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  1. David Crenshaw - Reintroducion

    Dad? Finally came back.
  2. State Police Themed Christmas Tree

    Love this! I might do this with my tree.
  3. Officially been a part of RGN for 2 years. Can't wait to see what the next 2 bring.

  4. Where have you been bb I miss you <3 

    1. Hardwell


      Add me on steam you goose egg. Steel Talon

    2. John Falcon
  5. yo can you do a background check please it been like 5 Days  Thank you



    1. Hardwell


      I understand the frustration however I have no power over background checks.


      Please be patient. Until the EMS LEADERSHIP responds, DO NOT:
      • Poke EMS  on TEAMSPEAK
      • Private message EMS
      • Come in our channel and ask about your application
  6. Officially done exams next Tuesday! Super excited for summer.

  7. Smeagol

    Welcome to RGN! I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself here.
  8. Katt Bow Ban Dispute

    What Server were you banned from: Altis-Ts-Forms Who banned you @Jimmy Why were you banned Trolling and saying stuff I should not have said When were you banned Over 2 months ago What is your in game name Katt Bow User/Player ID: 7656119816569605 Please explain why you believe you should be unbanned Ok, well I really regret what I did and I want to give a my sincere apology to Jimmy. I have been banned for months and I had time to think about what I did. I understand if I stay banned. I really think I matured a lot over this time and I am very sorry for what I did.
  9. Connor H. Introduction

    Missed a part. "My best friend is @Steel Talon" Glad to see you around buddy
  10. I want to meet some new people, even if it's just a brief chat on teamspeak, anyone interested?

    1. Bluey
    2. Hardwell


      @Bluey I didn't want to be your friend either. Take that negative attitude somewhere else. Love you babe.

  11. Your in-game name: Christain Larson

    Your age: 14

    Your steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198285742472/

    What makes you think you'd be a good Nominos employee: I always get the pizza delivered on time and i dont need tips. 

  12. Good Bye... For Now

    @Lucas Ashton I await your return. Maybe by the time you get back I'll be a higher rank than you in the RPD. I won't miss you're shitty driving but oh well. I hope all goes well.
  13. I've officially been a part of RGN for a year now. Thanks for putting up with me guys! :)

    1. Chow


      Glad to have you man! :)

  14. Officially a first aid cadet with my local ambulance service :)

  15. Ark Survival Evolved Giveaway

    89 23 01:05:21