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  1. I agree that truck missions have gone un-updated for a long time. Illegal truck missions should match the same vehicle skin as legal trucks. I've always been advocating for the police radar to display less information ever since it was made to display so much to the officers. I feel the police radar should show who owns the vehicle, and the speed. Let roleplay handle the rest, or until there is a "Report vehicle stolen" on your key chain.
  2. Is there a reason y'all never use a subdomain for people to use to join off of instead of a number IP? I mean it would've literally saved Arma Life after the Tanoa fail in redirecting people back to the Altis Life host.
  3. Is having pistols only suppose to increase roleplay and reduce RDM? Not to mention, where is the RDM happening more frequently? Kavala? I'm just pretty confused, because having spent the majority of my days outside of Kavala, with little to no RDM. Any RDM that happens in Kavala is warranted. You shouldn't complain about RDM if it happens in Kavala, just expect it. Go outside of Kavala, start up a gang, control territory, patrol the map, get in gang wars, run product, tax players, run from cops, etc. Apparently everyone likes to roleplay some lowlife in Kavala instead of living some fantasy rebel life outside of it.
  4. I just don't think you're going to increase roleplay by removing all of the entertaining weapons. You're going to have little Rook Warriors running around gattin people. The roleplay that tends to be rewarded around here is sitting in Kavala being condescending to someone. There is no appreciation for roleplaying like you're an actual rebel.
  5. Rebel Training And never lose it
  6. When do you think the change will be made? It'd also be nice if EMS and RPD applications weren't appearing in the "Recently Updated" for this forum section. I'm sure anyone who's not Leadership for those factions does not really care to see the apps.
  7. I'd say there are a couple of reasons why the Altis Life population has been down. Malden Life was brought up around the time the population started to die off. Malden is going to be a fresh start, so maybe regular AL players are taking a break from wasting their time on Altis if they're going to play Malden. It's the smart thing to do to make Malden a fresh start, but I'd assume it's just people waiting for that to come out. Secondly, I've said it 100 times and I'll say it again, the server favors RPD over civilians. It has never changed, and the same result of Altis Life has happened again. What I mean when I say the RPD is favored over civilians is that whenever you look at forum topics you see RGN members, and the people in charge, tearing apart regular Forum Members for suggesting change. Yeah, I'll agree that the same topics do appear frequently, but that should be an alert that something needs to change! Take polls of topics that are getting a lot of traffic, and see if the majority of the community wants that change. RGN has had plenty of Exile servers, and the Rust server should be a prime example of that game type that no one plays. Servers live and die daily on those game types (survival), so my suggestion would be to not waste any time making an Exile server. I'd focus on less games. GTA V RP or Altis/Malden Life.
  8. Sounds like you guys could use a hardened rebel gang to move the chess pieces around on the board of Altis Life, while also increasing population.
  9. He's doing this instead of resounding to the Snapchat group...
  10. In-game press 'M' to view the map. Then click 'Controls' in the top-left corner. There you will see all of the key bindings. Some them will list what Custom Control they are so that then you get change it to what you like. I do believe sirens are hard coded to be Shift-L though.
  11. Just requesting ya change those two forums back to the originals (like every other section on the forums). The current setup of those two sections (features and bugs) is pretty obviously not frequented too often. There is a lack of discussion and ideas being offered in those forum sections. I would assume it's because you're not seeing any new content being added to those sections unless you visit it yourself and re-sort the results. I also get bored and like to see new topics. Features were always a good thing to see people posting about, and got more discussion between people on the forums.
  12. In regards to reporting players, it can be found here, the second bullet point.
  13. What about a timer for each dead person that says how long they've been dead? After 20 minutes of death they can be revived? The EMS would see the timer on the waypoint saying where someone died at.
  14. Bruh it's already 1-0 Warriors. Cavs will have to get 1-4
  15. Everything CSAT has armor value if you go into the armory

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