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  1. Wazowski Succ Ban Dispute

    [b]What Server were you banned from:[/b] tanoa/altis/teamspeak/discord/etc I Was Banned from Altis. [b]Who banned you:[/b] hoff/unknown/etc TheMindDoctor [b]Why were you banned:[/b] rdm/trolling/micspam/etc Combat Logging [b]When were you banned:[/b] past week/august 8th/etc The Night of December 8th [b]What is your in game name:[/b] lon johnson/tomas/etc Wazowski Succ [b]User/Player ID:[/b] 123456789/found in arma 76561198071884262 [b]Please explain why you believe you should be unbanned:[/b] my explanation of the experience/etc Spoke with TheMindDoctor in TS about the ban, I've Been excused and this Ban appeal is for record. @TheMindDoctor - There was a misinterpretation of the Arma III Altis Life Admin Database.
  2. Wazowski