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  1. Sadly, Haven't come around much recently but Thank you @MiAtCh @Skyfus @Ronduth @John Falcon for the birthday wishes! Hopefully be around some more in the future.
  2. Yes but its more the Private Label aspect. Creating a "company", a brand. Then forming a line of similar products in the same niche.
  3. Hey guys! Oh has it been some time. I hope everyone is doing well and achieving all there goals. I'm just curious to know if anyone here private labels products for Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). If you have no idea what I'm talking about then let me explain a little bit. This is basically the process. Product Research ----> Anaylize Data ---> more product research ---> Contact Chinese Supplier ---> Slap your logo on the product ---> Send shipment to Amazons warehouses ---> Setup your listing on Amazon ---> Sell ---> Amazons packs, picks, and ships your items ---> Get paid ---> Run out of inventory ---> reorder ----> Sell ---> Get paid. If anyone is familiar with this Id love to talk about your experiences. Adios -TjTragic
  4. Used to play a lot of Dayz but sadly the devs fool around to much ;p. My side game at the moment is Counter Strike!
  5. Congratulations to everyone promoted! Thank you also for the promotion. Welcome bud @SystematicGrind
  6. Glad you made a introduction Wilson!
  7. Sorry for any inconvenience  , I have adjusted my Application .

  8. I was denied on my app by you and it said failed to complete RPD quiz but i did the RPD QUIZ

    1. TjTragic



      In the future please refrain from commenting on RPD Leaderships profile pages with your questions and concerns. You can easily send us a personal message. 


      Thank you.  

  9. Hello Everyone, I recently re-installed Clash of Clans, its not the most fun but its something to do when your bored with only your phone. I spoke with Ron and decided why not create a clan for RGN. If your interested in joining search "Reckless Gaming" and look for the clan below. I'm looking to just grow it a little, have wars and what not. Thank you
  10. Happy Birthday Zoom!

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