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  1. Will The Monitors Mount?

    Looks adjustable to me
  2. Altis Life Updates, Bugs, and Moving Forward

    We might not see it, but thank you for this post! the work on back end items are always appreciated. With that said with moving forward would it be possible to have bi weekly updates from you guys, not because we don't think your not doing anything, but because were interested and want to know what your doing. If you need assistance or want someone to write it up for you, just let me know and I will do it for you!
  3. Spike Strips Hot Key!

    @Paronity is it custom action 14?
  4. When you try saving doodlebob

    this seems like rdm.... but i dont care enough
  5. AGE: 23 Experience: Light minecraft play time, nothing too extensive Username: Bannana161
  6. invalid Public Officers

    weve been over this before, I am willing to make a simple know your rules test for public officers to take before being able to get on. if they take the test and pass then they can get on in the pub cop slot, if not then they do not get whitlisted. but its up to them. Weve been over it, ive offered. they dont want it as of yet
  7. Picture Thread!

    your the guy on the very far right, arent you?
  8. Roleplay...

    im saying like pm's not forums, but idk, up to you of course
  9. Roleplay...

    General RPD Expectations: 4. Officers are expected to maintain professional conduct at all times and uphold the RPD’s reputation. 5. Officers are expected to exhibit a positive attitude at all times. They must conduct themselves in a professional manner. General Policy 2. Must roleplay any scenario regardless if it's a no win situation 3. Must not put other officers in danger or sacrifice any officer's life to benefit yourself Now, i aint part of any decision making process, but the above was pretty clearly violated. IF IT WERE ME, id approach leadership about it first rather then them come to you. I dont say this trying to be condescending but trying to help a fellow friend.
  10. Roleplay...

    I think that was well said. Something that should be addressed with out really encouraging members to rp and weed whack those who do not rp well. I agree, i havnt played at all in about 2 months now, so i dont know the current state of the rpd. But i was just analyzing this situation.
  11. Roleplay...

    do you think his sole actions reflect that of the ENTIRE rpd, if this was reversed. it was a civ hostage to the RPD and a specific civ group did this. Would you say ALL of the civs dont want to rp? or is it just this sole PLAYER and not the entity. I don't think your opinion of the rpd should change, i think your opinion of that player should change.
  12. Roleplay...

    seems like it should be a player report for fail rp. that's a pretty direct consequence of putting another officers life in danger. General Policy - partial credit to Ronduth 3. Must not put other officers in danger or sacrifice any officer's life to benefit yourself
  13. Placeables

    i dont have time to read signs when im going 325 in my sport. just tell people not to die in the road!
  14. Should Cops Have Hunter HMG's

    Roleplay with your bullets man!
  15. Should Cops Have Hunter HMG's

    Ha, I view it more as a ultimate goal to steal one... Yeah that's right. In running for you who ever pulls it ;p