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  1. I love NC, green everywhere
  2. @David I like your idea the reason why i wanted to go pistol only first was because literally people get on make enough money to go rebel, get an MX and just rob people straight after 30 mins of the server coming up. I think if we kept the weapons to pistol for the first couple days, some people would thing twice before trying to fuck with cops or other people because they dont have an assault rifle they can just boast their dick around with
  3. Now before everyone gets their panties in a bunch, notice i said "2 weeks." That being said, its a fresh start, we shouldnt have people running around after 30 mins robbing everyone with MX's and other Assault Rifles. Everyone gets pistols, even cops ( Oh look weird right ) Cops get i don't know the .45 ACP ( its 9 rounds ) Civ's get whatever the fuck pistols ( Look you have a choice!) Lets go Its 2 weeks, its not going to hurt you
  4. Congratz Guys!
  5. If this wasnt on a Saturday i woud be down but sadly i work weekends
  6. No its not, its 1-5x Also refer to my post above about the RP aspect.
  7. My only problem with this, is even with RP wise, there are times police do not go lights and sirens, because they dont want people know they are coming Im not going to roll up to a shots fired blasting sirens
  8. im just going to leave this here. S.W.A.T isnt always going to be active, we will be doing normal patrol officer duties, only when an active terror threat, bank robbery, hostile situation etc. is when SWAT will be fully active as SWAT (i.e Gear, Vehicles, Weapons)
  9. Alright due to no evidence for defense of claim, @M3THOD you will have a note added to your profile for combat logging which in the updated screenshots it was indeed 3 seconds after being killed.
  10. Thank you sir! @M3THOD you have any video or anything to show why you disconnected 3 secs after you were killed or what happened prior?
  11. Alright so im going to be taking over this report. 2 Things? Who are you reporting? Cause you have Simon listed but you're talking about Method Also, neither of the screenshots show method logging at any point @Bob Hoss
  12. Happy birthday @Setha! also RAI YOU SL...
  13. Happy birthday. One day Rai will blow you. ONE DAY

  14. Happy Birthday!!!

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