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  1. You know I'm all there for that, I just don't know if the rest of the community is though
  2. I like the discussion here, My take on things is that 1 central game server is how things get strong and populated. Here is how it usually goes : Player A is very shy, never really played games with anyone else. They get on the server and have a good time by themselves, they then branch out to other groups to find people to play with and make it even more fun. Player A might not have done this due to being shy and not knowing anyone, but having the central server made him interact with people and get to know people in the community. Now player A has great times gaming and is willing to go with his group of new friends to play other games. Together
  3. During the meeting, I feel we didn't address this enough, and I'm opening it up to non members to see what they would like out of this community. Any ideas should be posted below (please withold Altis suggestions). Whatever you think we should do, because right now we don't have a game that makes community feel United. I feel that's a reason that a lot of people came here, to revolve around a central game and then have people branch off that game to play other ones. Ultimately all revolving around one game. If not, please correct me. Any suggestions below please!
  4. Fuck yes, no whiny bitches either? Or does that come default with anything that has the Altis life label?
  5. Arma certainly is not dead. Maybe to this community, but certainly not anywhere else. Just waiting for that identity drop, hopefully it lives up to the hype
  6. What??!! Not strict roleplay?! To the gallows with you
  7. Red Dead Redemption 2 roleplay? I'm suddenly hard
  8. Does nobody listen to the eagles or Tom petty? Yeesh
  9. Is it monthly pay to play like WOW?
  10. Yeah, What's with the small portions? If I don't feel like I have to sleep after I eat. I didn't eat
  11. I'm fucking down, But those zombies still have to initiate to kill us right? If not we'll have some salty kiddies

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