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  1. Your name: Mike Wazowski (Patrol Officer) Officers name: Public Officer Adams PASS/FAIL: PASS Situation 1: In this situation, it was the largest investigation by far I'd entered with Public Officer Adams here. We responded to multiple shots fired in the Aggelochori area. We'd arrived on scene when we had a group of 3 people surrounding a house. They did not have weapons out, but they were around the house as if they were waiting. Since there was a report of individuals with guns at the house's location, we responded as priority 1. We hopped out and ordered everyone to put their hands up. Adams restrained most of them, telling them they are being detained, while I made contact with those inside the house. The group of 3 outside the house were meanwhile telling me their friend was inside the house. 3 People came out of the house, one of which the group claimed to be their friend. We separated them into 2 groups, the 3 people outside the house along with their friend that was inside, and the 2 people inside the house. I had Adams talk to the two inside the house, while I talked to the four. In the end, Adams brought his story and I brought mine, and we came together and compared - The 2 inside the house got arrested for kidnapping. Adams also helped out on discovering that one of the suspects were already a wanted felon. Adams was very responsible throughout the situation, got good information from the 2 people, informed me one of them was wanted, and ended up largely helping me into coming to the conclusion that the 2 people inside the house kidnapped one of the 4 outside, and got into a shootout with them. Adams also took the suspects to my car and read them both their rights correctly while doing so. Situation 2: In this situation, myself and Adams were in our Patrol car when a light blue SUV rammed into our side, breaking our wheels. The suspect failed to stop at the scene of an accident. Adams had gotten a read on his License plate, so we were able to put a Felony warrant on top of his head for Hit & Run. The suspect evaded northbound on the Kavala MSR. We repaired our wheels and went that way. We eventually re-gained eyes on the vehicle, a light blue SUV, following 2 trucks back into Kavala. We flipped around and began a felony stop on the suspect. We made sure it was the same vehicle by once again searching the plates. The Suspect complied and Adams followed the felony stop process of ordering him out of his vehicle, having him back up, restraining him, etc. He was told he is being placed under arrest for his warrant of hit and run. Adams read him his rights, placed him in the vehicle, and processed him when we returned to the Kavala HQ. Overall conclusion: Overall, Adams clearly knew what he was doing. It was obvious he had previous experience in the category of Law Enforcement. He knew Felony Stops, Traffic stops, Miranda Rights, ETC. He was also familiar with our Arma 3 Altis Life charges and their prices, along with additional real life charges. Adams was very helpful and clearly knew how our Police Department Works. I recommend Adams and wish him the best of luck as he deserves every bit of it.
  2. Just for some background information as to why he combat logged: John Appleton formerly evaded the police and killed multiple people, making himself a wanted felon. Note that these acts were taken prior to the investigation leading to his arrest. While on-scene and investigating, we noticed we were dealing with him, a wanted felon. The fact of the matter is regardless of whether or not he was proven innocent or guilty at the scene of the investigation, he and his friend would be going to jail for the felony charges on their heads. (His friend would be going for Harboring / aiding a known felon.) I do believe he combat logged because he thought the investigation was unfair, but regardless if he was innocent or guilty, he was still going to jail for evading, and 4 manslaughter charges. This can be proven by watching the following video of me and other officers noticing he was a wanted felon. (THE VIDEO MAKES YOU SKIP THE BEGINNING, MAKE SURE YOU WATCH THE BEGINNING)
  3. What game and server were you on: Arma 3 Altis Life What time/date did the offense occur: August 12th, Around 5:00 PM EST. What are the name(s) of the player you are reporting: John Appleton Do you have any video evidence? If so, please post it: Video of Offense: 5 Minutes prior is available if needed Describe the offense: John Appleton was being arrested for multiple felony charges on top of his head along with kidnapping. You can see after reading his rights and attempting to put him in my car, just after I happen to ALT+TAB it says in the chat bar "John Appleton Disconnected". He combat logged to avoid arrest.
  4. What game and server were you on: Arma 3 Altis Life What time/date did the offense occur: August 11th, Around 4:30 PM EST. What are the name(s) of the player you are reporting: Espresso Joe Do you have any video evidence? If so, please post it: Video Evidence: I DO HAVE 5 MINUTES PRIOR IF NEEDED. Describe the offense: Espresso Joe combat logged after being arrested for the Felony Charge of Evading arrest. He ran from the police down the MSR prior to being pulled out, tased, and detained. He proceeded to combat log just before being sent off to jail for a 10,000$ ticket.
  5. Yes, You can hear him clearly state both the N word and harmful comments about Jewish people.
  6. What game and server were you on: Arma 3 Altis Life What time/date did the offense occur: August 9th, around 3-4 PM Eastern Time. What are the name(s) of the player you are reporting: John Diego Do you have any video evidence? If so, please post it: VIDEO OF SECOND OFFENSE: PICTURES OF FIRST OFFENSE: Describe the offense: John Diego Combat Logged twice during a Processing of him Refusing to Cooperate with Lawful Police Orders. The Pictures shown above represents the first time he was being processed for Refusing to Cooperate when he Disconnected only a couple of minutes later. The Youtube Video shown above represents the second time he was processed when he rejoined and was spawned back into HQ, then combat logging to avoid arrest after yelling profanities and offensive statements.
  7. Name: Mike Wazowski UID: 76561198071884262 Have you read and understood the Rules of 110th and intend to follow them to the best of your ability? I have read and understood the Rules of 110th Reckless Company, and intend to follow them to the best of my ability. Do you understand what is to be expected of you while you are apart of the 110th? I understand what is to be expected of myself while I am a part of the 110th. Do you understand that breaking any of the rules of 110th may lead to disciplinary actions? I understand that breaking any rules or restrictions can and will lead to disciplinary actions within the company. If you would like to be added to the discord 110th channel please put your Discord#0000 into this section. I rarely use discord and do not know my Discord#0000, but I am happy to get discord and join the chat. You will be placed in a squad consisting of between 5 and 9 people if you wish to be in a specific squad please inform us of that here. If not you may ignore this. ✔
  8. New Police Option

