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  1. @Connor averages 400 viewers in his live streams now so he can bring the population to the server
  2. A friend of mine was doing a capstone project in college using data from Twitter. I believe the project goal was to make an algorithm to analyze a massive heap of Twitter data and see what people are talking about. Using a natural language processor it would then break down and tell you what people are talking about the most on Twitter. Thus allowing you to see possible financial market behavior.
  3. You would have hard nipples too if you were there
  4. Most of us have been here long enough that going through the process <again> seems exhausting
  5. @DaFack and I met up for the first time... He's a memer in real life on his hunt for big booty women. @Ronduth
  6. Excuse me, sir? There would be no OP4 taint in Founders chat. Austin is a loyal member of RGN!
  7. @Ronduth take a look at this. Doesn't this just look so much better? As for Mr. Austin's Computer Science skill. He has been majoring in this Bachelor of Science in Computer Science for quite some time now. He's a hard worker putting himself through college on his own dime. He will be learning more about programming theories and concepts over his time at college, and is already blowing away his math teachers in calculus. It's so easy for him that I hardly hear him talk about aka it's a piece of cake and he needs more of a challenge. Considering he is on summer break now he will have all the time in the world to study SQF.
  8. To Whom It May Concern, I was reflecting on life over the past week and was thinking about some previous player that has been with the community since the beginning. While I myself have been here since the beginning there was even someone even greater than me. His name is Austin aka Shocktrooper268. This young gentlemen was the fourth player to ever join the Discord, and a day one member on the forums. He was at the foundation level of planning of the community and has been a loyal member ever since. Granted, he has been hanging with that elitist clan group from Arma 3 *cough*, he has always stuck behind the Reckless Gaming Network. I would like to see this master of communication, the second most muscular sculpted person in the community, and dedicated follower of RGN promoted to the Founder rank. It would do the community well to accept a new Founder into the community to help shape new roads. He is a bright young mind pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. He is going to be the next developer for the Alti... servers to come. Evidence below will show you that has been here as long as the Almighty Ronduth. There have been rumors that he helped plan the community from the start and was given an Administrator position. I feel that he deserves a Founder position. @Ronduth Thank you, Dominic Edit: (It's so good it needs to be put on here twice)
  9. Now we know where all my donations went to...
  10. @Stevo what's your in-game name?
  11. I'm surprised to not see Fortnite on the list. It's probably the most popular game out right now! I'm not a huge fan of the game, and actually prefer PUBG.
  12. I just saw it tonight. I'll agree that it didn't do much for me. I was never a big Star Wars fan until I saw TFA back when that was out. Mark Hamill's looks annoyed the hell out of me. All I could think of when seeing him was The Trickster from The Flash series, which is cringe. I agree that it didn't make sense the First Order was ready with that military to break down the resistance base. The movie seemed to hop from one small issue to another so quickly. It was a massive amount of small issues, instead of a few issues leading up to one major one (kind of like most movies). I feel that this movie set in motion a lot of the plot down the line, but in terms of the movie itself, it was a let down for me.
  13. Looks awesome, but whaaaat is that 1065MHz RAM you've got?
  14. Rust is actually pushing some really cool updates that may bring people back, again. They're close to releasing four modular cars (meaning you'll be able to add attachments to your car), as well as a garage to store your vehicle in your base. They also brought back blueprints and now have a blueprint/component mixture. I know RGN already has a Rust server, but it could use some tweaking. Also from what I've heard from other players is that when there were previously players on it that Admins had a bit of a presence on the server? It would be great to make sure Admins have zero presence on the server, except for when handling hackers/cheaters. Also, Admins should absolutely not be allowed to spawn in any sort of item for other players or themselves. This heavily deters players from playing on a Rust servers due to knowledge Admins will always have the upper hand and have to try at nothing to get better loot.

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