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  1. A phone, email, text, skype, discord, messaging, communication works two ways doesnt it?
  2. Hey, This actual peaks my interest quite a bit. I am a hands on learner and have been looking for something to help me develop my skills. I know I said I have limited time in our conversation, but an actual growth item I can make time for. hmu on discord! @InfernalRage
  3. Ive actually decided on creating a pod cast called "gen snowflake" and will be talking about growing up / living in a world of "individuality" and topics like that. current events that are going on and etc.
  4. Hey Guys, Anyone interested in starting up a pod cast with me? We can get further into the details of interests. let me know!
  5. I know it's not the right island but I'm in the carribean and fort brimstone feels like bohemia pulled it straight from here!
  6. I was thinking hardware wise, I wasnt thinking software. It would HAVE to be hardware actually.
  7. Hey guys I am looking to find a solution to my home audio system. I have multiple devices that put out audio via bluetooth & AUX. I have a speaker that has an aux channel and a blue tooth channel, I unfortunately have to pair my bluetooth with it every time i switch from using it, as well as I would like to be able to pair my phone to it at the same time. What im looking for is a device that has multichannels that I can connect them to as well has an AUX cable. any ideas? Im fine with getting a diff speaker system too.
  8. open the quote up, my comments are in there
  9. why is this in a mirror and like 50ft away. this is just upsetting, lets be honest here.
  10. Real Life, so far im not enjoying the meta but I hear there are some upcoming events. seems like a bit too much work and not a good payout, was this designed by EA? I hear if you payout you can get better things, but i just dont have that kind of money laying around. Super addicting though, Ive heard of some people quitting and it doesn't work out well.
  11. Awesome @[email protected]@ManofConstantGold @John Falcon Let's use discord to determine our availability
  12. @ManofConstantGoldsounds great! @John Falconits going to be for all levels of experience and it is quite fun! it should be on a weekly basis. I encourage you to try it!

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