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    AMD FX-8370 (8 CPUs) ~4GHz
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    Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
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    AMD 970A-G43
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    Kingston HyperX Fury 16GB
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    2TB 7200RPM
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    GeForce GTX 970
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    Ultra LSP 750 Watts
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    2x Acer 22"
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  1. The one and only Valshe!

    1. Valshe


      I would hope so. One of me is bad enough

  2. Welcome. Your name caught my attention
  3. Congrats! You wear that pink proudly @Dytox
  4. You look like a mini mobster! This is great.
  5. +1 for this guy right here. I'm teh coolest though out of them though...right? RIGHT? Nice games list, glad to have met you :3
  6. "Valshe's private escort".  This mean you escorting me out to other people now?   Scrub.

  7. I'm still here!  Do to some personal medical stuffs I'm gonna be floating in and out, but hopefully not for too long!  Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday, and just in case I miss you- a happy new year.  Always on steam and discord btw

  8. I'm pretty behind in viewing this, but this is sick and looks like you put a lot of work into it. I love the Fallout theme you have going on!
  9. Ever eat lobster Mac and Cheese?   Or chocolate covered strawberries and a slice of cake in a hot tub with champagne?  
    Living the life right there.
    @Agony @Setha

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Gandhi


      Lobster Mac And cheese if done correctly is da bomb.

      then do champagne in hottub after lol

    3. Valshe


      Well, I wasn't suggesting to take the mac and cheese into the hot tub 8D

    4. Gandhi


      Fun Fact, Did you know Champagne isn't Champagne if it isn't from Champagne, France, its White wine otherwise. 

  10. So it's been some time, and there's been some ups and downs along the way, but let me start with some simple things to keep you fangirls in the loop. 

    So I was playing BDO for a while with Agony, and not long after my "Little Grey", almost 30 pound cat passed away due to an unfortunate incident.
    Pokemon GO came out not much later, so I abandoned BDO- and started going out. In the process I met DOZENS of people of all sorts from where I live! I made a fuck ton of new friends, and it was an adventure- like every day  :kreygasm:.  Sure it was rough at times, but my anxiety has improved some. Even recently managed to go to the NYS Fair-  but figures I got sick, and have been sick allllll week from it.  Seriously, no joke- that place is a cesspool of germs for low immune systems.:finger:
    Now for the exciting part.  Just two and a half weeks from now about- @Agony is coming here.  For some dubious reason many of you are under the impression that he and I have already met. Well, after two and a half years of bitching and moaning, some rough times, lots of nudes, (kidding), and careful planning,  the date is set for October first, and this will be our first meetup.   There's a whole itinerary planned, and even a bit of traveling, and if in the end we get sick of each others faces, we'll just battle on the top of Niagara falls and see who falls off first.   We HAD attempted to make contact with a certain @Cyanyde and see if he wanted to meet up but he's an evasive nerd so this unfortunately doesn't seem to be occurring.

    That's everything I got for you right now.  Miss you all terribly, and stay tuned~

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    2. Valshe
    3. Cyanyde


      I mean when you're here... I'll be around, just send me a message, when you're here. <3

    4. Valshe


      Update: 2 days till he comes.

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