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  1. The time for change has come


    Reckless EMS at their finest @Steve http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1088135357 First Screenshot on arma http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=833047899 "bro, you look sick right now" http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=831563296 I had many more screenshots from Altis Life but in an effort to ease the pain and forget about it I deleted them, never forget altis
  3. Forums white-list access

    I am whitelisted in game and still need forum access
  4. Introduction

    Welcome to the community man! feel free to put an application in for the 10th and me or another officer will get right to it.
  5. SAPD Inactive Cops

    I am mostly available t play cop from 5 EST to around 10 but it depends on the day
  6. ~

    I personally love the map of Tanoa but I feel that the community and the public are simply not as interested in Tanoa and that the paywall would be a big problem so population would most likely get pretty low and I know for a fact no one in RGN wants another dead server, but I feel that having a map like Tanoa where you have to pay 20$ just to play it could work both ways by keeping the trolls who don't want to invest anything in the game out. I'm not really sure about how I feel about a Tanoa life server, I guess i'll just see how leadership feels.
  7. H1Z1 in PUBG!

  8. Uninstalling my mods for stability

    what I do, just for future reference if you wana keep playing fivem and modded normal gta is have 2 separate (Modded/Unmodded) folders that I switch out for my main directory for when I want to play lspdfr I switch in my modded directory witch already has everything setup and installed and when I want to play fiveM I just switch back in my vanilla. And yes uninstalling gta on steam will wipe your files in your directory.
  9. So, just a bit of a pet peeve of mine is that the cop cars always spawn with a slight red tint and it makes the car a really ugly weird color. This is just a little annoying and not super urgent.
  10. Rainbow Six Montage #1

    ohhhhhhhhhhhh thats who mia khalifa is, -1 on the vid tho, makes me feel worse about my siege skills cuz every time I play that game it throws me into chronic depression you can ask @Steve Good to see ya back! lol
  11. GTA RP Current Vehicles + Replacements

    2017 Yamaha YZF R6? 2016 Ford Taurus Police Interceptor? ( I dont really care about the texture I just like the car)
  12. Happy Birthday Bushwookie

    its all communist propaganda DONT LISTEN TO THEM
  13. Happy Birthday Bushwookie