    I think this can be done by just role-playing. I don't think it is necessary to have devs put in new scripts for a system like this.
  9. Malden Life Assault / Battery Charge

    sounds like a you problem
  10. Malden Life Assault / Battery Charge

    Anyone involved in a self defense situation would call the cops to have it removed. Besides, manslaughters get automatically added when it is self defense. You just gotta call the cops to have it removed. And the thing is, if you don't call the cops then it's just as bad as it being a crime.
  11. Malden Life Assault / Battery Charge

    If you truly wanted roleplay, then there would be no automatic charges. It would be roleplay if police were automatically alerted of things such as robberies, assaults, and traffic violators and were dispatched to go and investigate, and get real witness accounts. It being added automatically was an idea, but It could just be added as a charge to the list for officers when the officer or a witness experience someone knocking out another.
  12. Malden Life Assault / Battery Charge

    You've got a point, but the case is the same for manslaughter. You shoot and kill someone out west with nobody around, and it's automatically added. That'd work too. I just think the RPD's charges are a bit too general sometimes.
  13. On Malden life in Arma 3, atleast for me, Robbing has become a new way to make good money since there is a gun store so close that then gives you the ability to rob. However I've noticed that when an individual is knocked out and they have no money, the criminal can get away like nothing ever happened since the people who were robbed for nothing rarely call the cops after they are knocked out. Hence, I present the idea of an Assault / Battery charge, a Felony charge on Malden separate than the Assault on a Police officer charge. I think this charge should automatically be added when an individual knocks out another by pressing Shift+G on another. Maybe if this is added, An aggravated assault / battery charge and the additional types "with use of a deadly weapon" can be put into perspective. As of now, though, I want to see the preferences on the idea of an Assault / Battery charge for when one person knocks out another. Ideas? Thoughts?
  14. John [RPD] - FailRP/Not Valuing Life

    Since I was Roz's partner, I feel influenced to respond. First of all, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8o4HnBjOhc Second of all, regardless of firepower or bullet mass and speed, I think any officer in real life would rather surrender than get a couple 9mms to the back. I as a matter of fact did put 2-3 9mms into John's back, but it didn't drop him. He managed to turn on me after getting Roz. I Know this is a video game, but I think it is worth something that if you've got hostiles on both sides regardless of weapon or strategy, you should surrender. @John Roz's commands seem perfectly forwards and confident, and If you think otherwise please listen to them again in the video. All in all, if you've got hostiles on both sides of you and you're surrounded regardless of firepower, I think it is atleast worth COMMUNICATING to them before engaging with a magazine of .45 ACP. We are having problems on the server with roleplay and communication before engagement as demonstrated by Miatch. Thank you, that is my input.