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  1. @TristanYou are a sweet boy! Haha... Thanks for the welcome!
  2. @GewchieHmm... I wonder who that might have been. You know it was you silly! Really glad to be playing with you again! @TouriThanks hun! I'm having a blast playing with you too! @RonduthThanks! I'm on the Discord! Enjoy playing with you! @YamiThanks Yami!
  3. @[email protected]@Falcon Thanks guys! So glad to be back! @MiAtChI didn't remember that! That's awesome! I'm not liking the bipolar weather to be honest, I like fall though... ready for it to stay cooler (not cold).
  4. @RazzyI'm playing a lot of 7 Days to Die and World of Warcraft right now. How about you?
  5. Hello all! My name is DJ but you'll see me in games as Ms. Tough Stuff (Arma 3 alias = Valandra Brave.) Some of you may remember me from GSN and playing Arma 3. I'm a 32 year old female living in North Carolina. My life is pretty simple, I love video games, animals, and my job (I'm a Registered Nurse.) If I'm not playing a video game, I'm either working or visiting with my family. I'm grateful that I am now able to have more time to play games, as my job schedule now allows me to. I enjoy the community here, and I'm looking forward to getting to know and play with more of you as time goes on!

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