needs to engage on us before he can pull us out of the car to engage, i then shot him as I didnt wanna get tazed and go to jail. he then combat logged after this. he then returned as a civilian and rammed my car at HQ as he used past knowledge to know of my location. this did infact kill me so he VDMd me. If this is easier layed out in seperate reports ill make them, i thought making this one report would be easier, and dont mind making several reports. thanks -SIMY videos will be below I dont have video proof, but he was angered so much by me, that he took megan from square and sent her straight to jail, and megan wasnt wanted, he did it in pure badness to get at me. i am still to source the video of him pulling us out of the car, when found ill post it below in the next video ive to upload is you can very faintly hear megan explain in the background about her getting sent to jail, for no reason and with an obserd ticket.
  15. {COL} SIMY [ST6] T threat Gang assist

    we seen our mistakes and backed of with no cops being killed. we didnt even open fire. i looked at the bottom of my screen and seen that there was not enough cops online. we did not open fire upon a cop. It would be considered RDM, show a picture of a cop that I killed, knowing I made a mistake a backed away with my crew. We didn't kill anyone so why did you report a failed message, I'd understand if I had RDMd you or a fellow officer. But no one was hurt during this. The rule states if I kill an officer while the terror threat is out, I've broken a rule. I didn't I then retreated after realising what I done was a mistake.