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  1. A lil while back

    Heyo, Recently got back into arma 3 and went to check if reckless life was still going strong but sadly i see there is no arma server anymore so i thought i would share some of the great moments in arma 3 i had fun in Also as a kinda goodbye thing i guess since i wont be doing stuff with reckless anymore, not that i did for the last couple of months anyway :/ bike fun https://plays.tv/video/592a15ee4bdfb06a22/bikes-omg?from=user spiderman https://plays.tv/video/5839cf6f1aaf06c814/arma3-spiderman?from=user lel https://plays.tv/video/58a7a792e61b4aefcb/lel?from=user rebel fun https://plays.tv/video/578ac9aaf31accc2bc/-betrayed?from=user noscopeee https://plays.tv/video/56fc3328ca312d67f5/-counterstrike-noscope?from=user Bob Marley https://plays.tv/video/56b66b841bcd4fb1a4?from=user Altis 5-0 https://plays.tv/video/567b3cd74d013c95b4?from=user not that impressive tbh https://plays.tv/video/55c8c1868cc53dac95/-arma3?from=user Just dont think arma is a good game https://plays.tv/video/56cb8cfce0f71cee16?from=user
  2. Happy Birthday Turtles!!!

  3. June | Recruitment and Promotions

    Congratz everyone!
  4. Mo Wilson Intro

  5. http://plays.tv/video/592a15ee4bdfb06a22/bikes-omg
  6. Good ram?

    Yup, dont forget to check the compatibility
  7. Funny Roleplay Meme Contest 1 Mil Prize!

    OMG HAHA that was fantastic xD, Thats how the RPD celebrates a victory Never knew that side of you, Scotty the Legendary vehicle Locksmith
  8. May | Recruitment and Promotions

    Im going off at around 5PM EST :/ 11 PM My time
  9. May | Recruitment and Promotions

    Hmm i guess they dont like EU players, #ForeveroutofRGN
  10. What was your last interaction with the RPD?

    Lol i dont think you understand how life works. imagine you go to school today, you see a guy wearing militairy clothing witha bulletproof vest stepping out of a Nice BMW M3, he appears to have a pistol in his holster and a g36 on his back, would you be scared? Now imagine 90% of the people that wear full militairy clothing and have a bullet proof vest are gonna kill you or rob you, knowing that would you calmly approach a person with those clothing as a police officer IRL to just say hey sup dude, want some gum? or would you tell that fucker to get on the ground or he can say goodbye to his nuts? You shouldnt have the state of minde '' ehhh i wear highly illegal stuff why are the cops soooooo agressive towards me? mehhh stupid RPD no RP'' dude, if you break the law with such a severe thing as wearing illegal clothing or having a illegal highly dangerous firearm you will get told to get the fuck down. ''Also, it's a POLICE Department. RPD IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE A MILITARY FORCE. If RPD is going to treat us like terrorists in a tank, might as well mod the server and make it taki. '' Dude, are you serious? if you look like a terrorist you are gonna be treated like a terrorist, get rid of the illegal items and the RPD will be nice to you thats how it works in real-life and guess what, Its called ''Altis Life'' suppost to be like real life.
  11. TAC Relations

    Hmm sounds like op4? idk lel wasnt around for op4...
  12. Happy Birthday Ronduth!

    Happy birthday! Thanks for the work to make this community epic!
  13. FiveShots

    WOW WOW WOW, I see i just got myself another enemy! Welcome though!
  14. Here for roleplay #

    definitely a troll, sup camel?
  15. Car Thread

    I Would probably also go with the 911 GT3 RS, but for practical use (if you would think away the gas costs...) The BMW F10 M5, Reason: Its a BMW, German Engineering, Practical, Fast, Angel eyes? BMW F10 M5: Racer? i would probably say Kimi Raikonnen, my childhood hero but now i would say Max Verstappen also does pretty well (Both F1) But realisticly speaking, I Would love to own a BMW 330 GT in a couple years: ACTIVE REAR SPOILER