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  1. A lil while back

    Heyo, Recently got back into arma 3 and went to check if reckless life was still going strong but sadly i see there is no arma server anymore so i thought i would share some of the great moments in arma 3 i had fun in Also as a kinda goodbye thing i guess since i wont be doing stuff with reckless anymore, not that i did for the last couple of months anyway :/ bike fun https://plays.tv/video/592a15ee4bdfb06a22/bikes-omg?from=user spiderman https://plays.tv/video/5839cf6f1aaf06c814/arma3-spiderman?from=user lel https://plays.tv/video/58a7a792e61b4aefcb/lel?from=user rebel fun https://plays.tv/video/578ac9aaf31accc2bc/-betrayed?from=user noscopeee https://plays.tv/video/56fc3328ca312d67f5/-counterstrike-noscope?from=user Bob Marley https://plays.tv/video/56b66b841bcd4fb1a4?from=user Altis 5-0 https://plays.tv/video/567b3cd74d013c95b4?from=user not that impressive tbh https://plays.tv/video/55c8c1868cc53dac95/-arma3?from=user Just dont think arma is a good game https://plays.tv/video/56cb8cfce0f71cee16?from=user
  2. Happy Birthday Turtles!!!

  3. completed Malden Buggs

    Uranium Processor is the seller No ATM up north at the boat shop Air Missions cost 15k and make 15-20k so no profit
  4. My IQ is lowering by reading this, RP = RolePlay right? Roleplay means taking a Role to Play as, right? by playing rebel you are already ROLEPLAYING, what you want is to Play Altis Life without any guns, so you never get shot ! YEEY, this is not the game for you if you dont want to be shot nor ever are gun fights gonna be like ''hey there buddy im gonna send you to jail alrighty? Rebel: yea sure that seems fair. and then goes to jail. What you want, Miatch is i think Minecraft, where you can RP all the way without getting shot. I know exactly what you mean by ''rp'' you want to talk to people and have fun, like it used to be, good old days, yea.. this is not gonna happen 100% of the times there willbe occasions like for example when you chase a rebel with shift 3 which is bound to go to jail and you get shot by the rebel. you cant expect that guy to comply, after all that is the point of Altis Life you dont know whats gonna happen. Saying that you were not driving has nothign to do with your story, you are RPD are one team and act as one unity, if you did not want to be in that situation you tell your fellow officer, i did not hear a single thing during that video... Oh and you wanted me to point out the rp in that video? : IT started from 0:00 where the police officers chased the reckless rebel speeding away and evading fromt he cops where he pulled some dangrous stunts down town in kavala, unfortunately for the police officers they were alone in the chase and they struggled to keep up with the evading criminal infrond of them. The cops gave the criminal a final warning to surrender or abandon hope by using they Shift 3 Function on their speaker. A little while later in the chase the rebel got cornered and drifted his vehicle into a big stone ledge part of the sidewalk where he got to his illegally improted Kalashnikov before the police officers had any change to return fire. End of the story, there you have 118 words about the RP you had in your video. Dont tell me i dont know what RolePlay is This will be my final post as we are going in circles now, basically where i will stay by. Go play minecraft if you dont want to get shot. RP is everything you do on this server (unless you RDM or VDM ETC...) the way cops approach rebels determens the outcome of your encounter, shift 3 = always gunshots or vehicle explosions.
  5. This just seems like a classic ''I got rekt and now im salty'' situation, dont get offended but to me it seems like you lost and now you are mad so you are trying to change the rules with leadership? instead of bitching about everyone else not doing what they are suppost to do, even though they are fully within the rules and rules define the gamemode, you want them to change... If you dont like to get shot you got a few options: A: Dont Shift 3 B: Send a text yourself instead, and a friendly one ofc C: Dont be a hero cop and only go for action yourself, VALUE YOUR LIFE, (So dont chase people to certain death then complain about bad rp) D: Dont expect every situation to end in your favour, dont expect to talk to everyone always, this is Altis Life its basically cops n robbers And by saying '' I do not give one chicken shit if a cop shift+3's you 100,932,804,980 times, it will never be ok to ignore RP'' You state you dont care / want to follow the rules? because Shift 3 Engages Lethal Roleplay which is ROLEPLAY, which is your own choice to do so... I have been playing a long time as a cop, LT for months, and i have never really got any issue with anyone regarding game breaking situations, as you discribe them (aka the video you posted), you are the one that decides how you wanna rp and i can recall countless of occasion where i as a cop was able to talk to full rebel groups without getting shot and had a great time. But its all up to you if you decide to change rebels they wont be friendly, instead go to them have fun fuck around then get the friendly rp you want. you cant just show one example of you casing a rebel in a life threatning situation then get shot and make all rebels look like the bad guys. NO, change your gameplay style or accept the outcome you create. Oh and to be fair, 99% of the cops in your video would have completely mowed @David Crenshaw down or send him to jail (which is the ultimate penalty for a rebel) Then another fun thing, You marked some of your words RED with the purpose of making them stand out in your sentence and give extra meaning? Lets put them behind eachother and create one big sentence(which will sum up your post): Shit Horseshit Shit Ignorant Damn Bitching Shit ITS ALL OUT BULLSHIT OR LACK THEREOF Ignorant Lazy Lazy Shit, yup. that sums up your post. Wait, is that @John Ruggiero in your first vid? LOL
  6. Hmm, dont see anything wrong with these kills? all within the rules. And the Topic that there was no RP during that situation is bullshit and i dont quite think you guys understand what RP means, RolePlay, so basically you pick a role and you play as that role, which means mr rebel played as a rebel and shot the cops, cops chased mr rebel to send him to jail. Looks like ROLEplay to me eh? These posts wont change anything regarding people on the server and their ability to do ´´Friendly RP´´ which everyone seems to forget is differend that the ´´rp´´ everyone is refraining to. Rebels wont ´´friendly rp´´ unless they are not wanted because 99% of the time you are going to jail after evading the cops in full rebel with a gun and all the other bs charges you will be charged with. So to sum up my thoughts on that video: dont complain about Non-Friendly RP on a NON HC Life server, simple as that, if you want to be friends with everyone and not even want to be in the possesion of a gun then go play on a HC life server. or just play minecraft. PS: There will never be quality RolePlay with @John Ruggiero present...
  7. Make it expensive and lost on death by a cop atleast , I like rebel training
  8. we can do it in 1 hour?
  9. so whats the update on this tournament?
  10. June | Recruitment and Promotions

    Congratz everyone!
  11. Well thats unfortunate, @Connor. But i would love to help @Tristan
  12. Mo Wilson Intro

  13. http://plays.tv/video/592a15ee4bdfb06a22/bikes-omg
  14. Good ram?

    Yup, dont forget to check the compatibility
  15. YEA!!! TEAM WWF FTW!