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  1. Is this how Kavala square always is?

    Ripperino WOuld you just look at that last screenshot 1 medic online... Chaching!
  2. Formal apology

    I can agree with you on both points here. we need more ppl like Deathview around. And man I do the same exact shit when I see RDMers and VDMers. I'll be banned before I'll choose not to defend the server from these rule breaking dingalings. Its ridiculous to assume otherwise.
  3. Your friendly neighborhood Pookie Bear needs help guys

    Just had no money had 3 bucks in my wallet that morning and spent it on gas. Was on my way to work so I could get insurance was doing what I could to survive,
  4. https://www.gofundme.com/2bn5uzwt got in a really bad motorcycle wreck guys if anyone wants more pictures I can supply.