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  1. @Bob Hoss and to hopefully getting away with it. @Spoons Цыка блят - это смысл жизни.
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone! @BeenJamminMon You too, comrade (except when you shoot me in the head lmao) @mud101hello cousin, lets go bowling @William Ranger How else am I supposed to get known? lmao @everyone else ily
  3. Most of you know me already as the meme machine, but I realized I never made one of these bad boys so imma rapid fire this leggo. Name is Matthew, 18, in college, dope af, working towards a computer science degree and a minor in cyber security, imma car guy, imma pc guy, imma foodie, imma gamer, real og, professional russian, cyka blyat, been around since gsn yeet. Wrote this in 30 seconds, but It's important info everyone should know about me. hmu if you have more questions comrades ily all.

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