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  1. I didnt say play arma3 just game of the month
  2. Wheres ArmA 3 at people JESUS CHRIST its like u all forgot about it!
  3. Hey just wondering what some good headphones are, im currently using pretty good turtle beaches but im looking to upgrade any suggestions?
  4. No way to tell who can lead because you don't know if they're good like exotic said "let it play out" so stop the arguing.
  5. Listen, William I know no event is perfect. Here @SomeoneYouLike and I are taking time to try to organize something fun for the members to participate in together and have some fun. If you would like to organize an event for RGN im sure no one would have a issue if you posted one. After all we are a community and increased community involvement should be the goal.
  6. I believe the person that has entered with the most hours is only 20. Sorry you feel that way.
  7. A global elite to a silver is fair? someone that purchases the game for the event and plays against experienced players is fair? This game is free and easy to learn it gives everyone the opportunity to play and try to have fun with one another not everything is about winning.
  8. Also I wish to include people for other games that people play to grow community awareness and participation across a wide sector.
  9. Its a game everyone can download and enjoy if they choose to.
  10. The last CSGO events have not been organized at all no matter what you say it was all last minute with the draft and who's showing up. If this goes well with team im sure @SomeoneYouLike will be glad to do a CSGO tourney. Im sorry this is not something you like or want but this is whats being played. This game is very easy to learn and its not a very competitive game yet so it wont be Global's vs Silver's
  11. you do not need to play if you dont want to. @William Ranger

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