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  1. The 7700 does not support the X299 socket though on the ASUS. That's why I chose the 7800. It's cheaper than the rest, still good, and works on the new motherboard socket. Why spend $400 for new tech that will be blown out of the water in 1-2 years by i9's and new motherboards?
  2. Personally I look to upgrade my computer that'll last 4-5+ years. The new socket for Intel just came out, and I'd suggest getting a Motherboard that supports the i9 processors, and get an X299 gen from ASUS. There are multiple different X299 motherboards from ASUS, all guaranteed to get you laid, but I included it in my build here: Now, I understand that it's expensive at almost $1,000, but it'll last you a very long time. That build is exactly what I'd get today, if I had the money.
  3. SKS can use a foregrip now days @Draxt
  4. Shitty 3v1 on Inferno

  5. The Server's State (My Opinion)

    I check the forums regularly (mainly the AL threads), and I didn't even know Chapter 2 happened. I joined the server yesterday after seeing the Discord chat blowing up about how Kavala is dead, and then went and checked it out myself. The entire time I was on the server I never saw anything about turning in supplies to rebuild Kavala. I was more or less just kind of like "wow, they actually destroyed Kavala." The new Stadium area that you had people build for was barely even marked on the map. If I were any new player I would just think it's a "General Store" and "Market", but nothing else to be interested in. Also, nukes don't make rectangular explosions, they're spherical correct? That giant red rectangle is cringe.. Make it a circle. I don't think the population died from Chapter 2. Maybe what killed it was the delay of Chapter 2 coming out? Everyone was forced to give up their houses in Kavala for it, but then had to wait a couple weeks for the release to actually come. You can see on GameTracker the population started taking massive hits a couple days before Chapter 2 was actually released. So, it wasn't really because Chapter 2 that the population died, but because of it's release it's going to stay dead, for now. Edit: IMO, the failure for Chapter 2 came from the lack of marketing. It should have been emailed out a day before the release that it's coming "tomorrow", and then people could prepare to play on it. I didn't find out it happened until a week after (sorry I've been busy with some irl stuff mainly school). The lack of views on the topic mentioning Chapter 2 gives me the idea that it may not have been posted as an Alert anywhere, like the front page of the website. It's like the fifth slide on the slideshow, and I happen to stumble upon that just now.
  6. completed Rebel weapon shop

    Hell while we're at it you might as well change the prices of all the green MXs in the market. They're like 150% more expensive than the tan versions. The green ones give you no more benefit than the tan ones.
  7. Permanent keys

    What's going to happen when you accidentally give a key to a player? Or if you ever want to take the key away?
  8. Beef up cartels

    Maybe if the cartels are made more worthwhile then BKB will consistently try to hold them, but I can tell you now that I've already gone up against BKB + TGR battles and it's definitely a fair fight. Their boy Steve is a nasty shot, but that doesn't meant the rest are phenomenal. But for the sake of discussion, lets say BKB does try to hold all of the cartels. There are currently 3 cartels, so you'll have 2, 2, 3 at the cartels. If you don't think any other gang can take out 2 gang members and then capture the hideout then you're thinking of a good enough strategy! So, lets say all seven pack into one cartel. You go and take their other ones. It's an on-off cycle that will keep rebels occupied with each other.
  9. Beef up cartels

    This is not entirely true at all. That's like saying a gang of rebels cannot go up against the police when it's 4v10. It all depends on your strategy. There isn't much RP at cartels as it currently stands. The cartels are suppose to make you money. Do you expect gangs to have friendly roleplay at cartels or hostile RP? It's always going to be hostile. Move the cartels out of heavily traveled cities in order to stray away from KOS on innocent civilians passing through, and make it KOS so gangs can fight each other over territory. As I explained in my OP if gangs want to discuss who gets to control which cartel then they'll figure out a location to meet instead of doing it at the cartel.
  10. Beef up cartels

    I would honestly put all weapons at the same cartel. Who's really going to risk their stuff to capture a cartel to make small firearms and 5.56? Unless you mean you cannot get these weapons anywhere except from cartels. I agree that the current money generation from holding these cartels is negligible. I've generated like 60k from all of them after holding them for a couple days. I feel the cartels should at least be generating $100k an hour, plus taking a percentage of money from people who process the drug relative to the cartel.
  11. Beef up cartels

    That sounds like a great idea for a single cartel! I'd make that the most profitable cartel, but also still leave the other drug cartels for other gangs to capture and profit from.
  12. What is your in-game name? Dominic What is your player ID? 76561198048117670 What is your age? 22 Do you have any prior experience on any EMS team? If so, where and when? I was previously on the EMS team a long time ago. I have been on and off the team throughout the past 4 years of playing Altis Life on both RGN and GSN.
  13. Beef up cartels

    Yeah I actually do like that as well. Either the ability to spawn at gang hideouts (if you control it) or if Gang Houses are ever added then spawn at those.
  14. Rebel Training

    Losing it after respawning from a police officer killing you sounds good.
  15. Terror threats and distance

    Don't cops have the Hunter HMG that can easily kill people from 1.5km out? The reason people do 1.5km terror threats is to consider everyone within shootable distance within the threat. You don't want to say 750m, and not be able to shoot someone at 800m. You don't want to say 1km, and not have that rest of your gang who's currently sneaking up on that HMG sitting at 1.1km not be considered within the terror threat. Ya feel?