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  1. Eyy be respectful or Lenin will come for you! V. Lenin
  2. Eyyy!!! Mr. Wilson, welcome welcome good to have an intro about you. Always enjoy your RP and cant wait for more V. Lenin
  3. Welcome welcome, seen you around yesterday playing public officer. Taking your job seriously, enjoy your stay. V.Lenin
  4. Welcome to Reckless Network, hope you enjoy your stay. If youre ever on Altis Life Server you'll see me around. Welcome, V.Lenin
  5. Your Character Name: V.Lenin Your Age: 24 Your Steam UID:76561197963506854 Have you previously been whitelisted for the RPD? Give details. Never Previously Whitelisted Have you previously applied for the RPD? Give details. No never previously applied. Have you received a note, kick, or ban within the last 30 days? It was a kick for a misunderstanding , I asked someone that "RDM'd" me to get on teamspeak, and spammed the I.P of my Teamspeak, about 3 times. The mind doctor thought it was advertising but as always we cleared up the situation.
  6. What game and server were you on: Arma 3 Altis Life What time/date did the offense occur: 04/25/17 Throughout the whole day What are the name(s) of the player you are reporting: [MOB] Kakroe Do you have any video evidence? If so, please post it: Describe the offense: It all started with the "Lee" guys finding my house. Then it came to MOB trying to raid it which they failed multiple times. There have been 2 or 3 instances where I have even found them inside my house without any notification of "Breaking". In the first part of the Compilation Video that I have made, you can see that after I have killed one of there members they decided to call the Police over to my house. I am sitting from afar looking from Stalin's house. By voice I can determine that it is him , the police watched him Glitch onto my Balcony or into my house in order to "Try" to get his stuff mechanics kit etc etc. Towards the end of the video thats in the daylight you can see them jumping off again with the RPD not caring at all. Continuing on , I spawn in to the server after taking a 3 hour break from playing the game. Magically he knows I'm home, after sitting afk for a little in the first floor of my house I hear footsteps while making myself some Tea and food in the kitchen. I run back to my computer and go upstairs to see him trying to loot my crate through the window of the home. I proceed to ask him what he is doing and he thinks its fine , then acknowledging that he has stolen stuff out of my crate. Proceeding later on , I get stopped by "Paranova" I am clearly not AFK since I did get down on the ground for him. Then comes [MOB] again , tells me to put my hands up doesnt even give me time to reach over to my MACRO as I am back down on the ground. I get ziptied and start speaking to him asking him whats good with you whats good with you. He proceeds to put me into a LOCKED home. After some time in the locked home, I came out to my friend J.Stalin telling me his house was being robbed. He has also filed a report of the same, I got to checkout the situation non the less he somehow teleport through the door and kills an unarmed civilian just because he wanted to . I understand that it might not be considered " Glitching " . But this type of Behavior shouldn't be tolerated on RGN, after trying to ask him to get on Teamspeak and speak to us there was no reply. I have lost about 1-2mil worth of gear out of the Crate that was in the window, Bunch of MX's and Vests. as well as a lvl 4 vest that I have acquired when the server first started. If he wants to speak I am in Teamspeak all of the time. But as of right now this has really upset me and I feel like this Cancereous Trolling needs to meet an end , and thats with all of MOB. I don't like to sit here and Report people because I do wrong sometimes myself as well. But this is just non stop annoyances sometimes people don't know when to stop. Thank you for hearing me out, V. Lenin
  7. @Deathview_games Apologies for the "N" word, its just used in daily slang where we are from. In this modern day society the "N" word isn't used the same way it was used in the 18th and 19th century. Its more of a "My friend" or "Whats up bro" . Just here in Brooklyn, New York its used to frequent then you would expect it. So yes something that is said every day in a non racial matter is hard to control. V. Lenin
  8. Welcome!!!!! BRO V. Lenin
  9. Welcome!!!!! V. Lenin
  10. Welcome!!!!! V. Lenin
  11. Whatever happened to this post it just died? V.Lenin
  12. Besides the Survey you made that is "not official" the Poll here still shows a Win in Majority. I still haven't played on the server since I realized how corrupt a bunch of rules are and how RPD based the game became. Me and my cousin left, and have been looking back to see if maybe something has changed or Progressed. But so far , not one ADMIN has even commented on this post in a concerning way, I feel as though they want it to be like this because possibly the majority of the time played is as RPD which is understanding. But the simple fact that its not ROLE-PLAY for a WHOLE gang to be initiated with the POLICE when in a SITUATION. Being a REBEL is already ILLEGAL. Make like it is in TAKISTAN then, where REBELS of the SAME group or GANG need to be wearing the SAME uniform, or they do not count as 1 ENTITY. Only another idea to just better this community and hopefully get me and a bunch of people back to playing. V.Lenin
  13. I haven't played on the Server with my cousin for about almost 2 weeks now due to the Rules being way too RPD sided. Rebels cant do anything due to the fact that a RPD member will start to follow you east of kavala for no reason eitherway even if you are minding your buisness. It ruined the whole ROLE-PLAYING aspect of the game for me because its not fun spending 2 - 3 hours of grinding for a RPD officer to only RP with you to a 1/10th of their capabilities, then still get sent to jail because the PLAYER is money hungry and either or plays as a REBEL and doesnt need to spend 2 - 6 hours of runs in order to buy gear and such. I feel like, money from COP shouldnt transfer over to CIV and a bunch more changes are to be made. I am still visiting the forums and looking for changes, hopefully there will be some to come, but for now i will be on full role-playing mode on NOPIXEL . I love the RGN community but i feel like the stubbornness of certain people things will only change in the way they want it to change. As you previously have seen me and my cousin did have the top 10 played time on the server since launch. Small hint: Elect a Mayor and host a Community discussion in game. and see if people agree on certain laws changing. Thanks for hearing me out , V.Lenin
  14. wanted

    I would go with the Steelseries Sensei, I have had it for a long time. The tournament edition , this one right now its 53.99. I feel like its the overall best FPS mouse hands down other then my old Logitech G500. Its plug and play and is great for LAN's and going to use it on a different computer type of situation. Ontop of that it has the same onboard memory and has an overall amazing build quality. I would go with this, HONESTLY out of my experience with RAZER over the past 10 years or however long they have been around. The deathadder and Razer naga , as well as the keyboards are the only things you should be buying from them. But still the build quality of the mouse is CHEAP compared to STEELSERIES. I would go with STEELSERIES OVER EVERYTHING, from HEADSET's to MICE . Keyboards I will give it to LOGITECH , CORSAIR and RAZER. V. Lenin Hope it helps
  15. I think I get what youre saying above Thorvald. But for instance take Takistan Life. Most servers do RP alot and most do have problems with cop's especially since the example I brought up has suicide vests etc etc. But if the GANG's are required to wear the same uniform, and initiate atleast with one officer and let them know that if other officers come the same thing will happen. I feel like it shouldnt be a problem. Especially since on Reckless the Cops have a lot more DEFENSE then we do, which shouldnt make it unfair if there is a group of 5 rebels and 3 - 4 cops keep respawning. My opinion once again, Its hard doing anything with a gang because of this 1 entity rule. V. Lenin

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