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  1. Unofficial RGN Arma 3 Mil-Sim (Trailer)

    Tristan, We are trying to incorporate a story into this to make it more immersive and spice things up for everyone, Come play once, You might like it
  2. Jake For RPD Leadership

  3. You've obviously never been in a channel with me and wolfy
  4. Everyone love each other, dont play if you dont wanna, I see where you are coming from @William Ranger but they are investing their own money into this, and it is a f2p game.
  5. Altis life Dead

    While i agree with you in a sense, its more so the mod is dying itself
  6. Roleplay...

    So this automatically voids any attempt for RP? Think I found the problem
  7. @Tristan I lagged out three times, Notified Bluey, And thought all of this was put to rest. I am still willing to provide compensation for whatever my bounty was at the time
  8. So, If i'm not mistaken, This happened about 5 days ago? If this is due to the chat we had in TS today, I apologize for whatever it is I said and it could be talked out. Also, The need to speed up your video rises some concerns on what was being said in the channel In regards to the situation, My router did actually shut off, As i DCd from discord and TS, As @Eagles can attest. I will come forward to say though that I actually did plan on combat logging so I take full responsibility and will provide any compensation necessary, I was having a long day and being targeted by cops at every turn did not help much, That being said, This does not excuse my actions
  9. Title: Bob Hoss - EMS Application What is your in-game name? Bob Hoss What is your player ID? 76561198079050757 What is your age?22 Do you have any prior experience on any EMS team? If so, where and when? No
  10. Need Help Cooking? ASK ME!

    I grill mostly everything I eat this time of year on a charcoal grill, because Wisconsin
  11. Happy birthday Steve!

    Happy birthday pleb
  12. Happy birthday Burka!

    Guess I can say happy birthday
  13. Where Are My Zombie Brothers At?

    I would always be willing to play a match of classic World at War zombies, Hmu