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  1. God your game looks beautiful
  2. Bro great video, some funny ass shit we gotta play soon boi!
  3. Hit some dirty shots made hella money Had fun with some new friends!
  4. I'm alive? Whats the new TS???

    1. MolagTheMighty™


      Here is the new RGN TS

  5. Was at racing event tonight and these two bikes where racing and a car pulled out in front of him and he flew off his bike into the air and hit the ground died on impact and to think i was going to get a bike, Worst thing i have ever seen in my life. The fact that his life ended in a split second right in front of me is scary!

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    2. Lewis Parker

      Lewis Parker

      Life ends so suddenly, its crazy

    3. ASAP Baxter!

      ASAP Baxter!

      That's so not lit

    4. Dominic


      Just dumbasses don't know how to enjoy a bike without going at speeds that would kill anyone if you crashed.

  6. Beautiful video, Much love!

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