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  1. Arma certainly is not dead. Maybe to this community, but certainly not anywhere else. Just waiting for that identity drop, hopefully it lives up to the hype

    What??!! Not strict roleplay?! To the gallows with you
  3. Setting the RP Stage

    People are saying it's boring? Just wait till I get back, lots of meth will be delt in the city
  4. I'm all for making it easier to grind and focus on playing. This is a new route for us and I love it. But after we implement it we can't go back and say the civs have too much money. I can forsee that happening. So if it's a change, let's make it a permanent change
  5. If you start banning anyone anytime they are a shithead (because we all are every once and awhile) you aren't going to have anyone playing on your server
  6. Now, I haven't been around in 2 weeks, but you gotta understand something when working with these kinds of public servers. People will roleplay if they want to roleplay, and when they do, it's a hell of a lot of fun. But sometimes people just want to be shitheads and play a game too. Just the way she goes
  7. Red Dead Redemption 2

    Red Dead Redemption 2 roleplay? I'm suddenly hard
  8. Need music

    Does nobody listen to the eagles or Tom petty? Yeesh
  9. One last thing, then I'm done. In my first post, I say "the situations I have come across" I don't say that every single situation is terrible. And it definitely works that if I roleplay avoiding contact with them means I never see them or interact with them.
  10. Can't help that you only quoted the first sentence, and pity me for saying I'm gonna run? If I'm role-playing as a meth slinging biker who has 10 pouches of meth on him at any given time, not gonna pull over. Just adds on to the fact that about half the cops do the badass cop roleplay. I'm just choosing my situations, because freedom.
  11. I'm roleplaying as a meth slinging biker. Hold on let me just turn myself in
  12. If it's not about sides, then make all the cop slots public, it's about sides because it's two parties working for the same goal, to rp. More times than not that rp involves butting heads with the opposite side. Just saying things are pretty good as they are right now