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  1. Hey Guys, I am looking to sell my surface pro 4 w/ Pen, W/ Keyboard. the link below is the specs looking for a $1,000 for the device, Total retail price is around $1,800. The device is like brand new, rarely used. let me know if your intersted
  2. Discord VOIP

    how have you aggregated those new users in discord? thats insane amount for 3 weeks time.
  3. Official RGN Arma 3 Mil-Sim (Trailer)

    your trailer is hella dark.
  4. Will The Monitors Mount?

    Looks adjustable to me
  5. Spike Strips Hot Key!

    @Paronity is it custom action 14?
  6. AGE: 23 Experience: Light minecraft play time, nothing too extensive Username: Bannana161
  7. invalid Public Officers

    weve been over this before, I am willing to make a simple know your rules test for public officers to take before being able to get on. if they take the test and pass then they can get on in the pub cop slot, if not then they do not get whitlisted. but its up to them. Weve been over it, ive offered. they dont want it as of yet
  8. Picture Thread!

    your the guy on the very far right, arent you?
  9. Placeables

    i dont have time to read signs when im going 325 in my sport. just tell people not to die in the road!
  10. under review unflip option

    prowler doesnt have it
  11. GTA V RP is NOT Comparable To ARMA 3 Life

    out of curiosity, can you give an example? just wondering about the differences. I know most are gonna be like "just play the game", pshh i would if i could.
  12. Holiday!

  13. That is really odd, in that video it shows you able to use the map, your in restraints though, I dont think thats intended. not that its your fault, but im noticing your able to do that. i think its a bug.
  14. I don't see how this and yesterday has anything to do with each other. Yes I'm agitated about yesterday, but not agitated at you, but more of the rule. I apologize if that was unclear. I am and always have been open to anyone about discussing rules, I often get a mediator if I feel a conversation could not be objective.
  15. I would like to note that SilentHitter did not at any time attempt to contact me before making this post, his limited communication he did send me was the following. <14:35:12> "[RGN] Silenthitter": hey if you wanted the video from yesterday you are gonna have to make a player report <16:21:06> "[RGN] Thaddeus": im not looking to report you <16:21:16> "[RGN] Thaddeus": trying to get a rule adjusted Id like to also link this thread which im sure all of you are aware of.