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  1. Hello, I am Mike, I'm 34 years old, and a PC repair and Diagnostic Specialist. I Have a lot of hours on arma especially if you include arma 2. My character is dexatrin82, I Play a Rebel on Altis Life, I assure you me in game and me out of game are completely different people, so please don't ever take anything I say or do in game or in Altis Life Forums personally, I have what is known as a game face when I am gaming and in game, and a social face when I am not. As long as you aren't a complete dick to me, I will never be a complete dick to you. I also play some other games, and am wondering what Player ID I need to give when I am wanting to get altis donator skins, I'm planning on purchasing a grassroots contributor package so my buddies and I have a channel to chill in, so having info on what ID you want the steam UID or just my character name.... I am a bit of a stoner real life side, prescribed it for some illnesses I have, so if your 420 friendly we usually will end up getting along. Anyways time to take a break for a bit so I can do my runs tonight.

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