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  1. MrOutlaw's Revamped Showcase

    Looks awesome, but whaaaat is that 1065MHz RAM you've got?
  2. What's next for Reckless?

    Rust is actually pushing some really cool updates that may bring people back, again. They're close to releasing four modular cars (meaning you'll be able to add attachments to your car), as well as a garage to store your vehicle in your base. They also brought back blueprints and now have a blueprint/component mixture. I know RGN already has a Rust server, but it could use some tweaking. Also from what I've heard from other players is that when there were previously players on it that Admins had a bit of a presence on the server? It would be great to make sure Admins have zero presence on the server, except for when handling hackers/cheaters. Also, Admins should absolutely not be allowed to spawn in any sort of item for other players or themselves. This heavily deters players from playing on a Rust servers due to knowledge Admins will always have the upper hand and have to try at nothing to get better loot.
  3. The 7700 does not support the X299 socket though on the ASUS. That's why I chose the 7800. It's cheaper than the rest, still good, and works on the new motherboard socket. Why spend $400 for new tech that will be blown out of the water in 1-2 years by i9's and new motherboards?
  4. Personally I look to upgrade my computer that'll last 4-5+ years. The new socket for Intel just came out, and I'd suggest getting a Motherboard that supports the i9 processors, and get an X299 gen from ASUS. There are multiple different X299 motherboards from ASUS, all guaranteed to get you laid, but I included it in my build here: Now, I understand that it's expensive at almost $1,000, but it'll last you a very long time. That build is exactly what I'd get today, if I had the money.
  5. SKS can use a foregrip now days @Draxt
  6. What Kind of Changes Would You Make?

    Is this server status page even operational? If you hover over the "Operational" text it says in the tooltip it was last updated May 1st.
  7. i miss altis

    Yeah, but I never finished it. I had many more plans for it.
  8. i miss altis

    I feel like the Tanoa map is the most immersive for roleplay, and offers the most realistic roleplay. Altis, Malden, and Stratis have the most boring foliage, environment, and scenery. However, the issue I have with Tanoa are the shit buildings Bohemia put in it. Most of the buildings you either can't enter or you can only enter half the house/apartments. It would have been awesome to be able to enter every building, and if thermals weren't so overpowered on Tanoa. Personally I thought the organ missions I created for Tanoa spiced up the way to make money on there a lot, but Tanoa just called for cartels. It's a great map for South American roleplay (Mexican cartels) that came along with AK's, but the rush to push out Tanoa didn't allow for us to develop it quickly enough and work out the wrinkles. Sadly, it failed.
  9. completed Steam gift card x2 giveaway!

    I would definitely purchase that great Jet DLC for Arma 3.
  10. Reckless WoW v2.0?

    Yeah after putting 180+ days into my main, and another 80+ days into my other characters it's a solid maybe from me. I gotta make sure an entire year of my life is devoted to one game.
  11. Ronduth's Thoughts, Prayer's to all.

    I'd say there are a couple of reasons why the Altis Life population has been down. Malden Life was brought up around the time the population started to die off. Malden is going to be a fresh start, so maybe regular AL players are taking a break from wasting their time on Altis if they're going to play Malden. It's the smart thing to do to make Malden a fresh start, but I'd assume it's just people waiting for that to come out. Secondly, I've said it 100 times and I'll say it again, the server favors RPD over civilians. It has never changed, and the same result of Altis Life has happened again. What I mean when I say the RPD is favored over civilians is that whenever you look at forum topics you see RGN members, and the people in charge, tearing apart regular Forum Members for suggesting change. Yeah, I'll agree that the same topics do appear frequently, but that should be an alert that something needs to change! Take polls of topics that are getting a lot of traffic, and see if the majority of the community wants that change. RGN has had plenty of Exile servers, and the Rust server should be a prime example of that game type that no one plays. Servers live and die daily on those game types (survival), so my suggestion would be to not waste any time making an Exile server. I'd focus on less games. GTA V RP or Altis/Malden Life.
  12. Computer Upgrading for Arma 3

    Pager was the prime example of this... Pager said he was getting 120 FPS on Arma 3 like 2 years ago! I asked what RAM he had and he was using DDR4 ~3000MHz or something crazy. I have DDR3 1600MHz, and it sucks. I would like to update, but dropping $1,000 on a new motherboard, processor, and RAM is not gonna happen.
  13. Funny Roleplay Meme Contest 1 Mil Prize!

    Meme 1: Randomly found a group of 3 in Pyrgos, and fucked with them. In the end, out of the video, two of them left with some money. Meme 2: We attached a car bomb onto one of our unlocked Hemmit's, and left it open to the public. Watched the random theft drive into Kavala square. Meme 3: Cops thinking they're hard asses get taught a lesson real quick. I've got more memes, but it's not safe to share them all.
  14. OP4 ban dispute

    What server were you banned from: AltisWho banned you: Majority staff voteWhy were you banned: Not welcomeWhen were you banned: 4 months 20 days ago on December 27, 2016What is your in-game name: [OP4 Officer] DominicUser/player ID: 76561198048117670Please explain why you believe you should be unbanned: I am making this post on behalf of the gang of [OP4]. The majority of the gang was banned that December night after a lot of turmoil within the community called for it. The exact reasons why [OP4] was banned is still to me unknown, but I know that it was based on a vote from Core+ members. It was believed that [OP4] was causing too much drama, hurting the Altis population, and making the game less fun for others. Furthermore, in the [OP4] gang we had about 4 admins and various other RGN members who actively played. So it goes without saying that it was expected of us to make sure the Altis population thrives instead of dies by our hand. As the leader of the gang at that time, and admin on RGN, it was my responsibility to keep my members in-line, and not let them freely do as they please. I was not treating them as members of my gang though, but as friends as that is what they had become. It became an issue for me to punish my members when they would step out of line simply because they were my friends. What I am asking of RGN is that you see the [OP4] gang in a better light, and look at the long history the gang has had on the server previously under the leadership of Blackburn. He lead the gang in a more role-play oriented manner than I did, and therefore if the [OP4] gang name is to be unbanned then I wish no part in leading it again. The gang, nor the name, is at fault for my lack of responsibility. I could have at any point removed members of the gang that made a bad name for it, and resulted in the outcome we received. I apologize for any and all actions [OP4] may have performed that ruined any gameplay for any players. It was not my intention, nor the intention of anyone in the gang, to ruin anyone's experience on the Altis Life server. It was through the lack of stern punishments I did not dish out that lead to my members extending their reach past my control. If unbanned, I will not take leadership of the gang again and will live a more humble life on Altis.
  15. RP fun

    This dude in the background