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  1. Arma 3 apex irl

    I know it's not the right island but I'm in the carribean and fort brimstone feels like bohemia pulled it straight from here!
  2. multipoint recievers

    I was thinking hardware wise, I wasnt thinking software. It would HAVE to be hardware actually.
  3. multipoint recievers

    Hey guys I am looking to find a solution to my home audio system. I have multiple devices that put out audio via bluetooth & AUX. I have a speaker that has an aux channel and a blue tooth channel, I unfortunately have to pair my bluetooth with it every time i switch from using it, as well as I would like to be able to pair my phone to it at the same time. What im looking for is a device that has multichannels that I can connect them to as well has an AUX cable. any ideas? Im fine with getting a diff speaker system too.
  4. Star Wars:The Last Jedi [Spoilers]

    open the quote up, my comments are in there
  5. New Whoop Whoops

    why is this in a mirror and like 50ft away. this is just upsetting, lets be honest here.
  6. What is everyone playing

    Real Life, so far im not enjoying the meta but I hear there are some upcoming events. seems like a bit too much work and not a good payout, was this designed by EA? I hear if you payout you can get better things, but i just dont have that kind of money laying around. Super addicting though, Ive heard of some people quitting and it doesn't work out well.
  7. Pathfinder

    Awesome @[email protected]@ManofConstantGold @John Falcon Let's use discord to determine our availability
  8. Pathfinder

    @ManofConstantGoldsounds great! @John Falconits going to be for all levels of experience and it is quite fun! it should be on a weekly basis. I encourage you to try it!
  9. Pathfinder

    Hey Guys, I am looking for about 3-5 players for a Path Finder game, any level of experience is welcomed, if your not familiar with pathfinder but you know what Dungeons and Dragons is then your good! I am going to be creating a world and campaign based on ghosts, undead, necromancy, and all things "evil". The premise of the world is going to consist of all/most myths that have begun to come true, old, modern, futuristic myths. This world will be set in the archaic age so think the typical weapons swords, bows, and magic. Would love to have this be a weekly campaign!
  10. Astro Empires!

    Anyone here play? anyone want to join? its a website based game, so no pretty graphics or anything but it can be fun! my base is here! K12:26:75:21 in kepler server
  11. What's next for Reckless?

    I like the fact that the goal is to move past a one server unity, but I feel as though if this were to happen we need to create a stronger foothold in the games. For example, in WoW for guilds, be sure to be recruiting people to join the guild and maybe only recruit 5 people and then constantly be around those 5 people and really strengthen their bond with RGN. League of Legends would be awesome to find someone way to do a 5 man team that branches out and recruits another team member into RGN. Or 7D2D post reddit or things similar to help increase the community awareness. the point im getting at, is imo for the above objective to work, we really need to focus on recruitment footholds.
  12. Hey Guys, I am looking to sell my surface pro 4 w/ Pen, W/ Keyboard. the link below is the specs looking for a $1,000 for the device, Total retail price is around $1,800. The device is like brand new, rarely used. let me know if your intersted
  13. Discord VOIP

    how have you aggregated those new users in discord? thats insane amount for 3 weeks time.
  14. Official RGN Arma 3 Mil-Sim (Trailer)

    your trailer is hella dark.