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  1. LOL the spike strips were hiliarous
  2. l Smokez l

    Reckless Invasion #2


    Can i attend while banned?
  3. Becoming 18 must be a big step up

    1. Adrian


      It's not to bad some added freedom. 

  4. Lol that ban dispute he made, he told me you shot at him or something in kavala, lol Enzo you the funniest motherfucker ive ever met man, cool as shit to , always jacking peoples cars bro, if i had some type of owner ship here i would honestly give you fucking founder you fucking deserve that title, ive never ever seen you break rules at all man, you keep up that good work man.

    1. BangbusDriver


      lolololol good times man. i had to upload his video. i just had to.


      good car chase the other day. i love when that car alarm goes off and people are near.

    2. l Smokez l
  5. l Smokez l


    Lol this shit is funny asf
  6. I mean it took him long enough to kill someone at 10 health. Just because he only flinched 3 time's doesnt mean i hit him 3x i sprayed him down. This has happened to you on one occasion.
  7. It does not take that many shot's to kill someone I've killed several people, trust me it literally at max takes like 3, he took in alot.
  8. Let me know on what you think on this video. Plus I was only at 10 health
  9. Alright! Everyone, I've heard alot of people saying "We need more players" so hopefully i can be successful with Youtube channel I started, And hopefully attract more people to come an join us. I will be trying to look up video's about how to video edit and everything and purchase like Sony Vegas or something like that, But anyways here's the link. Enjoy! And everyone have a great day. Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC01O_rREIAiE0yYIRCKyvWg Uploading a video now. may take like 30 mins.
  10. Do you have the video with the 4 of you guys i would really like to use that for a intro

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