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  1. Have sex with it! Blow your load and then shoot it with real guns
  2. We tried Tanao nobody wanted to play it, so we went back to altis, then went to Malden, back to Altis
  3. Straight staring at his DICK at the beginning!
  4. Shotguns never work for me haha, i can sit there and shoot the shit out of someone with a shotty and its just like nahhhh
  5. I love NC, green everywhere
  6. Happy birthday @Setha! also RAI YOU SL...
  7. Happy birthday. One day Rai will blow you. ONE DAY

  8. Happy Birthday!!!

  9. Welcome to the forums homie, i also played tight end when i was in 6th-7th grade, also as safety, i still never knew why i was put as tight end but eh its whatever

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